My Soul and My Beats ~ He shines and She determines

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A year later on February in the city of Tokyo, A young girl named Aika Takekawa and her younger sister Haruna Takekawa were walking back home from school on that cold winter evening. Aika stops by at convenience store and she sees the Valentines day corner, it made her remembered the boy that she loved a year ago. That boy right now turns out to be a famous actor in L.A. He is coming to Tokyo for an interview about his latest movie "Love's Scenario". Will they meet again?


Aika Takekawa/Ai Emma - Heroine

Haruna Takekawa - Aika's younger sister 

Terence G Grandchester - A famous actor and he is also the boy, who Aika loves. 

Maria Grande - An actress who has a crush on Terence. 

Lily Sprouse - Terence's manager

Manaka Kirisaki - Aika's club president 

Eru Maika - Aika's club secretary 

Kanade Otada - Aika's friend 

Lawrence - Terence's butler

Hiroshi Sakamoto - Nichiyobi TV's boss

Ayano Takekawa - Aika and Haruna's mother 

Satoshi Takekawa - Aika and Haruna's father

Florist - A lady who prepares a bouquet for Aika

Bookshop worker - A girl who helps Aika to look for a card for Terry. 


A year later on February as it was cold winter in the city of Tokyo. Aika and her sister are walking home from school then Aika stops by in the convenience store.

Haruna: What's wrong onee-chan?

Aika: *Walks to the Valentine's Day corner and picks up a chocolate box* "Valentines day is coming soon huh?" 

Haruna: *Clutches Aika from the back* Oh...I see you have someone you like huh? 

Aika: *Puts back the chocolate box and looks at Haruna* Of course not 

Haruna: Yeah you do. 

Aika: *Blushes* 

Haruna: I knew it! Who is that guy? How is he like?

Aika: *Leaves the convenience store* 

Haruna: Come on tell me onee-chan! *Walks after Aika* 

Aika: When I first met him, he saved me from being bullied. 

Haruna: Oh! Oh! *Nods excitedly* 

Aika: He was the worst punk in school but in the inside he was kind and helpful . 

Haruna: Hmm..*Thinking hard* "Do we really have guys like that in school?"

Aika: *Smiled* He's not from around you see. 

Haruna: No way! You mean he's one of your friends in America?! 

Aika: You could say that. He's half British and American. 

Haruna: Does he have the British accent? 

Aika: Not really, he sounds like an American than a British. 

Haruna: I see, I can't believe you like a guy like him.

Aika: You're right, he is the worst. Leaving me alone back then.

Haruna: Leaving you alone? What do you mean? Did you guys break up? 

Aika: No, we haven't started dating yet after he left, I've realised that I've loved him. I even ran to the airport to look for him but.. *Sheds a tear* 

Haruna: He already left right? *Embraces Aika* 

Aika: *Nods and weeps at the same time* 

Haruna: That's enough onee-chan, I've heard enough. 

Aika: I'm sorry Haruna, I wish I could tell you more but..

Haruna: Let's go home! We're having sukiyaki tonight! 

Aika: *Wipes her tears and smiled* Oka! Let's hurry! 

Haruna: *Grabs Aika's hand and runns* 

Aika: Wait Haruna! Slow down a bit! 

Haruna: No way! Haha! 

Aika: Haha! "I'm glad I've told you Haruna or else I wouldn't be this happy now." 

Meanwhile in America...In the office. 

Terence: *Walking*

Office lady 1: *Blushes* It's Terence! 

Office lady 2: You're right.

Office lady 1: He looks dashing and handsome.

Lily: Terry! *Walks next to Terence*

Terence: What's today's schedule?

Lily: We'll be having photo shots in the Vogue magazine, an interview for your latest movie Love's scenario.

Terence: I see

Lily: You have been nominated as the lead character. Isn't that wonderful?

Terence: Of course.

Lily: Maria will be playing as a heroine.

Terence: I see, well good for her. That's what she wanted right?

Lily: Well yes.

Terence: Let's move on then.

Lily: Yes Terry! *Grabs his arm and drags him away*

Terence: Hey wait Lily! Slow down a bit, will you?

Lily: No I'm not slowing down. We must hurry!

Terence: *Sighs* All right you win Lily.

Lily: *Drags him faster*

Terence: "Come to think of it, it's been a year now ever since I've left England. That was also the last time I saw her too. I wonder is she doing now?"

Lily: Is something wrong? Are you not feeling well?

Terence: Um..nothing I'm alright.

Lily: Okay then.

Terence: "I want to see you again, Ai."

The next morning in Terence's bed room in his mansion as he is still in bed, sleeping soundly until Maria steps into his room and draws the curtains.

Maria: Wake up sleepyhead! I've got splendid news to tell you.

Terence: *Lifts up his blanket and sees Maria next to him* What now?

Maria: I said I have splendid news to tell you, Terry. Please wake up!

Terence: Give me 15 minutes. *Turns around*

Maria: *Pissed off and lifts out his blanket*

Terence: It's so bright!

Maria: It's already past noon!

Terence: Hey give me a break. It's my day off today!

Maria: Well we'll be going on a tour tomorrow.

Terence: What? where?

Maria: The Land of the Rising Sun! 

Terence: The land of the what? *Say sleepily* 

Maria: It's Japan Terry! 

Terence: Have fun alone there, good night! 

Maria: *Punches Terry* It's already past noon idiot! 

Terence: That hurts! 

Lawrence: Is something a matter young master? 

Terence: Nothing Lawrence. 

Maria: Lawrence, what kind of young master do you have here? Who wakes up late and even leaving his room in a mess? 

Terence: Why you! *Pissed off* 

Maria: Ms Lily has booked a the best hotel room just for 2 of us. We can even see the beautiful scenery there.

Lawrence: Well I've heard it's very cold there. I hope you don't catch a cold master.

Terence: *Sighs* It must be important right? 

Maria: Yeah, we're going to have an interview at Nichiyobi TV staton live. 

Terence: I see 

Maria: We're leaving first thing tomorrow morning! 

Terence: Alright! alright! I'll be there! 

Maria: You better be! 

Terence: I'll just drive to the airport. 

Maria: Good so shall I make brunch for you? 

Terence: No thanks, I'm going to eat out. 

Maria: Oh let's go together then! 

Terence: No thanks, I just want to be alone. Please Maria 

Maria: I see alright then, I'll take my leave first. See you tomorrow! *Leaves the room*

Lawrence: Let me escort you out miss. 

Maria: It's okay I'll go out myself. 

Lawrence: Okay then have a save trip miss. 

Maria: *Leaves the mansion and drives away* 

Lawrence: Are you okay young master? 

Terence: I'm okay Lawrence. 

Lawrence: I'll start packing your things to Japan for tomorrow. 

Terence: "Japan huh? That's the place that she loves."

Lawrence: Well I'll take my leave then young master. 

Terence: Wait! Get my car ready! 

Lawrence: What? Where are you going? 

Terence: I'm going for a road trip! 

Lawrence: What?! But you have an early flight tomorrow. 

Terence: *Gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom nearby* Don't worry I'll be back by midnight. 

*Phone rings* 

Terence: *Picks up his phone and cancels the calls then switches it off* Got it? 

Lawrence: I understand master.

Terence: *Passes his phone to Lawrence* Put it on my desk* 

Lawrence: Yes master. 

Terence: *Steps into the bathroom and closes the door* 

After Terence gets himself ready and walks into the garage where Lawrence is waiting for him with his car. 

Terence: *Walks into the garage* 

Lawrence: I've got the car ready master. 

Terence: Good and don't tell anyone, I've left. 

Lawrence: Yes young master!

Terence: Good *Goes into the car and drives away*

Lawrence: Have a save trip young master *Waves* "I hope young master doesn't get into trouble or been find out."

Terence: *Sighs* Now I can finally have some peace and quiet. I guess a little road trip can cool my mind a bit before going back to the celebrity world.


In Tokyo at 12am as Aika was still wake working on her dance move ideas for her school dance club. Her little sister steps into her room and checks on her.


Haruna: Just what do you think, you're doing? *Demonic aura surrounds her*

Aika: Haruna! What brings you here at this hour?

Haruna: That's what am I going to ask onee-chan! *Sees Aika's notebook and looks at it*

Aika: Haruna...give me back my notebook!

Haruna: What exactly is this?

Aika: It's my dance idea notebook.

Haruna: So you really love dancing so much.

Aika: Yeah.

Haruna: To the extend, you can even spoil your health. *Strangles Aika*

Aika: *Faints* Ah....

Haruna: *Puts Aika's notebook on the desk*  Onee-chan, just go to sleep already.

Aika: *Gets up* Sorry Haruna..for making you worried.

Haruna: I'm switching off the lights.

Aika: *Goes to bed*

Haruna: *Switches off the lights* You better go to bed!

Aika: Alright! alright!

Haruna: *Slams the door and leaves*

Aika: *Sighs* "What should I do? I can think of 2 ideas for the dance. I guess I have to talk to Manaka-senpai about it" *Falls asleep*


The next morning as Aika and her sister are walking to school.


Aika: *Yawns*

Haruna: See I told you.

Aika: Told me what?

Haruna: This what happens if you stay up late!

Aika: Yeah...I couldn't sleep last night.

Haruna: Was it about your dance thing again?

Aika: Yes?

Haruna: Why were you doing that?

Aika: Well...the entrance ceremony is in 2 months time so Manaka-sempai told me to come up with some dance ideas.

Haruna: Are you the only one doing it?

Aika: Well there are some members doing it with me but I told them that I can do it at home.

Haruna: So have you come up with any ideas?

Aika: No so far *Depressed*

Haruna: *Sighs* Why don't you guys take turns to do it.

Aika: Well....I don't know if they'll agree with it.

Haruna: Of course they will cause you're the only who always been doing it. It's time for you to rest now onee-chan!

Aika: Haruna! *Makes a sad smiled*

Haruna: *Blushes* Say have you heard of the movie "Love's Scenario"?

Aika: Hmm...maybe

Haruna: No way!! That movie's really popular right now!

Aika: So what?

Haruna: It's been released for a while now.

Aika: I see.

Haruna: The lead actor's really hot! I've got lots of pictures and posters of him in my room. I even set his picture as my wallpaper for my Pc and handphone.

Aika: That's nice.

 Haruna: Can we go watch together after school?

Aika: No thanks *Walks ahead of Haruna*

Haruna: Please onee-chan!

Aika: I have club activities after school.

Haruna: Oh come on, you can skip right?

Aika: Of course not!

Haruna: Why?

Aika: Manaka-sempai's going to graduate soon.

Haruna: Onee-chan.

Aika: I want to participate with her before she graduates.

Haruna: I see...but...

Aika: *Runs away*

Haruna: Wait onee-chan!

Aika: *Reaches to school and climbs on the tree then jumps into the school grounds* Bye Haruna! See you later!

Haruna: Onee-chan! Wait! *Exhales*


During recess in Aika's classroom, Kanade Otada, Aika's friend walks to Aika's window seat and talks to her while she was having her lunch.


Kanade: Ai-chan!

Aika: Kana-chan! *Looks at Kanade*

Kanade: *Sits down* What are you having today?

Aika: *Eating* Do you want some?

Kanade: *Nods happily and opens her mouth* Ah...

Aika: *Feeds her* Here!

Kanade: Your cooking tastes awesome.

Aika: Thanks!

Kanade: Oh yeah, are you going to watch "Love's Scenario" later?

Aika: No I have club activities.

Kanade: Oh I see, you're do love your club huh?

Aika: *Smiled* Yeah

Kanade: Do you know the lead actor of the story is really hot including the heroine! They look good together during the last scene!

Aika: Good for them maybe they are in love in real life too. *Continues eating*

Kanade: Yeah! Terry is really something!

Aika: Terry?! *Drops her chopsticks*

Kanade: What's wrong Ai-chan?

Aika: Terry? you mean Terence G Grandchester?

Kanade: Yeah that's right. He really is amazing, I never thought he would become famous in a year. He even won the Oscar's awards last year.

Aika: *Smiled* "Terry, you're finally become an actor like you always wanted. I'm really happy for you."

Kanade: What's wrong Ai-chan? Don't tell me that you like him?

Aika: *Blushes* Of course not! I just think he's cool too.

Kanade: Yeah you're right. I heard that Terry and Maria are coming to Tokyo tomorrow!

Aika: What for?

Kanade: The news said that they are going to Nichiyobi TV are going to have an interview with both of them in 2 days.

Aika: I see "Terry is coming to Tokyo huh? I wish I could tell him but I don't have his contact number. Even Maria is coming too, I guess i can watch them in shadows."

Kanade: I'm going to get their autographs at the TV station, where they are. Do you want to come?

Aika: Eh?

Kanade: Come on Ai-chan! Let's go!

Aika: Sure!

Kanade: Seriously?!

Aika: Yes!

Kanade: I'm not dreaming right? *Pinches her cheeks*

Aika: Of course you're not.

Kanade: I thought you would turn me down again.

Aika: I guess skipping a day wouldn't be a little too much.

Kanade: Thank you Ai-chan! *Grabs her hands*

Aika; No worries! *Smiles* "Terry, I'm finally going to see you again. I guess I could bring you a bouquet of roses to surprise you a bit."

Kanade: Our senior's graduation is drawing near right?

Aika: *Looks at the window* Of course

Kanade: Time really flies fast.

Aika: Our club leaders are going nominate one of us to take their places.

Kanade: Yeah I bet I'll be the secretary or something.

Aika: I think so too.

Kanade: Manaka-sempai's definitely nominating you as the president for sure.

Aika: You sure?

Kanade: Well of course. You're a good dancer and you get along with other members, they do whatever you say.

Aika: Yeah you're right.

*School bell rings*

Kanade: So let's go after school then. *Stands up and goes back to her seat*

Aika: Sure! "I hope Terry doesn't forget me." *Thinks of Maria next to him and covers her face by lying on her desk* "Of course he wouldn't right?"


Next day in the US as Maria and Terence including Lily boards into the private jet. After a while, the jet takes off.


Maria: *Takes her seat* What a gorgeous plane you have.

Terence: *Takes his seat and falls asleep*

Maria: Hey wake up!

Terence: Shut up Maria! I want to sleep.

Lily: Ms Maria, please don't bother Terry anymore.

Maria: Shut up Lily!

Lily: Terry hasn't been able to sleep lately.

Maria: What?

Lily: He's been down lately even the time when he's been nominated to be the lead actor.

Maria: *Sighs* Alright I won't bother you anymore. I'll wake you up once we've landed.

Terence: Thanks *Falls asleep and dreams*

Lily: Finally.


In Terence's dream, he is smoking cigarettes under a big tree then a girl with black hair in school uniform appeared in front of him


Girl: Terry.

Terence: What? *Wakes up*

Girl: Stop smoking under the second pony hill!

Terence: Second pony hill? What's that?

Girl: *Snatches the cigarette and dumps it on the ground*

Terence: Hey! *Makes an angry face*

Girl: *Shows off a harmonica* Here!

Terence: A harmonica? What's that for?

Girl: I'm giving it to you in exchange...

Terence: No thanks *Gets up*

Girl: Eh?

Terence: *Dumps the cigarette box* Happy now? I won't smoke here.

Girl: *Smiles*

Terence: Since my favourite spot has been conquered by a Tarzan.

Girl: Tarzan you say?! *Pissed off*

Terence: A girl, who sneaked into the boy's building by climbing trees and swinging across the trees in the middle of the night.

Girl: *Blushes* You were watching me?

Terence: Well I just pretended that I've never saw you.

Girl: *Pushes Terence* Terry you idiot.

Terence: Hmm...what should I call you. How about asian lady or maybe lady Tarzan.

Girl: I'm Emma Ai Ardley! Emma Ai! *Pulls Terence's collar*

Terence: Ah I've got it!

Girl: So you've finally got it.

Terence: Black Tarzan!

Girl: *Becomes angrier then sighs* I give up but just give me your other sets.

Terence: What other sets?

Girl: Your cigarette boxes stupid!

Terence: *Passes one from his pocket*

Girl: All of them!

Terence: *Passes all of them from his pockets*

Girl: *Passes the harmonica* This is my precious harmonica, it was given by someone special to me.

Terence: Are you sure about this?

Girl: It's okay, I won't be needing it anymore cause I've got something better.

Terence: I see *Plays the harmonica*

Girl: *Takes out her violin and plays it*

Terence: *Stops then looks at the girl playing the violin*

Girl: *Plays a little bit and stops* This violin is my treasure. I've made it when I was a kid.

Terence: doesn't look fancy like the ones I saw from the violin display but it looks fine.

Girl: *Smiles*


"Thank you..."



Maria: Wake up Terry!

Terence: *Tries to wake up* "What?"

Maria: Wake up! We're landing soon so get ready.

Terence: *Wakes up and looks out the window* "Oh I can see the city lights. They look beautiful. Japan huh? what kind of place is it? I want to see it."

Maria: Terry! Look I can see the tall red tower!

Lily: That is called Tokyo tower.

Terence: *Lean against the window*


And so the jet landed and Terence left the jet before Maria and Lily.


*Photographers taking pictures and journalists gathering around Terence*

Maria: Wait Terry!

Lily: Terry! The car is just straight ahead.

Terence: I know! *Walks to the car*

Hiroshi: Welcome to Japan, Mr Terence and Ms Maria! I'm Hiroshi Sakamoto, the president of Nichiyobi TV. *Shakes hand with Terence*

Terence: Thank you! 

Maria: Just hurry up already! It's too noisy here!

Hiroshi: The car is just right here.

Maria: *Steps into the car and closes the door*

Hiroshi: "That was quick" Get in the car quickly*

*Everyone gets into the car and the driver drives the car away*

Hiroshi: That was a close one.

Lily: Please take us to our hotel first then you can take us to your company.

Hiroshi: Yes of course.

*The driver drives to the hotel*


In Aika's room as she is doing her homework while listening to her Kpop music in front of her desk.


Haruna: *Steps into the room* Onee-chan! Guess what?

Aika: What? *Looks at Haruna*

Haruna: Terry is finally in Tokyo, he just landed at Narita just now. The boss just picked them up from the airport. There were many photographers, spokesman and stuffs.

Aika: I see that's nice. "So Terry's finally and I'm going to see him after school with Kana-chan"

Haruna: Onee-chan. are you going to the TV station tomorrow?

Aika: Well yeah with Kana-chan.

Haruna: I see! I'm going with classmates and I'll be home late tomorrow so you can go home without me.

Aika: Okay, have you told mom about it?

Haruna: Not yet.

Aika: Go tell her now.

Haruna: Okay onee-chan! *Leaves the room*

Aika: *Gets up from the chair and closes the door*

Haruna: *Her voice from the kitchen* Mom!

Ayano: Yes Haruna?

Haruna: I'm going to be home late tomorrow and I'm having dinner at Kyo-chan's place.

Ayano: I see.

Haruna: Onee-chan's going to Nichiyobi TV station to see Terry tomorrow.

Ayano: Onee-chan? Eh, that's rare.

Haruna: You're right mom. Something's wrong with her.

Ayano: Onee-chan has club activities tomorrow.

Haruna: Yeah and she has never missed a day before.

Ayano: Yes! yes!

Haruna: Mom..I miss onee-chan's violin.

Ayano: Me too.

Haruna: Why did onee-chan stopped playing the violin anymore.

Ayano: Well she has reasons.

Haruna: I love seeing onee-chan playing the violin. She looked really happy when she was playing. It's like she's an angel with beautiful white wings playing on the sky freely.

Ayano: I want to see her true smile again.

Haruna: Ever since onee-chan left America, she hasn't touched the violin and smile at the same time. It must be hard for her to leave her friends behind.

Ayano: I understand how she felt.

Haruna: Onee-chan must have been through a lot in America and I really admire her. She is always stay strong and I never gives up easily.

Ayano: *Wipes her tears* I feel so guilty for leaving her behind facing all of this.

Haruna: She told me she has someone she liked in America. At least, she finally opens up a bit.

Ayano: It's getting late Haruna. Off to bed now!

Haruna: Yes!

Aika: *Hiding upstairs and sheds a tear then runs back into her room*

Haruna: *Sees Aika* "Oh no, she heard us"

Aika: *Turns off the lights and goes to bed*

Haruna: *Goes into Aika's room and sits near her* Onee-chan...

Aika: *Looks at Aika with her weeping eyes* It's okay Haruna.

Haruna: I'm sorry

Aika: It has past Haruna. You're not wrong, the one should be wrong is me. *Weeping*

Haruna: *Embraces Aika* It's okay Onee-chan, don't think about it anymore.

Aika: I've always been running away from my past. I've never told my friends that I've left, I've never contact them or write to them anything. I'm the worst.

Haruna: Smile onee-chan.

Aika: Eh?

Haruna: I always love your true smile. I love your violin. I love your dancing. I love everything about you and you're the best sister, I could ever asked for.

Aika: I've..I've always been alone while I was in America and England. The people I love, they left me all alone. I...I even have I've loved...died..

Haruna: *Becomes shock*

Aika: He was my childhood friend and he dies 3 years ago in a car accident when he was on his way to see me. I was sick that time.

Haruna: *Weeps* My poor sister.

Aika: I've always loved him. 2 years later, my granduncle send me to a really strict boarding school in England. That was when I've met another boy, who looks a bit like him.

Haruna: Is it the worst punk?

Aika: Yes!

Haruna: No way!

Aika: Time to time I began to fall for him and he even stole something precious from me.

Haruna: Something precious *Becomes shock* Don't tell me you've done it!

Aika: What?

Haruna: You've

Aika: Of course not silly. *Blushes*

Haruna: *Relieves*

Aika: That punk stole my first kiss. *Blushes as she touches her lips*

Haruna: That's so nice, I'm really jealous!

Aika: You'll definitely find someone soon. Just be patient.

Haruna: Sure! Onee-chan?

Aika: What?

Haruna: Can I sleep with you tonight?

Aika: Sure!

Haruna: *Hugs Aika* Yay! I've always wanted to do this if I have a sister.

Aika: Me too. *Falls asleep and thinks of her friend, Annie*

Haruna: *Looks at Aika and smiles* Good night onee-chan.

Ayano: *Opens the door and switches off the lights* Good night girls.


The next morning, Aika walks downstairs to the kitchen. 

Ayano: Morning Aika! 

Aika: Morning mom! Is there anything that I can help? 

Ayano: It's okay, I'm almost done. You can sit down.  

Aika: Okay. *Sits in front of the dinning table and plays her Kpop music* 

Ayano: You really do like Korean songs huh?

Aika: Well yeah I do even back when I was in America. 

Ayano: I see. 

Aika: I even have a dance performance coming up soon.

Ayano: I see, good luck then! 

Aika: Thanks. 

Haruna: *Runs downstairs* 

Aika: Morning Haruna! 

Haruna: Morning! *Sits next to Aika* 

Aika: *Goes online on Facebook*

Haruna: Oh my god, it's finally today! I can't believe we're actually going to meet Terry! 

Aika: Yeah. I'm really excited too! 

Haruna: Onee-chan, are you going to get his autograph? 

Aika: No I just want to see him. 

Haruna: Okay. 

Ayano: *Puts breakfast on the table* Here eat up okay?

Aika: Thanks mom! *Starts eating*

Haruna: Thanks! Onee-chan turn off your music please. *Starts eating* 

Aika: Oh, I forgot. *Turns off the music*

Ayano: Aika, can you do me a favour later. 

Aika: Yeah sure, what is it? 

Ayano: Please get Terry's autograph for me.

Aika: Eh?! 

Ayano: Please Aika! 

Aika: *Sighs* I got it. 

Ayano: Thank you 

Aika: *Blushes* "What should I do? I'm too shy to see Terry again. What should I say to him if I see him? Well it's only an autograph, I'll just ask him to sign it for me without looking at him in the eye."

Haruna: Onee-chan, your face is really red. 

Aika: *Finishes eating and runs out* I'm off mom, see you tonight! 

Haruna: Hey wait up! 

Aika: I've got plans to do, just go alone to school later. See you tonight Haruna! *Leaves the house and starts running*

Haruna: Mom...I think onee-chan is hiding from us something. 

Ayano: Eh? Why? 

Haruna: Whenever I mention about Terry, she tends to blush or smile on her. 

Ayano: Oh it's nothing Haruna. Your sister is also a big fan of him.

Haruna: Yeah you're right. I guess I'm thinking too much. 

Ayano: Haruna, look after onee-chan for me.

Haruna: Okay mom! *Gets up and clears the dishes on the table then puts them in the sink* Thanks for the food. *Puts on her shoes and walks to school* 

Kanade: Oi!! Haruna-chan! 

Haruna: *Turns to the back* Kanade-san! 

Kanade: Where's Ai-chan? 

Haruna: She left early.

Kanade: That's rare.

Haruna: Yeah 

Kanade: Ai-chan's been really down lately ever since I told her about Terry and his latest movie with Maria Grande.

Haruna: Yeah she cried last night.

Kanade: What? You've made her cry?! *Grabs her shoulder very hard*

Haruna: I didn't Kanade-san! I didn't know why then she told me about her sad times while she was in America.

Kanade: I see she's been holding them too long and now it's finally released. 

Haruna: Not yet that's only half of it. I want her to tell me everything. *Pissed off* 

Kanade: I see. 

Haruna: Let's hurry Kanade-san! *Runs*

Kanade: Okay! *Runs*


After school in the dance club room on the second floor. Aika enters and looks for her club president, Manaka. 


Aika: Hi everyone! 

Everyone: Hi! 

Manaka: *Walks to Aika and grabs her hand* Aika, good timing! Let's go practise! 

Aika: Well about that. I'm not going to do it today. 

Manaka: What? 

Member 1: No way?! Aika-san is skipping? 

Member 2: This never happened before. 

Member 3: What is she thinking? 

Aika: I'm sorry Manaka-buchou! *Bows*  

Manaka: I see, it's okay. 

Aika: *Looks up* Really? 

Manaka: Yes well you looked really pale lately. I guess it's because of the pressure I've given you. 

Aika: Of course not! 

Manaka: But it's alright. Me and the others will plan out the dance steps performance for the entrance ceremony. 

Aika: Manaka-buchou! 

Manaka: Go Aika! 

Aika: Thank you very much! *Leaves the clubroom*

Manaka: Get well soon Aika!

Eru: Manaka, are you sure about this? 

Manaka: It's okay, that girl is having a hard time before this. 

Eru: Okay then. 

Manaka: Let her rest now.

Eru: *Smiles and turns to the other members* Alright everyone! Let's start our practise! 

Members: Okay! 


Aika runs down the stairs then goes to shoe lockers where Kanade, Haruna and her friends are waiting. 


Aika : Kanade! Haruna! 

Haruna: *Looks at Aika* Onee-chan! 

Kanade: What took you so long? Their interview is about to finish soon.

Aika: *Quickly takes off her indoor shoes*  You were watching it? 

Haruna: Of course! 

Aika: Can I see? 

Kanade: Just put on your shoes already!  

Aika: Okay! *Puts on her outdoor shoes*

Kanade: *Watched Terence's interview live on Haruna's handphone* Terry looks even more handsome than he was in the magazines. 

Haruna: Yeah you're right. 

Aika: *Closes her locker and leaves before them* 

Haruna: *Sees Aika* Onee-chan! Wait up! 

Kanade and everyone: *Walks after Aika and Haruna* 

Haruna: Let's hurry or we'll miss the train! *Starts running* 

Everyone: Wait up Haruna! 

Aika: *Runs along with everyone* "Terry, these girls are really excited to see you. So please treat them well."


They finally run into the train station then goes into the train. The trains leaves the station.


Everyone: *Sighs*

Haruna: We're just on time. 

Aika: *Sees Terence's posters everywhere* "Terry, you're really amazing" 

Kanade: Okay we'll be getting down at Shinjuku, alright? *Looks back at Aika* Ai-chan? 

Aika: What was that you said? 

Kanade: *Pinches Aika's cheek* W.e. a.r.e. s.t.o.p.p.i.n.g a.t. S.h.i.n.j.u.k.u understand? 

Aika: Yes ma'am, can you let go of me. It hurts! 

Kanade: *Let's go of Aika* 

Aika: *Sighs* 


As the train reaches to Shinjuku, they got off the train and walk all the way to the exit. 


Kanade: We're finally here!! *Raises her arms up*

Haruna: Yay! *Says loudly*

Haruna's friend: Yay! *Raises their arms as well* 

Aika: You guys go ahead, I've got something to do before I go there. 

Haruna: Where are you going? 

Aika: I'm going to buy a bouquet at the florist. 

Kanade: Well it's only a bouquet, we can wait for you. 

Aika: It's okay, I'm going to take a while. *Runs away* 

Haruna: Wait onee-chan! 

Kanade: Let her be Haruna. Let's go first before people started gathering up. 

Haruna: Yeah. 


Haruna and the others walk away and Aika runs into the florist as fast as she could.


Florist: Welcome! 

Aika: *Looks around* 

Florist: May I help you miss?

Aika: Do you have spider lilies here? 

Florist: Spider Lilies? 

Aika: Red ones. 

Florist: That's really rare. Hmm...we do have a few of them. 

Aika: *Becomes delighted* 

Florist: Just give me a minute, I'll make a beautiful bouquet for you. 

Aika: Thank you! I'm going out a bit. I'll be back soon. 

Florist: Sure miss. 

Aika: *Goes to the book shop and goes to the greeting card corner* "I'll just write something to Terry then I'll put it inside of the bouquet."

Worker: May I help you miss? 

Aika: Eh? *Looks at the worker*

Worker: Are you looking for a Valentine's Day card? I highly recommend the huge one here. *Points at the huge card on the rack* 

Aika: I'm just looking for a simple card. 

Worker: I see, I'll help you look for it. 

Aika: Thank you! 

Worker: *Sees a pink card with floral patterns* How about this one? 

Aika: *Sees the card* That's perfect! I'll have this one then. 

Worker: *Walks to the cashier and calculates* That will be 600 yen 

Aika: *Pays the money, takes the card and leaves the bookstore* "I'll just have to find a place to write this to Terry. I want to tell him that I'm here." *Goes to the Starbucks and takes a seat outside* 

"Okay I better start writing this. I don't have a time to spare." *Takes a pen from her pocket and starts writing* 


After Aika writes her letter, she goes back to the florist to pick up her bouquet. 


Florist: Your bouquet is done miss.

Aika: Thank you! 

Florist: Who are you giving this bouquet? 

Aika: I'm giving these to Terry. 

Florist: What?! You mean that Terry from the movie "Love's Scenario"? 

Aika: Yeah. 

Florist: Oh my god, are you going to Nichiyobi TV station? I'm so jealous! 

Aika: I see but why aren't you going? 

Florist: *Sulking* I have work to do. 

Aika: That's too bad. 

Florist: Yes. That bouquet is 5000 yen please. 

Aika: Okay *Pays the money* 

Florist: Enjoy your day miss. *Says sadly* 

Aika: *Leaves the florist and walks away* "Wait for me Terry! I'm coming for you!" 

*Starts running* 


Meanwhile in Nichiyobi TV's broadcast station. Terence and Maria finishes their live interview. 


Terence: *Stands up and leaves the room* 

Maria: Terry, where are you going? 

Lily: *Sighs* I'm sorry Mr Sakamoto. 

Hiroshi: It's okay, Terry must be tired since he's very busy when you all got here. 

Maria: That's right, we didn't even get to go sightseeing yet! 

Hiroshi: Would you like one of our staff members to take you to a tour? 

Maria: That will be great! 

Hiroshi: That's great. We'll pick you up from the hotel at 11am then. 

Maria: Yay Terry will be happy to hear this.

Lily: I hope so. *Sighs* "He must be playing that thing again* 


At the dresser room, Terence is alone, playing the harmonica. 


Lily: *Opens the door* I knew it that you were here. 

Terence: *Ignores Lily* 

Lily: *Pissed off* "How dare he ignore me" Terry, Mr Sakamoto said we'll be having Sukiyaki later and he's going to send someone to take us for a tours. 

Terence: *Stops playing and looks at Lily* That's nice 

Lily: Well we didn't get to go sightseeing after all.

Terence: Yeah that will be good too. 

Lily: Great. 

Maria: There you are Terry! I've been looking everywhere for you! *Sees Terence's harmonica* What's with that harmonica? 

Terence: It's nothing. 

Maria: Is it very important to you? 

Terence: It's just to replace the cigarettes. 

Maria: Okay 

Terence: *Gets up and puts on his winter jacket* What are you guys waiting for? I'm starving here.

Lily: Oh yes! Hurry up Maria! 

Maria: Just give me a minute!

Terence: *Looks at the harmonica* "Ai...Where are you? It's been a year now. I thought you would come for my autograph sections or any events but you've never came. What have you been doing?" 

Maria: *Grabs Terence's shoulder* Let's go Terry! I want to see out fans waiting outside for us. 

Terence: *Looks at Maria* Ah yeah. 

Maria: *Drags Terence away* Let's go! 

Lily: Wait! 

Maria: Hurry up Lily! Wait for me my beloved fans! 


Meanwhile outside of Nichiyobi TV broadcast station as Kanade, Haruna and the other fans are outside waiting for them including the cameraman and photographers. 


Haruna: What's taking onee-chan so long? *Looks at the time* 

Kanade: It's already 8pm, they're coming out soon. 

Aika: Kanade! Haruna! Everyone! *Runs to them*

Haruna: Onee-chan over here! *Waves at her* 

Aika: *Stops* Sorry I'm late. 

Kanade: Thank goodness you're just on time. We were worried sick. 

Aika: Sorry about that, I went to buy this bouquet. 

Kanade: Spider lilies? 

Haruna: Can't you pick better flowers for him? 

Fan 1: Hey they are coming out! 

Terence and the others: *Comes out and waves* 

Haruna: Terry!!! Can I have your autograph???

Aika: *Looks at Terence from the crowd and smiled* "You haven't changed" 

Kanade: Hurry up Ai-chan! They're leaving! 

Aika: Yeah! 

Lily: Everyone! If you have any fan letters or gifts. Please place them in this box.

Aika: Terry! *Shouts* "He can't hear me from this crowd* 

Photographers: *Taking pictures* 

Journalists: *Gathering in front of Terence and Maria* 

Fans: *Cheering* 

Haruna: Terry!! I want your signature! 

Terence: *Signs Haruna's notebook* Here! 

Haruna: Thank you! 

Kanade: Mine too Terry! 

Terence: Alright! *Signs his signature on her notebook* 

Aika: "Terry is shining out there on that red carpet. All his fans are cheering up for him" 

Terence: Thank you for coming everyone *Tosses the bouquet that he is holding* 

The flowers from the bouquet falls and all the fans gathers to pick them

Lily: Get out of the way. 

Aika: Excuse me 

Cameraman: *Takes a shot of Aika from the back then zooms closer to see her face* 

Lily: Yes young girl? 

Aika: Here pass these to Terry for me. *Passes to the bouquets to Lily* 

Lily: You can put them in that huge box as I said earlier.

Aika: You mustn't, it's very fragile. Please handle them with care please. 

Lily: Alright. 

Aika: Thank you very much *Bows and walks away while shedding tears* 

Lily: That girl? 

Staff: Please go into the car. 

Lily: "That is very strange. Why was she crying?" *Walks into the car* 

Aika: Terry you stupid punk! I'm over here! 

Terence: *Heards Aika's voice and turns at the crowd* "Ai?" 

Maria: Let's go Terry! 

Terence: *Goes into the car*

The driver drives the car away and Aika slowly watches it go and walks away sadly. 

Kanade: Ai-chan! Where are you? 

Haruna: Have you seen onee-chan? 

Kanade: No. 

Haruna: Where did she go? 

Kanade: She must have left when we've got separated from the crowd. 

Haruna: I see, it's okay I'm going to my friend's place now. Bye! 

Kanade: Bye! 


Haruna and her friends walk away, leaving Kanade alone with the noisy crowd. 


Kanade: "I'll just talk to her tomorrow in school" *Walks away*


In the train as Aika is on her way home then she reaches her stop. She walks all the way to her house. After a while, she finally reaches home. 


Aika: I'm home! *Runs upstairs* 

Ayano: Welcome home! The bath is ready for you! *Sees Aika running upstairs* Aika? Aika? 

Aika: *Locks herself in her room and opens her closet* 

Ayano: Aika! Aika! Open the door this instant! Aika! *Tries to open the door then knocks it*

Satoshi: What's going on Ayano? 

Ayano: Aika doesn't want to open the door. 

Satoshi: Aika open the door no

Aika: *Takes her violin case* "Found it! Long time no see my beloved violin!" *Embraces her violin case and weeps*

Satoshi: *Unlocks the room and opens the door* Aika!

Aika: *Looks at her parents* Mom! dad! I....

Ayano: *Sees the violin* Aika, don't me you want to... 

Aika: I want to play the violin again please. *Smiled*

Ayano: *Embraces Aika* Of course you can Aika! I've always wanted to hear you play! Mom really misses your violin! Play as much as you want, we won't stop you.

Aika: Of course. "Terry..after I've met you. You've made me want to play the violin again. Thank you I'm glad to see that you're doing well. I'm going to take part in the competition, I'm going to shine like you. You'll see!"



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