As Time Goes - Yuuko's lonely childhood survival in Tokyo

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A little 7-year-old girl leaves the mansion alone. On the cold snowy day, she met Kaname on the streets of Tokyo, he offers Yuuko to stay with him but she turned down his offer and disappears. The next morning he found Yuuko sleeping on the board by the garden of his house.

Yuuko Kanoe (7) - An orphaned girl, who just escaped from the Sakamaki family’s mansion and starts her new life in Tokyo.
Kaname Toriyama (7) - A young boy who bumps Yuuko on the streets then takes her in to his house.
Sayu Toriyama: Kaname’s mother
Mikako Kanoe (10) - Yuuko’s older sister
Hiroto Sakamaki (10) - Mikako’s classmate and Yuuko’s crush.
Ritsuko Sakamaki (7) - Hiroto’s younger sister and Yuuko’s classmate.
Kurumi Sayama (10) - Mikako’s best friend
Mari (7) - One of Kaname’s friends
Kanta (7) - One of Kaname’s friends
Souta (7) - One of Kaname’s friends
Miyuna (7) - One of Kaname’s friends

Submitted: May 24, 2014

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Submitted: May 24, 2014



On that cold snowy night in the streets of Tokyo as Yuuko walking alone to find shelter.

Yuuko: *Sees snow* It’s snowing.

Boy 1: *Knocks Yuuko down* 

Yuuko: *Fell* Ouch!

Boy 1: *Runs to Yuuko* I’m sorry, are you ok?

Yuuko: *Gets up* It’s ok, I’m fine. *Walks away*

Boy 1: Little girl! Did you got separated from your mother?

Yuuko: *Stops and looks at the boy* I have no mother. Goodbye! *Walks away*

Boy 1: Wait! Do you have a place to stay?

Yuuko: No…I’ll find my own place to stay, Just leave me alone. *

Boy 1: Why don’t you come over to my place.

*Wind blows harder then stops*

Yuuko: *Disappears*

Boy 1: She disappeared?! Awesome!

Lady: Kaname! 

Kaname: Mom!

Lady: What were you doing just now?

Kaname: I saw a cute little girl with twin tails. She was dressed in pink thick winter clothes. She was also dragging a stroller bag. 

Lady: Stop your nonsense Kaname, we’re going to be late for your aunt’s wedding dinner.

Kaname: But mom!

Lady: Hurry up! We’ll talk about this later.

Kaname: Ok mom!

That night on the cold snowy night…

Lady: *Starts the car* Let’s go home, Kaname!

Kaname: Ok! *Get into the car* 

Lady: *Starts driving* Your aunt looks beautiful in her ocean blue gown, especially that diamond necklace around her neck. Right Kaname? Kaname?

Kaname: Ya, you’re right.

Lady: Are you still thinking about that girl?

Kaname: That’s right mom! 

Lady: I see..

Kaname: That girl looks awfully sad. It’s like she left something or someone precious behind.

Lady: I see..poor thing..

Kaname: *Falls asleep* 

Few moments later…

Lady: Kaname..we’re home. Could you open up the gates please.*Stops the car in front of the gates* 

Kaname: *Wakes up and gets down from the car* Ok! 

Lady: *Sighs* What a day…

Kaname: *Opens the gates and unlocks the door* 

Lady: *Parks the car* Kaname, can you help me out taking the groceries into the house for a minute.

Kaname: *Yawns and steps into the house* I’ll past! *Lays down on his bed* I’m beat! 

Next morning….

Kaname: *Wakes up and walks downstairs*

Lady: *Sees Kaname* Morning Kaname!

Kaname: Morning mom! What’s for breakfast?

Lady: My special pancakes of course!

Kaname: Yummy! I ate this for a long time! 

Lady: Eat well ok?

Kaname: Ok! 

Lady: *Slides the balcony door and sees a little girl on the board* Kaname!!!!

Kaname: What now mom? *Runs to his mom then sees a little girl* 

Lady: Kaname, is she one of your classmates?

Kaname: No!

Yuuko: *Opens her eyes and gets up* 

Kaname: You’re that little girl, I met yesterday! 

Yuuko: *Gets down from the board* 

Lady: Little miss, how did you get into my yard?

Yuuko: I jumped over those fences.

Lady: I see. Are you loss? did you got separated from your mother?

Kaname: She doesn’t have a mother, mom.

Lady: I see. I’m sorry. 

Yuuko: It’s ok! Sorry to enter your yard, I’ll be going then.

Kaname: Wait!

Yuuko: The streets are really dangerous for a little girl. Like I said yesterday, come to my place please.

Lady: That’s right little one, come stay in our place.

Yuuko: But won’t I be a bother to you.

Lady: No…now come in!

Yuuko: *Stomach rumbles* 

Kaname: *Giggles* You haven’t had anything since yesterday.

Yuuko: Of course I did.

Kaname: No you didn’t!
Yuuko: Yes I did!

Lady: Stop it! both of you! or you’ll bother the neighbours!

Yuuko: I’m sorry!

Lady: *Smiles* Come inside now, you must be cold after sleeping outside that board.

Yuuko: *Nods and takes off her shoes* 

*Everyone steps into the house* 

Lady: What’s your name girl?

Yuuko: Yuuko Kanoe..

Kaname: *Blushes* How old are you?

Yuuko: I’m 9.

Kaname: Wow! I’m 9 too.

Lady: Did you ran away from home?

Yuuko: Yes, I’m not from around here.

Lady: Then where are you from?

Yuuko: I’m from Kyoto. 

Lady: I see, how did you end up in Tokyo.

Yuuko: My dad’s friend took my sisters and I in, to his mansion here after our parents died. 

Lady: A mansion?! 

Yuuko: His wife tortures me a lot. I hated her so much so I ran away.

Lady: How did your parents died?

Yuuko: They died protecting us while Kyoto’s under attack.

Lady: I see, I won’t you ask you anymore questions. So I’ll be off to work then. Kaname take care of Yuuko-chan for me.

Kaname: Ok! 

Lady: Oh yes, my name is Sayu! Bye then! *Leaves the house* 

Kaname: Give me your bag, I put it in my room for you.

Yuuko: It’s ok, let me do it.

Kaname: *Takes Yuuko’s bag and runs upstairs to his room*

Yuuko: Hey! give that back! *Chases after Kaname*

Kaname: *laughs and puts the bag into his room*

Yuuko: *Sees Kaname* My bag!

Kaname: Welcome to my room.

Yuuko: *Steps in* I thought boy’s room would be really messy.

Kaname: My room ain’t  messy at all.

Yuuko: We’ll see about that.

Kaname: You’ll sleep on my bed tonight.

Yuuko: *Sits on Kaname’s bed and bounces on * It’s so bouncy!

Kaname: Don’t spoil my bed!

Yuuko: *Stops and gets down* Could you turn back for a moment.

Kaname:*Turns back* Sure

Yuuko: *Takes off her gloves and thick jacket then unties her hair* I’m done!

Kaname: Your hair is pretty long

Yuuko: Of course I like it that way.

Kaname: I see. 

Yuuko: *Lays down on Kaname’s bed* I’m tired after all that walking yesterday.

Kaname: I see, I’ll be downstairs if you need anything just give me a call ok?

Yuuko: Thank you Kaname! *Falls asleep* 

Kaname: *Blushes and closes the door* 


Few hours later….

Yuuko: *Wakes up and smells something delicious* This smell, nostalgic feeling.. 

Kaname: *Opens the door* Hey Yuuko! Lunch is ready…

Yuuko: *Sheds tears* 

Kaname: *Panics* Please don’t cry if you don’t my mom think that I made you cry, so please don’t.

Yuuko: *Wipes off her tears* This smell? 

Kaname: My mom’s making curry.

Yuuko: Curry? my mom and my sister used make one of those.

Kaname: Hey let’s go downstair before that curry becomes cold. 

Yuuko: Ok! *Nods and gets up from bed* 

*Both comes downstairs and have their lunch* 

Yuuko: *Eats* This curry taste delicious! *Eats more*

Sayu: Eat more Yuuko, you must be hungry after all the walking last night.

Yuuko: OK! 

Kaname: You sure are a crazy eater!

Yuuko: No I’m not, how rude.

Sayu: Hahaha!

After lunch..

Kaname: Hey Yuuko, do you wanna play? 

Yuuko: Play, where and with who? 

Kaname: At the playground with my classmates.

Yuuko: Ok! 

Kaname: Mom I’m taking Yuuko to the playground!

Sayu: Ok then be careful of cars out there.

Kaname: Ok! Let’s go!

*Both leaves the house*

Kaname: Hurry up Yuuko!

Yuuko: You can me Yuu! *Runs along with Kaname* 

Kaname: Ok then Yuu! 


Meanwhile in school….

Mikako: *Putting on her shoes* 

Kurumi: Mika-chan! 

Mikako: *Turns to Kurumi* Rumi-chan! what’s wrong?

Kurumi: Is it true about your sister Yuuko?

Mikako: What?

Kurumi: Did she really disappear yesterday?

Mikako: That’s right.

Kurumi: Why did she do that? did she left you anything or maybe a letter?

Mikako: She left me a small note. *Shows the note* 

Kurumi: *Reads the note* 


To my dearest sisters, Mikako and Yukariko


I’m sorry for leaving the mansion without you, please forgive me. I can’t living there anymore, no matter how many times I tried to insist you leave with me. You wouldn’t listen so that’s why I have no choice but to leave you behind, I know it’s hard for a 9 year old girl to survive alone on the streets but I’ll try my best to live happily. So take care of Yukariko for me. Until we meet again. 


From your sister 


Kurumi: Wow, your little sister is amazing and stupid.

Mikako: You’re right. She may be spoil, childish and a little selfish but she’s still my sister. *Sobbing*

Kurumi: Mika…

Mikako: To be honest, I wanted to leave too. Every time I turned her down is because I’m not ready to survive alone yet. I just need more time but I never thought she would leave us like that. *Crying* 

Kurumi: *Hugs Mikako* Don’t cry…

Mikako: *Crying* 

Kurumi: Why don’t you find your sister.

Mikako: But how? Tokyo is huge, I don’t even know where she is now.

Kurumi; Hang out fliers around the city. 

Mikako: I don’t think she’ll like that, I bet  she’ll definitely won’t show herself up in the city.

Kurumi: So what’s the next plan?

Mikako: I’ll look for her at the playground. She might be playing with the other kids.

Kurumi: Good idea! 

Mikako: I’ll look for her now! Bye! *Runs downstairs* 

Kurumi: Good luck! 

Mikako: “Yuuko, wait for me. I definitely find you then I’ll make everything up to you and we’ll definitely leave that mansion.”

Ritsuko: Mika-neechan!

Mikako: Ritsu-chan, go home without me.

Ritsuko: Why?

Mikako: I’m going to look for Yuuko!

Ritsuko: What?!

Mikako: Tell your brother for me. *Runs away*

Ritsuko: I’m coming with you

Mikako: Let’s hurry!

Ritsuko: Alright! *Runs along with Mikako* 

In the playground…

Yuuko: This is the playground?

Kaname: That’s right!

Group of kids: Kaname! *Sees Kaname* 

Kaname: Guys! 

Group of kids: Hey glad you made it!

Mari: Who is this?

Kanta: What’s her name, she looks cute.

Yuuko: *Blushes* 

Kaname: Her name Yuuko Kanoe, she’s 9 years old too.

Kanta: Wow! *Shakes Yuuko’s hand* Hi my name’s Kanta Aikawa! Nice to meet ya!

Yuuko: Nice to meet you too Kanta! 

Souta: She spoke!

Miyuna: *Touches Yuuko’s hair* Her hair is soft! 

Yuuko: You think so?

Miyuna: That’s right!

Yuuko: *Smiles* 

Kaname: Let’s play hide and seek!

Everyone: Ya! 

Miyuna: Kaname start counting!

Kaname: Ok! 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,5 ,6….*Starts counting*

*Everyone starts finding a hiding spot*

Yuuko: *Hides behind the bushes* 

Mikako: *Walks into the playground* Let’s start looking.

Ritsuko: Alright, let’s split up! 

Mikako: Ok then! 

*Splits up* 

Mikako: *Starts looking around* 

Yuuko: *Senses trouble* “Someone is here for me.” *Looks through the hole and sees Mikako* It’s Mika-neechan! 

Yuuko: “I can’t let her find me! I don’t want to go back to that mansion again.”

Kaname: *Finish counting* Ready or not here, I come! *Starts looking for everyone*

Mikako: Yuuko! are you here? please show yourself! I promise you, I won’t take you back to that mansion. So please show yourself!

Kaname: *Sees Mikako* Hey you!

Mikako: Yes?

Kaname: Are you looking for Yuuko Kanoe?

Mikako: That’s right! Have you seen her?

Kaname: Ya a minute ago, she’s hiding somewhere.

Mikako: Are you playing hide and seek?

Kaname: That’s right.

Mikako: Yuuko loved that game.

Kaname: Then you must be her…

Mikako: That’s right, I’m her older sister, Mikako.

Yuuko: *Stands up and comes out from her hiding place* 

Kaname: Yuu!

Yuuko: Mika-neechan, why are you here?

Ritsuko: Yuuko-chan! I found you!

Mikako: That’s because…

Yuuko: That’s because you’re going take me back to that mansion again right?

Mikako: Emm..


Mikako: Wait Yuuko!! That’s not what I meant!

Yuuko: *Hops to building to building then looks down at Mikako* DON’T FOLLOW ME! LEAVE ME ALONE! 


Yuuko: *Stops* You make me no choice but to do it. 

Mikako: What?!

Yuuko: *Disappears and appears from the back kicks Mikako then reappears on the building* Take this!

Mikako: *Falls back* Ouch!

Kaname and Ritsuko: Are you ok? *Helps Mikako up* 

Yuuko: Don’t ever find me again. *Sheds tears* 


Yuuko: I see…

Mikako: Yuuko! I swear to god I’ll find you someday! 

Yuuko: *Disappears*

Kaname: She disappeared! 

Mikako: *Looks at Kaname* You there! 

Kaname: Yes!

Mikako: What are you to my sister? when did you guys met? 

Kaname: I met her on that cold snowy night, she looked awfully sad and she was crying back then. The next morning, I found her sleeping outside of my house on the board. 

Mikako: I see. My sister is quiet stubborn sometimes.

Kaname: Oh, what do you want to tell her just now?

Mikako: *Sighs* I want to apologise to her and at the same time I want to make up with her and..and also I won’t take her back to that mansion. Someday I’ll leave that mansion/

Ritsuko: You there, take care of Yuuko-chan for us.

Mikako: Here’s my phone number and the address. *Hands out a paper* 

Kaname; Thanks and by the way my name’s Kaname Toriyama.

Mikako: Ok then Kaname-kun I keep that in mind. 

Ritsuko: We’ll be going then. 

*Car arrives* 

Both: *Steps into the car* 

Ritsuko: Good timing Hiro-nii!

Mikako: That’s right!!

Hiroto: It’s nothing, I knew you girls will look for that little rascal.

Mikako: Hiro, watch that mouth of yours! Her name is Yuuko!

Hiroto: But you’ve turn her down and hurt her.

Mikako: That’s true!

Hiroto: Will she forgive you.

Mikako: That…

Ritsuko: Enough you guys! Let’s not mention about Yuuko for a while.

Mikako: I’m sorry.

Shuu: Have you met her?

Mikako: That’s right…

Ritsuko: Me too..

Shuu: How was she?

Mikako: She looked angry.

Ritsuko: She kicked Mika-neechan from the back.

*Car lefts* 

Yuuko: *Appears next to Kaname* Is she gone?

Kaname: *Looks back to Yuuko* Yep!

Yuuko: I always wanted to leave that mansion with her and my younger sister.

Kaname: I see then what happened.

Yuuko: But she didn’t want to leave. Then I grew sick of waiting and finally I left on that cold snowy night!  The end! 

Kaname: Ehahaha…

Yuuko: Let’s play!

Kaname: You forgot something.

Yuuko: What?

Kaname: I found you just now.

Yuuko: Oh snap! 

Kaname: Time to find the others! *Runs off*
Yuuko: *Hops around* Wait for me Kaname!

Kaname: Hurry up or I’ll leave you behind.

*Both slow looks for everyone* 


At dusk..

Yuuko: Bye guys! 

*Kaname and Yuuko walks home together* 

Kaname: *Sighs and stretches* Wow I’ve never been this tired before.

Yuuko: I see

Kaname: Did you have fun today?

Yuuko: Yep a lot!

Kaname: Good for you, so are you going to school tomorrow?

Yuuko: School? you say?

Kaname: Yep that’s right.

Yuuko: I don’t know.

Kaname: Eh!!!

Yuuko: I’m going to the same school with my sister after all and with that girl earlier.

Kaname: I see, you don’t want to be found again. 

Yuuko: *Nods*

Kaname: I got it! why don’t you transfer to my school instead.

Yuuko: Good idea!

Kaname: Yosh!! I’m going to tell mom. Let’s go home quickly! *Starts running* 

Yuuko: Wait for me! *Runs along with Kaname*

Kaname: Hurry up!


The end

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