My Soul and My Beats ~ The Snowy Reunion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
And so after Aika finally sees the boy of her dreams, Terry the famous actor from L.A again from the crowd, she quickly finds her precious violin from the closet. Her parents comes into her room and she gives them a very serious-look on her face. She determines to play the violin again. The next day after Terry got back to the suite from his sightseeing trip in Tokyo. He discovers a mysterious letter from the bouquet of beautiful red spider lilies that was given by a mysterious girl. After he reads her letter, it's turns out that mysterious girl is the girl named "Ai" that he once knew during his studies in England. Will he find out the identity of that mysterious girl?

Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016




Aika "Ai" Takekawa/ Ai Emma - The heroine, after watching Terry from the crowd. She finally determines to play the violin once again.

Terence "Terry" Graham Grandchester - A famous actor from L.A, he has been in love with Aika when he was studying in England.

Maria Grande: A famous actress, who has deep feelings Terry.

Lily Sprouse - Terence's manager.

Kanade "Kana" Otada - Aika's friend and the only person who knows about her secret hideout in school. 

Manaka Kirisaki - The president of Aika's club and Eru's childhood friend

Eru Maika - The secretary of Aika's club and Manaka's childhood friend

Haruna Takekawa - Aika's younger sister.

Ayano Takekawa - Aika's mother 

Satoshi Takekawa - Aika's father

Takumi Watanabe - Nichiyobi TV's secretary.

Sentarou Otada/Staff - Kanade's father, who works as police officer. 

Staff - One of the cameraman, who plays the video for Terence and Lily and he's also Takumi's underlings.


Aika's parents walked into her room and sees her holding her violin that she hasn't touched for a very long time. Aika looks at them with a serious look and her parents sit down. 


Aika: I want to play the violin again! 

Parents: Eh?!

Aika: Yes! 

Ayano: Aika...*Makes a sad smile* 

Satoshi: I see, you're finally back. 

Ayano: Eh! Dear...

Satoshi: I've always wanted to see our Aika plays her violin again like when she was in America. 

Ayano: Me too ever since she moves in to Japan with us. She hasn't touched her precious violin at all. 

Satoshi: That's because we've been sending her for classes to catch up for her school subjects that she has left behind for many years. 

Ayano: That is true. 

Satoshi: Aika is still having problem memorising kanji. 

Ayano: It's obvious dear. She has been living in America for 14 years now and she's going to turn 15 this year. 

Satoshi: At least she has better grades for her other subjects.

Aika: "Well I'm suck at maths actually." 

Satoshi: Are you against her for letting her taking part in the competition? 

Ayano: Well...*Says softly* 

Satoshi: Ayano! 

Ayano: Aika's going to be very busy for her competition and exams. I'm just worried that she doesn't have time to spend time with us. 

Aika: Of course I do mom. Don't worry about it. *Smiles cheerfully* 

Ayano: *Hugs Aika* Mom will always support you when you've made your decision so please do it wisely. Don't ever abandon us *Hugs her tightly and sobbing*

Satoshi: *Covers his face with his hand and sighs* Just ignore your mother. Don't abandon your studies and play well Aika.

Aika: Okay dad! 

Satoshi: *Gets up and hoists Ayano up* Let's go Ayano! Let Aika practise on her own. 

Ayano: But I want to see her play again! 

Satoshi: Good night Aika! *Closes the door and leaves* 

Aika: *Stands up and puts her violin on a right position* It's been a while I've hold like this. I've missed it so much *Starts playing*


While her parents are downstairs in the living room hears Aika playing the violin from her bedroom.


Satoshi: It has started.

Ayano: *Closes her eyes and hears the music carefully* You're right. This melody relaxes me a lot. 

Satoshi: *Turns on the TV with the baseball channel* 

Ayano: Dear! *Becomes angry* 

Satoshi: I want to watch some baseball.

Ayano: What's more important? Baseball or your daughter's violin music? 

Satoshi: *Sighs and turns off the TV* Alright you win Ayano. 

Ayano: Thank you dear. 

Haruna: I'm home! *Takes off her shoes then becomes suprised to hear the violin music. 

Ayano: Welcome home Haruna. I think it's better if you don't... 

Haruna: *Quickly runs upstairs to Aika's room* "No way, onee-chan is playing the violin again." Opens the door and sighs tiredly* Onee-chan! 

Aika: *Stops playing and looks at Haruna with her cheerful smile* Ah Haruna, welcome back! 

Haruna: *Makes a shock expression* I'm..back. "I've never see onee-chan smiled like that before. Well only in her childhood pictures. I guess that smile really suits you, onee-chan. 

Aika: *Tummy rumbles then blushes* Oh..

Haruna: Onee-chan..don't tell me you haven't had dinner yet. 

Aika: Yes! *Knocks her head softly with her tongue out a little* 

Haruna: Mom! Onee-chan's hungry! 

Mom: Okay! Tell her to take a shower first. I'm going heat up the food. 

Haruna: Okay! 

Aika: *Puts down the violin and takes towel* Okay I'm going then. 

Haruna: Onee-chan, your performance is amazing! I loved it. 

Aika: Thanks *Walks away* "I'm glad that back. Maybe tomorrow I'm going to write an apology letter to Sister Pony and sister Lane." 

"What about Audreys? Stear, Archie, Annie and Patty must be worried about me that I've never told them that I've left America even Mr Albert." *Goes into the bathroom and locks the door*

"I can't believe he's Anthony's older brother and granduncle William. The most shocking one is he's "The Prince of the Hill" that I've been looking for." 

*Sheds a tear and one by one it falls on your ground* 

"I miss you all and I'm sorry that I've never write you a letter sister Pony and sister Lane"

"To Stear, Archie, Annie and Patty. I'm sorry that I've left without saying goodbye. All I did was writing a short letter to you all." 

"Mr Albert, my knight with the shining, who was always there for me, my mystery granduncle and a foster father who adopted me into the Audrey family. I couldn't thank you enough for adopting me in if it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have fun with Anthony, Stear and Archie in Lakewood. I'm deeply sorry for not writing to you anymore." 

Haruna: *Knocks on the door* Onee-chan! Are you done yet? It's my turn now. 

Aika: Eh?! Sorry Haruna, I'm not done yet. 

Haruna: *Sighs* Seriously?!

Aika: Sorry! *Strips out her sweaty uniform and covers herself with the towel* 

Haruna: Hey onee-chan

Aika: *Slides the bathroom door open* What? 

Haruna: Can I join you? 

Aika: *Opens the door for Haruna* Sure! 

Haruna: Thank you onee-chan! 

Aika: *Goes into shower and shuts the shower's sliding door* I'll wash myself first then we can share the bathtub together. 

Haruna: Yeah sure! *Takes off her clothes and covers herself with the towel* 

"What made onee-chan want to play the violin again? Come to think of it, she's been acting really weird when we were looking at Terry."

"She always makes a sad smile whenever we've talked about him. I think onee-chan must have known him when they were in America. Well anyways, I'll go ask her maybe not." 

Aika: Haruna, it's your turn now! 

Haruna: Okay! *Goes into the shower* 

Aika: *Goes into the bathtub and relaxes*

Haruna: *Becomes determine* "I really should ask her" Onee-chan! 

Aika: What is it? Is something bothering you? *Speaks with an energetic voice* 

Haruna: Um.. *Speaks slowly* "I really can't do it. I can't bring myself to ask her."

Aika: Hmmm..what is it you wanna say? 

Haruna: *Becomes surprised* "This the first time that I've heard onee-chan talk like that. Well I've heard that she always talk that when she was in America." 

"It makes me think that she's a boy than a girl." 

Aika: If you have nothing to say. I'm leaving alright. 

Haruna: *Steps out of the shower quickly and goes closer to Aika* 

Aika: *Becomes frightened* What the heck is wrong with you? You're scaring me to death here. 

Haruna: *Looks down in relieve and grabs Aika's shoulders* can leave now. 

Aika: Okay then. *Leaves the bathroom and closes the door* 

Haruna: *Collapses on the floor and grabs her head with both of her hands* I can't bring myself to ask her. No! No! No! *Bangs her head on the floor multiple times and her head bleed* It hurts so much. 

After Aika has her dinner then she goes back to her room and polishes her violin. She finds an old note book in a huge box which was next to her violin case. She starts flipping the pages of the notebook, it turns out to be her music book where she writes her musics. 

Aika: I haven't touched this book for ages  maybe after Manaka-senpai's graduation. I'm going to play the violin for her including the other senior members. 


Aika closes her old notebook and puts her violin back into the case. She switches off the lights and goes to bed. The next morning on Friday, she left the house an hour earlier than her sister. As soon as she reaches to school, she quickly runs upstairs to an abandoned music room on the 3rd floor where she hangs out whenever she feels like it. She hides her violin under an old teacher's desk. 


Aika: *Hides her violin and touches it* I'll be back. *Locks the music room and runs away* 


2 hours later in Sakura Hotel where Terence and the others are staying. As it was already. 


Terence: *Sits at couch by the window and plays the harmonica* "Ai, I could have sworn that you were there calling me." 

"I wish that I saw you last night and drag you away with me. I want to talk to you about old times. I want to see you, Ai" 

Lily: *Knocks the door* Terry? Are you awake? 

Terence: *Stops playing* Yeah I am. What is it? 

Lily: *Comes in* Morning pretty boy! 

Terence: Stop calling me that, it's disgusting. *Speaks in a cute way to tease Terry*

Lily: Oh yeah! Have you read your fan mails? 

Terence: Not yet. I'll read them later once we go back to L.A. 

Lily: Alright then.

Terence: Is that all you want to say? If there isn't please leave, I don't want to be disturbed. 

Lily: I almost forgot. *Passes a bouquet of red spider lilies to Terry* 

Terence: Huh? These flowers are really creepy. 

Lily: Well it's likely from a mysterious girl fan. 

Terence: I see. 

Lily: That girl said that I must hand it to you personally and she was also crying that time. 

Terence: What? 

Lily: Like I said she was crying as she was passing those creepy flowers to me. 

Terence: *Becomes surprised and thinks back* "Those flowers, they looked familiar. I've seen them somewhere before. There was a certain person, who showed me those flowers before."

Lily: Terry? Don't make that serious look, you're scaring me? 

Terence: How does she looked like yesterday? *Grabs Lily's shoulder tightly*

Lily: *Thinks back* She was slightly shorter than me. She has black hair shoulder length and the most beautiful part was she has ocean blue eyes. 

Terence: I see.

Lily: "I've never seen Terry so serious towards his fans before. I think that girl must have gotten to do something with Terry. I'm sure of it."

Terence: Lily! 

Lily: Yes!

Terence: I want you to look for that girl. 

Lily: Eh?! What?! 

Terence: I think I've seen that girl before. 

Lily: Well..I see. Is she your acquaintance back when you were studying in England? 

Terence: *Thinking* 

Lily: Don't force yourself Terry. I'll help you to look for that girl maybe the cameraman must shoot her in one of their cameras. We can check it out later. 

Terence: Thank you Lily, you're the best. 

Lily: Oh it's nothing *Speaks cutely and hits Terry's shoulder hardly*

Terence: *Bears with the pain* "That girl with long black hair comes to my dream whenever I fall asleep. Ever since Maria told me about this tour, she keeps appearing. Her cheerful smile except I couldn't see eyes because of her long bangs. If only I could see them then I can know who she was."

Lily: Terry, I think it's time for us to go down for breakfast before we leave for the tour.

Terence: "If only I can remember that mysterious girl."

Lily: *Shakes Terry by holding onto his shoulder* Did you hear me, Terry? Get going already!

Terence: *Comes back to his senses and looks at Lily with an irritated look on his face* Alright already! Get out of my room. *Pushes Lily out of his room and locks himself in*

Lily: I heard the food here tastes really good so hurry up.

Terence: *Remains silent*

Lily: *Sighs and walks to Maria's room then knocks the door* Maria? Are you ready yet? We're going down for breakfast before we leave.

Maria: *Opens the door and looks at Lily with a scary look* Yes....

Lily: *Screams*

Maria: Come in Lily, I've got something to ask you.

Lily: *Comes in and closes the door*

Maria: *Sits on the couch*

Lily: *Sits next to Maria* What is it that you want to ask me?

Maria: *Hugs Lily and sobbing*

Lily: What?! Why are you crying?

Maria: Since you've been very close with him for a year now. Does he have anyone he likes? *Says softly and depressed*

Lily: Well....

Maria: Tell me! *Says seriously with her weeping eyes*

Lily: Well he said he has to find a certain girl, who gave him a bouquet of red spider lilies.

Maria: Spider Lilies? Why would a fan would give him a flower with a creepy name.

Lily: I'm not sure but she was crying when she passed me those flowers.

Maria: Crying? Did you asked her who she was?

Lily: Well no, she left after she passed me that bouquet.

Maria: Why didn't you stop her?! "Wait, what am I saying? It's like I'm helping those two to get together. I love Terry too."

Lily: I've never thought about it at first, now that you have mentioned it. I guess I should have. *Becomes depressed*

Maria: It's so frustrating, I love Terry more that anybody else.

Lily: I see.

Maria: *Weeping* In the past, I never get along with anyone before I've become an actress. Everyone hated me just because I was a spoil brat, I've always hated them. Then a year ago, Terry went for the audition. I was always watching him and he passed the audition tremendously. His first career work started and he approached me when I was sitting alone at the lobby. We've started talking normally.

Lily: Yeah Terry can be nice at time that's what I've liked about him too.

Maria: Ever since I got along with Terry, people started gathering around me and talking to me casually like friends always do. I really really thanked Terry for that. He changed my life a lot. *Wipes her tears*

Lily: Go wash your face, Terry should be ready by now. You better not show him your swollen face.

Maria: Yes.

Lily: You've overheard our conversation right?

Maria: Yes sorry about that.

Lily: It's okay, don't let it go over you. *Leaves the room*

Maria: *Turns on the tap and washes her face* "That girl I wish I could see her too, even if I do what should I say to her. That girl must be the girl that Terry likes before he joined the show business." *Turns off the tap and wipes her face then applies makeup on her face*

"I'll just wait and see"

After they had the buffet breakfast, Terence and the other were waiting for their ride to the tour. Shortly, the car arrived in first floor of the car park basement in the hotel. The staff walked to Lily, who is sitting on the couch at lobby while Terry and Maria are in a perfect disguise wandering around the lobby.


Takumi: Good morning, *Bows in respect*

Lily: Ah good morning Mr Takumi.

Takumi: How was the buffet breakfast? *Lifts up his glasses*

Lily: It was splendid.

Terence and Maria: *Walks to them and notices Takumi*

Takumi: Good morning Mr Terence Graham Grandchester and Ms Maria Grande, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Takumi Watanabe, the company's secretary and boss's righthand man. *Says emotionlessly*

Terence: I see nice to meet you too.

Maria: I see. "He looks like a snowman"

Takumi: Now that everybody is here, let's get going then.

 Maria: Where did you parked the car?

Takumi: In first floor of the car park basement.

Maria: Why would you park there?

Takumi: That's because I want to avoid the noisy crowd outside of the hotel. *Points at the main entrance that is blocked by hotel guards*

Maria: *Becomes frightened* Okay you win.

Takumi: Let's go then! *Starts walking*

Terence: *Walks ahead of everyone*

Maria: *Turns to Terry and chases after him* Wait for me Terry!


As they go into the car and Takumi drives the car out of the hotel. It is cold and cloudy outside of the car, Terence is watching the scenery from the window and Maria was sitting next to him, watching the scenery together with him. Meanwhile in Aika's school after that, it is P.E period for Aika's class. They are having classes in the school's assembly hall. During the practise, Aika starts dancing as her Kpop music from her handphone plays.


Aika: *Dances gracefully alone on stage*

Kanade: *Sighs and goes up on stage where Aika is* Ai-chan!

Aika: What?

Kanade: What happened to you last night? You left us without saying anything.

Aika: Oh that, well...sorry about that, Kana-chan.

Kanade: *Becomes pissed off and pauses the music* Stop your stupid dancing and talk to me.

Aika: *Tries to balance herself and falls on the ground* Ouch, why did you stop the music?

Kanade: *Pulls Aika's shirt tightly and looks closer to her*

Aika: *Becomes frightened and surrenders* Okay! okay! I'll talk. Just let go of me first.

Kanade: *Let's go of Aika* We'll talk during lunch break. I'll be waiting for you at the vending machines.

Aika: *Stands up and puts her handphone into her pocket* Sure.

Kanade: *Walks away*

Aika: *Sighs and collapses on the ground* I think it's time to tell her, my painful past. I want to tell her everything, she is my friend after all.


During recess as Aika walks to vending machines behind the school building where Kanade is waiting for her. She is sitting on one of the benches, having her lunch at the same time.


Aika: Kana-chan, I think it's time for me to tell you why I left you last night.

Kanade: Take your time and tell me. I...I want to know more about you, you are my friend after all. *Says sadly and as she is about to shed a tear*

Aika: *Sits next to her* Actually...Terry is...

Kanade: *Looks closer to Aika*

Aika: My schoolmate and he's also my senior in the school that I've attended in England. *Looks at Kanade with a sad look*

Kanade: No way.. *Says softly*

Aika: I didn't mean to hide it from you, I just couldn't bring myself to tell anyone about my past when I was in America.

Kanade: Ai-chan.. *Says softly and sadly*

Aika: My granduncle of my adoptive family sends me and my other young relatives to a strict secondary school in England, St Paul Academy. Along the way that was when I saw him, shedding tears in the airport. It was also a cold winter night when I was waiting for my flight.

Kanade: I see, what made you want to approached him?

Aika: His back resembled my first love, the boy named Anthony who successfully captured the heart of a 13 year old girl then Terry looked at me curiously.

Kanade: That first love of yours? What happened to him? Does he know about Terry?

Aika: No, he died in a car accident when I was bedridden.

Kanade: I see, you must have been through a lot.

Aika: After he died I had friends who gave me the courage to make me rise again. They've cleared my sadness and sorrow.

Kanade: I see *Smiled*

Aika: Anthony's cousins the Cornwell brothers, Archie and Stear were always there for me. When Anthony was alive, we had lots of fun. They took care of me and loved me as their adoptive sister.

Kanade: Adoptive sister?

Aika: I've been adopted by the Audreys, thanks to those 3. Anthony is my adoptive brother, he was 3 years older than me. Terry is also the same age as Anthony.

Kanade: Hmm..I see, you must have loved Anthony dearly right?

Aika: *Nods sadly* I couldn't forget him until something happened to me.

Kanade: Eh?

Aika: After the morning prayers, I was bullied by my evil adoptive cousin, Neil Leagan along with his friends and of course his younger sister Eliza does the same too.

Kanade: *Nods*

Aika: Terry saw the incident and saved me after that he walked away. I called out for him. That punk gave started teasing after he looked at me in the eye.

Kanade: Punk? Terry? Why did you call Terry a punk?

Aika: He was the bad boy in the entire academy. He even skipped the morning prayers and breaks the school rule. He was the most delinquent guy I've ever met in my entire life.

Kanade: *Steps back*

Aika: Kana-chan? *Goes closer to Kanade*

Kanade: *Steps back even further* Stay away from me you anti-Terry!

Aika: Anti-Terry? Why would you call me that?

Kanade: You hate Terry right?

Aika: *Smiled and laughs loudly Of course not stupid.

Kanade: *Moves closer to Aika* I see..

Aika: He called me "Black lady", "Lady Tarzan", "Black Tarzan" and many more names that he came up which I don't really know yet. *Becomes pissed off after remembering it*

Kanade: Calm down Kanade.

Aika: It's hard for me to hate him, no matter how many times I said I hate him. I really do love him. *She starts weeping over Terry and covers her face*

Kanade: *Hugs Aika and pats her* I see Aika, you don't have to tell me more anymore. That's all I want to know. thank you for sharing with me. *Sheds a tear*

Aika: *Weeping* Don't tell anyone about this, promise?

Kanade: I won't I promise.

Haruna: *Hiding behind and starts weeping as well after hearing her sister's sad past* "Onee-chan, I've always been jealous of you. You were cheerful, kind and can be stubborn at time. You've grown up being an orphan without knowing who your parents were but you were strong going through those difficulties and the bitter obstacles. I really admire you a lot onee-chan.

Aika: *Stops weeping and wipes her tears with her handkerchief* There's something I want to show you. *Stands up and drags Kanade away* Hurry!

Kanade: Wait up Ai-chan! *Tries to run as the same speed as Aika*


Both of them runs past Haruna, who is hiding herself from them. They quickly run into the school building and run pass the other student, who are there. Aika and Haruna run up to the 3rd floor then Aika unlocks the door of the old music room and enters.


Aika: Come in Kanade.

Kanade: What is this place?

Aika: It's my secret hideout, I've discovered this last year when I was transferred here.

Kanade: I see but I thought this place should be really dusty and dirty.

Aika: I come here every morning to clean this place up and I even got the permission to be the master of this room. *Shows off her keys*

Kanade: Okay..*Enters and closes the door then sits on a chair*

Aika: *Goes to an old teacher's table and picks up her violin case*

Kanade: *Walks closer to Aika as she sees the violin case* Is that a violin?

Aika: *Opens the case and picks the violin up* Yes, it's my precious treasure.

Kanade: I see I didn't know you can play the violin.

Aika: *Prepares to play* Do you want to hear it?

Kanade: Of course! *Says excitedly*

Aika: *Smiles and plays the violin*

Kanade: Wow! "The music sounds so warm and cheerful. It's like kind of like this room where I can see Ai-chan practising her violin on a nice sunny day behind the white curtains and the music flows everywhere in this room as she plays."

Aika: *Finishes playing and bows*

Kanade: *Claps her hands and rises from her seat* Wow you're really good Ai-chan.

Aika: *Walks to the window with the white curtains* Thank you Kana-chan for listening to my performance. *Says happily*

Kanade: Why were you hiding this from us?

Aika: This violin was given to me on my 7th birthday by teacher and also the owner of a mysterious doll shop. *Shows Kanade her name that was craved inside of the violin* See..

Kanade: *Looks into the violin and sees Aika's name in it* You're right.

Aika: He was the first Japanese I've met and also the only one in my area. One day, my friend and I visited his shop. He welcomed us with his elderly smile after a while I've begged him to make him his student. I always love making dolls for the other children out there who needed them.

Kanade; *Looks out the window and watches everyone having fun outside*

Aika: It's sad that I don't have a picture of him to show it to you.

Kanade: It's okay Ai-chan. Memories are better than pictures.

Aika: Yeah!

Kanade: This room will be ours from now on.

Aika: *Smiled and nods* Of course.


*School bell rings*


Kanade: Oh crap the bells rang! Let's hurry or we'll be late for our next class.

Aika; *Quickly hides her violin and walks out of the room*

Kanade: *Locks the room and runs away together with Aika back to the classroom*

Aika: "Kana-chan...thank you for listening to my painful past. I'm finally relaxed now after releasing the sadness and sorrow inside me and I'm not going to run away from them anymore."

"I'm want to tell Stear, Archie, Annie and Patty that I am here next to my best friend, Kana-chan. I'll come back to America after graduating from high school to further my studies and join the orchestra."

Kanade: *Carries's Aika from her belly and jumps down from stairs*

Aika: Hey that's really dangerous!

Kanade: *Puts Aika down and runs to the next school building where their class is* Sorry about that Ai-chan! Hahaha!

Aika: Hahaha!


The two of them laugh together as they run to their classroom. In the end, they are late and got punished by their teacher by standing out at the hallway but they didn't care about the punishment. In evening as the sky sets, after Terence and the others finished their tour around Tokyo. They dropped off Maria, who was asleep in the car back to her room. Terence puts her on the bed and covers her with the blanket then leaves the room, leaving with Lily and Takumi in the living room.


Lily: Mr Takumi, I've got a favour for you. *Sits on the couch*

Takumi: What is it? *Lifts up his glasses with saying emotionless way while standing*

Lily: Sit down already! When you stand up, it gives me the creeps.

Takumi: *Sits on the couch in an instant* Are you happy now.

Lily: *Sighs* Terry want to find a mysterious fan, who gave him those creepy flowers. *Points at the bouquet that Terence was holding*

Takumi: Oh these flowers are really rare and beautiful to us Japanese.

Lily: Does those flowers have a meaning?

Takumi: Those flowers represents "Hell"

Lily: What?! Hell?! That girl was trying to curse Terry with her innocent looking eyes! I won't let her.

Takumi: But some people don't really care about the meaning. I think those flowers are very beautiful.

Terence: *Founds a letter in the bouquet and picks it up* A letter?

Lily: I want you to show us the videos that your camera took last night after Terry's interview when we were leaving the broadcast station.

Takumi: Well that won't be a problem, it's just looking for a fan girl right?

Lily: Yes! *Says seriously*

Takumi: Tell me how did that girl looked like? Her appearance? the outfit? body size and her...

Lily: *Shuts Takumi's mouth with her hands as demonic aura grows around* Don't say it anymore.

Takumi: I understand before I go any further. Please let go of me. *Touches Lily's hand*

Lily: *Let's go and takes a few steps back from Takumi* "This guy is giving me a creep. He looks a doll who doesn't feel anything."

Takumi: Now tell me about that girl.

Lily: She has black hair until her shoulders, her skin was fair, she was very slim and she's a little shorter than me.

Takumi: She must be a school student.

Lily: And her long bangs were covering her eyes and she was crying too. In the end, she gave a sad smile and walked away. Argh if only that big scarf that she's wearing, goes away.

Takumi: I see, it's really troublesome. Did you asked her who she was?

Lily: Unfortunately no.

Takumi: *Holds his frustration and releases red demonic aura* I see.

Lily: I couldn't see her school uniform because of the jacket that she was wearing yesterday.

Takumi: I think she is a middle school girl probably about 14 or 15-years-old.

Lily: I think so too!

Takumi: Let's go to the tv station to find that girl from the videos. *Gets up*

Lily: Alright *Gets up and calls Terence, who is still in his room* Terry it's time to go now!

Terence: *Slowly opens the letter and reads it*

Lily: Terry, I'm coming in. *Comes in and walks to Terry, who is sitting on the couch*

Terence: *Becomes surprised as he sees the writer's writing* "This writing?!"

Lily: What's with this letter, Terry? Is it from that girl?

Terence: Yeah I found the bouquet.

Lily: Read it Terry!

Takumi: This could give us a clue. I believe that girl and Mr Terence were acquaintance before this right?

Terence: I don't know but I'll find out. *Reads the letter*

Dear Terence G Grandchester

How are you doing? I'm really happy to hear that you are an actor like you always wanted to be when we were still in England.  I really miss those times when we've spent together in school so much including the moments when we were in Scotland. I wish I could return back in time but I know it's impossible. Finally I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for me. I am really happy that I've met you and loved you. I will always pray for your happiness and support you. 


Emma Ai 


Terence: *Holds the letter tightly and gets up*

Lily: Terry? Do you know her?

Terence: *Walks to the door next to Takumi and looks at Lily with a serious face* Let's go Lily.

Takumi: *Smiled and leaves before them* I'll get the car ready.

Lily: Terry, so you knew that girl before you've joined us right?

Terence: Of course. "I finally found you. I never thought that you will be in Tokyo."

"I wasn't mistaken after all, you were calling me yesterday." *Makes a determined smile and grabs Lily's hand and runs*

Lily: "That girl wasn't trying to curse him after all but why did she send those flowers to him?"

Terence: "I remember now, you told me that you loved those flowers so much."

"Those flowers matches your hair beautiful long black hair and your soft fair skin."

"I wonder how look you like right now? I can't wait to see you again, Ai. I have so much to tell you."


Meanwhile after school, Aika walks into her clubroom and Manaka approaches her with happiness.


Aika: *Closes the door*

Manaka: Aika! *Grabs her from the back* 

Aika: Buchou?! (President) 

Manaka: I'm glad to see you doing okay again. 

Aika: Yes and can you let go of me first. 

Manaka: *Let's go of Aika* 

Aika: *Puts down her bag at the side of the room* 

Manaka: Okay everyone, now that everyone is here. Let's start our practice for the entrance ceremony! 

Members: Yes! 

Manaka: Aika! 

Aika: Yes! *Stands next to Manaka* 

Manaka: You'll be the lead dancer. *Winks* 

Aika: Why? 

Manaka: *Smiled and whispers to Aika* I think you'll be a great buchou for this club next year.

Aika: *Bushes as she becomes suprised*  Yes! 

Manaka: Okay everyone be in your places and Aika stand in the middle. 

Aika: *Stands in the middle where she has been told* 

Manaka: I'll be the one coaching you! This music will be "Let's not fall in love by B.B".Hit it Eru! 

Eru: *Turns on the music* 

Aika: "I hope my ideas worked" 


The music plays all over the clubroom. Everyone started dancing and Aika shines the most as the lead dancer. She dances gracefully as usual. After the music stops that goes the same to everyone. 


Aika: *Stops and sighs* 

Everyone: *Cheers and claps* 

Manaka: Aika, well done! You've done well. 

Eru: That's right.

Manaka: I guess it's been decided. 

Eru: *Raises Aika's arms up by force* 

Manaka: I nominate Takekawa Aika as the next buchou!

Aika: Eh?! No way! Why me? 

Eru: We've been watching you Aika ever since you first came here.

Manaka: We knew you can be a splendid buchou. 

Aika: Manaka-buchou! Eru-sempai! *Sheds tears of joy and smiled* Thank you I will do my best.

Member 1: Congratulations Takekawa-san! 

Member 2: Congrats!

Aika: "Dear Terry including everyone in America, I've been selected as the president of the girl's dance club in my middle school. So please watch over me everyone, until we meet again." 

Member 3: When are you going to select the assistant and every position, buchou? 

Manaka: Maybe a week before our graduation.

Member 1: Treat us well. Takekawa buchou! 

Aika: Sure and don't call me that yet. The seniors are still here. 

Manaka: Who cares, it's already official Aika buchou-san.

Aika: Haha yeah. *Surrenders* 


As club activity is over, Aika changes back into the school uniform and leaves the clubroom. 


Aika: Good work everyone. I'm going home now, Bye! *Leaves the clubroom and runs upstairs to her secret hideout then grabs her violin case.*

Kanade: Aika buchou-san. *Calls from the back* 

Aika: *Locks the door and turns to Kanade* Kana-chan. 

Kanade: Congratulations for being nominated as the next leader of the dance club. *Walks with Aika downstairs to the shoe rack* 

Aika: Well thanks, I've never thought that I would be nominated.

Kanade: *Sighs* 

Aika: What's wrong? 

Kanade: Nothing I wonder I would be nominated by my seniors. 

Aika: Well you'll see about that soon.

Kanade: I want to take a selfie of Takekawa Aika the president of the girls dance club! 

Aika: Well that's.. 

Kanade: Don't be shy! *Grabs Aika and takes a selfie with Kanade*

Aika: Kana-chan! That's really mean, I wasn't ready yet. 

Kanade: Sorry about that. 

Aika: *Fixes her hair then looks at the camera and smile* I'm ready.

Kanade: *Takes a perfect selfie with Aika*

Aika: Send me the pic later. 

Kanade: Sure! 

Aika: *Walks to her locker and picks up her outdoor*

Kanade: Hey Ai-chan, do you want to stop by somewhere before going home? 

Aika: Ya sure. 

Kanade: How about Smiley Burger? I heard there have a student discount for a huge sundae. Wanna try it? 

Aika: Sure! I'm tired after all the dancing.

Kanade: A cold sundae is going to cool off your mind. 

Aika: *Puts on her outdoor shoes and puts her indoor door shoes into the locker and closes it* Let's go Kana-chan before it gets dark. 

Kanade: *Quickly puts on her outdoor shoes and places her indoor shoes into the locker* 

Aika: Hurry up Kana-chan or I'm leaving without you. 

Kanade: *Quickly runs to Aika* Wait up Ai-chan! 


In the Nichiyobi TV broadcast station where Terry and Lily are in. Takumi escorts them into the camera room. 


Takumi: *Reaches the camera room and opens the door for them* Please come in and have a seat. 

Terence: Thank you. *Sits on the couch in the corner of the room*

Takumi: I will talk to the staffs here so please be patient. *Walks away and talks to the staff* 

Lily: I'll go too. 

Terence: Ya sure. 

Lily: *Walks away with Takimi, leaving Terence alone*

Terence: *Turns on his handphone and goes into his photo gallery then taps a picture of Aika in her Juliet costume during the May festival* "I guess your cheerful smile is the medicine of my stress and sadness." *Then looks at Lily and Takumi with the staff* 

Takumi: Excuse me! 

Staff: Ah Watanabe-san, what brings you here? 

Takumi: I've got a favour that I want you to do for me? 

Staff: What's that? 

Lily: Show me the videos that your staffs took last night when Terry and Maria left the station after their interview! Please! 

Staff: *Becomes clueless because he doesn't understand English then tries to speak English* Umm...I...

Takumi: *Sighs and translate it in Japanese* Please show us the videos of Terry and Maria surrounded by the fans that you boys took last night. 

Staff: Ah I see, no worries Watanabe-san. Terry-san must be curious about how many of his fans came right? 

Takumi: Not exactly. 

Staff: *Turns on his laptop and plucks the camera USB wire to his laptop* Okay the video is going to play soon so be ready. 

Takumi: Yes. 

Lily: *Calls Terence* Terry the video's playing right now, come over here and see. 

Terence: *Stands next to Lily and watches the video playing* 

Lily: *Looks at Terence in the video wih her glittery eyes* Ah...Terry you look so hot. 

Terence: *Hits Lily's head and speaks as he is controlling himself from scolding Lily, who did not do, what was she suppose to do* Thanks for the complement Lily, mind if you look out for that mysterious girl for me please. 

After a while everyone fell asleep except for Takumi and Terry, as the scene is already at the part where the mysterious girl (Aika) appears along with Lily in front of her. Lily quickly wakes up from her and  points it out. 


Lily: There! There! That's the part! She's the one who passed the bouquets to me! 

Takumi: *Looks closely* You're right! 

Lily: Hurry up and zoom it! 

Takumi: Okay that's the part and can you forward at bit so we can can see that girl's face afterwards. 

Staff: Okay! *Fastforwards the video* 

Lily: *Tries to look out for the girl's face but she couldn't her face because of her long bangs and her scarf* Ugh I still can't see her! Those stupid bangs and the scarf were in the way! This is so annoying! 

Terence: *Sees the mysterious girl, who was facing to the back* Hey zoom her for a sec! "It can't be her.Ai doesn't have short hair like that. She always has long hair maybe she wants to cut it off for a change" 

Takumi: Zoom the girl. 

Staff: *Zooms to the mysterious girl" Oh yeah that girl sure daring to come out like that.

Lily: If only I can ask who she was. *Says sadly and holding her handkerchief while she is weeping*  

Terence: It's not your fault that we have to do all this. I greatly apologise for the inconvenience. 

Lily: It's okay, Terry. I just want you be to satisfied and I know that girl means to you right? 

Terence: That's right. 

Lily: *Looks closely and becomes suprised as she can the girl's blue from the side view* Ah I can see her eyes! I can see her tears flowing through her cheeks! 

Terence: *Looks closely* 

Lily: Is she the one that you were looking for? *Looks at Terence closely* 

Terence: *Thinks harder* "That girl looks so familiar, she looks like Ai that i knew in England. They both look alike, could they be the same person?" *Rubs his head* 

Lily: *Becomes worried* 

Terence: "I've seen Ai shedding tears before. Yes, she also made the same face as that girl." 

Lily: What do you think Terry? 

Terence: The girl I've once knew looks like this girl in the video. 

Takumi: Do you have a picture of that girl? *Walks to Terence* 

Terence: *Shows off the picture of the girl (Aika)  to Takumi* 

Takumi: *Looks closely to the girl's picture then looks at the girl in the video* Hmmm..they look alike. 

Lily: She must be the one! 

Terence: *Looks at Aika's picture and then looks at the girl in the video. Finally remembers by making a shocked expression* I've remember now. 

Lily: Tell me us Terry! *Says seriously*

Terence: That's right Ai made exactly the same face as her whenever she cries. 

Lily: I see good now that we know who she was. 

Takumi: The problem is that we don't even know where she stays and which school she goes. 

Lily: That's right. *Collapses on the floor with depression* 

Takumi: I'll just ask the police to find this girl but it's going to take awhile. Is it okay for you? 

Terence: It's alright. 

Takumi: Good I'll go to the station to talk about this investigation. I need the picture of her from your phone *Looks at Terence then looks at the staff* And also from the video. 

Staff: Yes sir. *Starts working* 

Takumi: Just send the picture to my staff's phone and he can print out for me. 

Terence: Sure. 

Staff: My phone is ready! Tell him to send it through my email address. 

Takumi: I'll give you his email address and all you have to do is send her picture to his phone by emailing him.

Terence: *Copys the address from Takumi then sends it to the staff* 

Takumi: *Demonic aura appears surrounding Takumi* Once you're done. Delete her picture immediately! 

Staff: *Becomes frightened* Yes! 

Takumi: *Calms down and sighs* Let have some coffee while waiting for him.

Terence: Yeah sure. 

Lily: I'll have some green tea. 

Terence: Me too! 

Takumi: Alright, I'll be back *Leaves the room as he goes to prepare tea for them* 

Lily: So you've finally found your mysterious girl huh, Terry. *Looks at the girl's picture from Terence's phone* She looks very beautiful in that dress. What occasion was it? Is it a costume party or something? 

Terence: Well you can say that. "Ah I've remembered you've sneaked out of that room to take part in the May festival. First you've dressed as Romeo then you've been discovered by Eliza. After that, you disguised as Juliet. You've looked better without that ugly wig" 


After the staff finishes printing out the pictures then Takumi comes in with the tea ready and put them on the table. 


Staff: Here's the picture, Watanabe-san.

Takumi: *Takes the pictures* Thank you very much and good work. 

Lily: I'll pour the tea for you, Terry! *Pours the tea into each cups on the tray* 

Takumi: Alright, I'm off then. 

Terence: *Quickly drinks the tea* Wait! Let me follow you! 

Lily: Terry! 

Terence: Let me do it, this is my problem. 

Takumi: The problem is the locals here can't really understand you so far. 

Terence: *Collapses* Yeah you're right. 

Lily: *Drinks all the tea* I'll go with you too Terry! I am your manager as all. 

Terence: Thank you Lily. 

Takumi: Alright then let's get going. 


Terry and the others finally finds out who that girl was and now they are heading to the police station. Meanwhile in Smiley Burger after Aika and Kanade finally finishes their special sundae.


Kanade: That was delicious. *Wipes her mouth with the tissue* 

Aika: Yeah sure was. 

Kanade: There's some cream on your cheek, Ai-chan. *Points to Aika's left cheek* 

Aika: *Wipes it off* Do you want to go to the park with me later? 

Kanade: Why? 

Aika: I'm going to play the violin. I've found a really great spot too. 

Kanade: I see I want to hear it again. 

Aika: Well of course you can, Kana-chan. *Laughs* 

Kanade: *Laughs along with Aika* 

Aika: Let's go then. *Gets up* 

Kanade: Yeah sure. *Gets up and walks out of the restaurant with Aika* 


As soon as they got out from the restaurant, the sky becomes dark and snow begins to fall beyond the clouds. And so in the police station, where Terence and the others are in. Terence is also in a disguise whenever he leaves the hotel or the broadcast station. 


Takumi: *Calls out the officer, who was walking* Excuse me officer! 

Officer: Yes? May I help you? 

Takumi: I would like to discuss a case with you. 

Officer: I see, well come to my office please. *Starts walking* 

Takumi: Follow me *Follows the officer* 

Lily and Terence: *Follows them to the officer's office* 


As they are walking, the staffs begin gossiping about Terence who is in a strange disguise. Some of the female staffs follow them all the way to the office. Terence and the others go into the office and the female staffs are hiding and watching them from the outside of the office. 


Office: Please sit down. 

Everyone: *Sits down* 

Takumi: It's alright, I'll stand. 

Lily: *Forces Takumi to sit down by pushing his shoulder down to make him sit on the chair next to hers* Just sit down already. 

Office: Alright let's begin, firstly you there with the strange disguise. I want you to take it off so I can see your face. 

Lily: But..

Takumi: *Grabs Lily's shoulder* It's alright.

Terence: Of course! 

Female staff 1: Yes, that guy is taking of his weird disguise now. *Watches closely*

Female 2: I bet he's hot or a celebrity.

Terence: *Takes off his disguise which was on his face* 

Officer: *Becomes suprised and points at him* are! 

Takumi: I'm sorry for the late introduction,  this young man is Terence Graham Grandchester. 

Office: Of course! Of course! I know him! *Looks at Terry delightedly* My daughter is a big fan of yours. 

Terence: I see, I'm glad to hear that. 

Office: Can I have your autograph please? *Shows out the signature board* 

Terence: *Signs it* Done! 

Office: Thank you very much *Then becomes serious* Now let's get back to the case. 

Female staff 1: That man is Terry!! Of my god what brings him here? 

Female staff 2: I want to get his signature! 

Female staff 1: Let's listen to their case first. 

Takumi: Terry-san and this specky lady wants to find a certain person, who actually gave him a bouquet of spider lilies and a small letter in the bouquet last night was our first clue to search for her. 

Officer: Can I see that letter please.

Terence: *Takes out of his letter from the pocket of his coat and passes it to the officer* 

Officer: *Puts on his glasses and reads it* Well then excuse me.

Lily: *Looks closely at the officer with her serious look* 

Terence: Stop it Lily, he can't concentrate with your creepy attitude here. 

Lily: *Coughs and sits straight* 

Terence: *Looks back at the officer who is reading the letter* 

Officer: *Looks back at Terence again* So did you meet this girl? 

Terence: I've met her a year ago in England. We used to go to a same school together. 

Officer: I see...this girl must be someone special to you. 

Terence: Of course. 

Takumi: Here's her pictures, officer. *Puts both of her pictures on the desk and arranges properly* 

Officer: "This girl? She looks kind of familiar, I think I've seen her before" Oh I see this girl. 

Takumi: The one on the right is one of the cameraman from my company took her and the one of the left is the one that Terry-san took her when they were in England. 

Officer: I see I understand, what is her name Mr Terence? 

Terence: Emma Ai Eudrey. 

Takumi: That's a very weird name for a British. She must be a mixed. 

Terence: She's an American. 

Takumi: I see my mistake.

Lily: She's about 14 or 15 years old.

Officer: Hmm a middle schooler. 

Takumi: I've received a text from my staffs, who happened to see her. She didn't come alone yesterday, she has friends with her. 

Officer: Ah I see, did your staff send their pictures to you? 

Takumi: Yes here it is. *Shows off the pictures of the girls* 

Officer: *Looks closely at the pictures then becomes suprised after seeing another* 

Takumi: Oh yes in words Ms Lily, I told my staffs to look through the video again. Just in case she has anyone, who came with her yesterday.

Lily: You really are sharp and accurate. *Holds her frustration and praised him*

Takumi: Thank you very much compare to you, who isn't.

Lily: Well sorry about that Mr Takumi for not being smart and accurate. 

Takumi: *Lifts up his glasses* 

*Flames of rivalry surrounds them, Terence ignores them and moves on the case* 

Terence: What's with the face officer? Do you know them by any chance? 

Officer: *Pushes the picture that he has choosen forward* I know this girl...

Lily: What? Who is she? Tell us! *Says excited and leans closer to the officer with her straight face* 

Officer: That girl is my eldest daughter, Otada Kanade. My name is Sentarou Otada. 

Terence: Tell us which school does she go? 

Sentarou: She goes to Miyazawa Middle School, she a 2nd year there. 

Terence: Give us the school's address! 

Sentarou: Alright then and I'll call ask where she is. 

Terence: Thank you very much. 

Sentarou: *Calls Kanade* Alright I'll call and ask her where is she. 

Takumi: This helps a lot. 

Sentarou: *Waiting for his daughter to answer then he ends the call and calls again* 

Lily: What's wrong? 

Sentarou: *Ends the call* My daughter isn't picking up. 

Lily: What?! *Says in frustration*

Takumi: That's too bad.

Sentarou: My daughter and that girl must be in school I guess since they have club activities. 

Takumi: I see *Writes down on his notebook* 

Sentarou: My daughter told me that girl is splendid dancer. 

Takumi: Then she must be in a dance club. 

Lily: What are you all waiting for? Let's go to that school now! 

Sentarou: *Looks at the time* It's a little late right now maybe they have left.

Lily: Of course not! 

Sentarou: Well you's going to be 5pm soon.

Lily: It's okay! We can ask anyone there. 

Takumi: Thank you very much. *Stands up and bows* 

Sentarou: Good luck searching for Ai-chan.

Terence: Ai-chan? 

Sentarou: Oh you're not familiar with friendly names. It's one of our cultures when we call towards children or friends. 

Terence: I see. "Yes! I've found this time. I hope you are still in school"

Takumi: We're taking our leave then.*Walks to the door*

Female staffs: *Quickly steps aside of the door* 

Takumi: *Opens the door and leaves*

Sentarou: Let me escort you out. 

Takumi: Thank you and sorry about the trouble.

Sentarou: Likewise gentleman. I've never thought the young actor will be in a place like this.

Terence: *Comes out in a disguise and walks along with them* 


As they are finally at the entrance of the police station. Sentarou bids them farewell and they leave. Their next destination will be Miyazawa middle school. Takumi's quickly drives there. After a while, they have reached Miyazawa Middle School. They got down from the car. 


Takumi: Just give me a minute, I'll talk to the security to give us the visitors' pass. *Runs to the security* 

Lily: What are you do if you see that girl again?

Terence: *Remains silent and speaks softly* I don't know, we'll see about that soon. 

Lily: *Looks at Takumi* 

Takumi: *Gives them a hand sign to come over* 

Terence and Lily: *Comes over to Takumi*

Takumi: Here's the tags. *Passes the tags to everyone* 

Lily: Let's go then.

Security: Wait! 

Takumi: What is it? 

Security: Let me take you to the staff's office.

Takumi: That helps a lot, I was about to ask directions from the remaining student s here. 

Security: *Escorts them inside the school and changes his shoe into the indoor* 

*Takes out 3 indoor slippers for them* Please put this on. 

Takumi: *Puts the slippers on and places his shoes into the locker*

Lily: Why can't we just go in with our shoes? 

Takumi: It's part of our culture, we change into our indoor shoes when we go indoor in school.

Lily: I see *Puts on her slippers with Terence*

Security: This way everyone. *Points to the right and walks in* 

Terence: *Looks around* 

Lily: This looks clean.

Security: This school is filled with strict rules but our students still remain happy. 

Terence: "Unlike in St Paul Academy" 

Security: *Walks upstairs* The staff's room is on the 1st floor. 

They finally reaches to the staff room and they come in with the security.

Staff (Man): What's wrong? Are you looking for something? 

Security: These people want to talk to one you people.

Staff (Man): I see, I'll take it from here then. 

Security: Thank you very much *Leaves the staff room* 

Staff (Man): So what brings you here? 

Takumi: We're sorry to disturb you from working. 

Staff (Man): Nah it's okay, I'm already done anyways. 

Takumi: *Shows off 2 pictures of the girl (Aika)* We're looking for this maiden, we believe she is from this school.

Lily: That's what the officer told us , he has a daughter who studies here as well. 

Staff (Man): Let me take a closer look of that picture. 

Takumi: Likewise. *Passes the pictures to the staff* 

Staff (Man 2): Hey I'll be leaving now! *Leaves the room* 

Staff (Man): Good work! See you tomorrow! *Then continues looking at the pictures* 

Lily: Well what do you think? 

Staff (Man): I've seen this girl somewhere before but I don't remember her name. 

Takumi: Her name is Emma Ai Eudrey. 

Staff (Man): No! No! It's Takekawa! Takekawa Aika from the girl's dance club! 

Lily: What?! "I don't get it"

Takumi: That's strange, we've been told that her name was Emma Ai Eudrey.

Staff (Man): Well we don't have such person in our school so Takekawa Aika should be it. 

Takumi: Where is the dance clubroom? 

Staff (Man): It's on the 2nd floor at the next block over there. *Points at the next block from the window* 

Lily: What?! Why does it have to be so far? 

Terence: Let's go then. "Wait for me Ai" 


As one of the teachers of this school escorts Terence and the others to the next building after that they walked upstairs and a girl walks hurriedly passed them down the stairs. 


Staff (Man): Excuse me girl! 

Girl: Yes sensei? 

Staff (Man): Are the members of the dance club went home yet? 

Girl: Well..Manaka-buchou and the other seniors are still there. 

Staff (Man): Thank you! 

Girl: *Runs away* 

Lily: Manaka-buchou? 

Takumi: I believe she is the president of that club.

Staff (Man): That's right Manaka-chan is good girl, I think she can help you find Takekawa-san.

Takumi: I see. 

Staff (Man): *Walks into the clubroom* Manaka-chan! 

Manaka: Sensei? What brings you here? 

Staff (Man): Well you see, these strange people are looking for Takekawa-san. 

Manaka: *Looks at Terence and the others seriously and walks towards them* Who are these people? 

Staff (Man): I don't know.

Manaka: What?! I won't accommodate unless these strange people reveal themselves.

Staff (Man): I'm sorry, please forgive her. She's very protective towards her members.

Takumi: It's okay. Let me introduce myself. I am Watanabe Takumi, the secretary of Nichiyobi TV. 

Manaka: What?! No wonder I've seen you somewhere before. You always appear next to the president.

Takumi: I'm buchou's right-hand man after all. *Lifts up his glasses sharply* Introduce yourselves you two. 

Lily: Yes. *Takes off her sunglasses* I'm Lily Sprouse, Terry's.... *Then stops by Terence* 

Manaka: Who is that suspicious looking guy huh? *Says seriously as she points Terence*

Lily: What did she say about Terry? 

Takumi: She says "Who's that suspicious-looking guy?" 

Lily: How dare she insults Terry! *Becomes angry and got held back by Takumi* 

Takumi: Hold it Ms Lily. 

Terence: I guess I can't hide it anymore, Lily.

Lily: But Terry...

Terence: It's alright Lily. *Takes off his disguises from his face*

Members from the clubroom surrounds Terence after they see him and starts screaming with joy. 


Member 1: Oh my god it's Terry! 

Member 2: Can I have your signature please? 

Member 3: Can I take a selfie with you? 

Manaka: *Becomes angry and shouts with anger* Shut up you all! 

*Everyone remains silent* 

Members: We're sorry buchou! 

Manaka: *Speaks in English in seriously* I don't care, what you people want from Aika-chan. I definitely won't hand her over to you. *Points out to Terence and his group*

Takumi: I see I understand. It can't be helped if she doesn't want to tell us.

Staff (Man): Manaka-chan, please just tell these people where Takekawa-san is.

Lily: What she isn't here? 

Eru: She left after our club practise about 2 hours ago. *Steps out of the clubroom*

Manaka: Eru you traitor!*Looks at Eru and about to go closer to her*

Eru: *Pushes Manaka away* 

Manaka: *Starts weeping and shuts herself in the clubroom* Eru I hate you! You idiot! 

Eru: *Sighs* 

Takumi: I see where did she go? 

Eru: I'm not sure about that myself.

Member 4: I saw Aika-sempai left with a girl. 

Member 5: If I'm not mistaken, I think she is Otada Kanade-san from the archery club.

Takumi: I see thank you very much. We're really sorry to bother you. 

Staff (Man): It's okay Watanabe-san. 

Member 6: *Runs to them in a hurry from the stairs* Wait! I've overheard them saying that they are going to Smiley Burger! 

Eru: Are you sure? 

Member 6: I'm not mistaken! It's true! 

Manaka: *Steps out of the clubroom* Well I'm coming with you.

Eru: Manaka.

Manaka: I'm worried about Aika-chan. *Says softly*

Eru: I'll come too! *Raises her hand up cheerfully and grabs Manaka's hand* 

Staff (Man): You girls?! *Becomes suprised*

Members: It's not fair! We want to go too! *Makes a lot of noise* 

Manaka: SHUT UP! *Screams and sighs roughly* 

Eru: You guys stay behind and clean the clubroom. We'll tell you everything tomorrow. 

Lily: You mustn't *Demonic aura appears around her* 

Eru: Alright I understand. 

Lily: And also don't ever tell anyone that we were here! 

Members: Yes ma'am. 

Takumi: Let's go then. *Walks away* 

Manaka and Eru: *Walks away with them* 

Manaka: Hey super star? *Looks at Terry suspiciously* 

Terence: *Puts his disguise back on* What crybaby? 

Manaka: *Pissed off* What are you to Aika-chan? How exactly do you guys know each other? 

Terence: *Remains silent* 

Eru: Manaka...

Manaka: What Eru? *Looks at Eru* 

Eru: I think it's better if you don't ask. 

Manaka: Alright. *Remains silent*

Terence: That girl...

Manaka: Did you say something? *Looks at Terence*

Terence: She's my schoolmate when I was studying in England.

Manaka: Eh—?! What?!

Eru: Yeah Aika-chan told me about it.

Manaka: What? Why didn't I know that? 

Eru: Well you didn't ask her. 

Manaka: *Sulking* Yeah you're right. 

Eru: I see Mr Terry. As her senior whenever she talks about it, she always makes the sad face.*Speaks in English with him* 

Manaka: That's why I've never asked. *Speaks in English and blushes* 

Eru: I see that's why you were always clueless about Aika-chan. *Speaks in Japanese*

Manaka: Shut up Eru! *Scolds Eru in Japanese* 

Terence: *Becomes clueless* "What are these girls arguing about?"

Takumi: *Stops and looks at everyone walking behind him* Mr Terry and Ms Lily, I need to return the passes back to the security, pass them to me please. 

Manaka: This guy is creepy. He talks like a snowman. *Speaks in English with Terence and Lily*

Lily: Alright, Terry give me your pass.

Terence: *Passes the pass to Lily then puts on his outdoor shoes and leaves* 

Manaka: Me and Eru are going to keep an eye on him for you, Ms Lily. 

Eru: *Puts on her outdoor shoes and follows Terence* Wait Mr Terry! 

Manaka: Eru! Don't leave your shoes here! *Puts back her's and Eru's back into the locker then runs after them*

Terence: *Walks to the back of the school* 

Eru: Just a minute! 

Terence: *Stops and looks at Eru* What? "Why isn't she putting her winter jacket? She came all this way to chase after me." 

Eru: *Starts shivering* 

Manaka: Eru!! I've brought your winter jacket and your school bag! *Becomes suprised to see Eru shivering and quickly rushes to her* 

Terence: *Sees Eru as Aika shivering* Ai! 

*Then looks at her as Eru again*

Eru: Ai? 

Manaka: *Helps Eru to put on her winter jacket* What are you standing there for? Help me out here! 

Terence: *Helps Manaka carrying Eru* Where should we take her? 

Manaka: Follow me! 

Lily: *Spots Terence and the girls* There they are! *Quickly runs to them* 

Takumi: Mr Terry, take this girl back to the car! 

Terence: *Takes her to the car* 

Lily: That girl recklessly ran after Terry like that without her warm jacket on. *Sighs* 

Manaka: "What was Eru thinking. Don't tell me she likes like bastard too. That can't be true." 

Lily: Let's go back to the car! *Runs back to the car* 

Eru: *Regains consciousness  is in the car* I...

Terence: Hey get a grip! 

Eru: *Speaks softly* Where am I? 

Takumi: In my car of course 

Eru: *Regains full consciousness after hearing Takumi's voice* Right! I'm sorry for causing you so much of trouble. 

Terence: For god sakes, don't ever do anything reckless again.

Eru: *Blushes* Yes. 

Terence: *Sits at the side* 

Manaka: *Goes into the car* Eru! 

Eru: *Looks at Manaka* Manaka! 

Manaka: You idiot! Why did you run out like that? 

Eru: I'm sorry. *Smiled*

Manaka: Here have some warm coffee *Passes the coffee to Eru* 

Eru: Thank you Manaka! *Drinks it* I'm feeling really warm now! 

Manaka: Good to know *Leans over Eru with a smile* 

Lily: *Sits next to Takumi in the car next to the driver's seat and fastens the seatbelt* Let's go then. 

Takumi: Roger! *Drives* 

Lily: Oh yes! What are your names girls? 

Manaka: Manaka Kirisaki.

Eru: Eru Maika. 

Lily: I see

Takumi: That place isn't far from school. So don't worry. 

*Reaches the restaurant and parks the car at the side* 

Takumi: I'll go ask the workers, all of you wait in the car. 

Eru: I want to go too. 

Manaka: *Stops Eru* Don't force yourself Eru. 

Eru: Aika-chan is like a little sister to me. I was the only child in the family, both of my parents died in an accident. Leaving me behind and when I met Aika. We've became really close and the more I get to know her, I get to her sad eyes. I knew she must be missing someone very dear to her from America. 

Manaka: It must be you then. *Looks at Terence*

Terence: *Falls asleep* 

Eru: I don't want to see that sad face again. I want to see her cheerful smile again.

Manaka: Me too. 

Takumi: I understand. 

Eru: Thank you very much! *Says happily and leaves the car with Takumi. Enters the restaurant*

Waitress: Welcome! 

Takumi: Excuse me I...

Eru: *Interrupts Takumi and speaks* Excuse me, did this girl come here with her friend just now. *Shows a picture of Aika from her handphone hurriedly* 

Waitress: *Looks at Aika's picture* Yes they were here. 

Takumi: Where did they go? 

Waitress: Well I don't know about that. 

Takumi: I see. 

Waitress 1: Wait, they said something about going to the park.

Eru: The park? 

Takumi: Where is that? 

Eru: They must have gone to the nearest one here. 

Waitress 2: The nearest one here is Nigaoka Park. 

Waitress: They should be there by now.

Takumi: Thank you very much. Let's go Maika-san. 


After they finally find out about Aika's location. Takumi and Eru rushes to the car, he quickly drives away. Meanwhile in the park where Aika and Kanade are in. Both them walks up the stairs through the tress. 


Kanade: How far is your secret place? 

Aika: It's not far, we're almost there. 

Kanade: Right..


They both finally reaches the spot where Aika wants to show Kanade. There is a bench under the snowy tree. The entire field is covered with snow.


Kanade: I never thought the park had a place like this. It's so quiet, it makes my mind relax *Sits on the bench* 

Aika: Yes this is my favourite spot where I can practise my dancing. *Puts down her bag and her violin case*

Kanade: I see. *Touches the snow on the bench* 

Aika: *Takes her violin and takes a few steps back from Kanade* 

Kanade: *Looks at Aika and says sadly* Let it go Ai-chan. Let go of everything, your sadness, sorrow and everything that makes you sad. 

Aika: *Starts playing her violin* 

Kanade: *Watches Aika play* "Yes Aika, let them all go. Play harder"

Aika: *Plays a very sad tune* 


And soon Takumi's car stops in front of the park. 


Takumi: I'm going to find a parking space. All of you find Takekawa-san. 

Lily: Got it. 

*Everyone leaves the car and Takumi drives his car away.*

Lily: I'll take the left. 

Manaka: Eru and I will take the middle. 

Terence: *Nods and walks to the right- path* 

Boy: *Runs to a little girl* Hey did you hear that? 

Girl: What? 

Boy: That's the sound of the violin. 

Terence: "Violin?"

Girl: *Finally hears the violin music* Yeah you're right! 

Boy: Wanna check it out? 

Girl: *Nods*

Terence: *Runs past the children and follows the violin music* "It's can't be, it must be Ai's music. Why does it sound so sad. Her usual melody doesn't sound like that, what's wrong with her* 

Girl: *Sees Terence running pass them* That onii-san likes that music too. 

Boy: Let's follow him. *Follows Terence*

Terence: *Sees a flight of stairs and starts running up on them* "Ai, I've finally found you this time. I have so much to tell you, I want to se your happy face and your cheerful smile" 

Terence finally reaches to the top and sees a girl standing in the middle of the field playing the violin. Terence slowly walks closer to her and Kanade notices him, she calls out for her. 


Kanade: Ai-chan! 

Ai: *Finishes playing at looks at Kanade* What? 

Kanade: Someone is here. 

Ai: Who? *Looks at Terence* 

Terence: *Takes off his disguises from his face* Long time no see, lady Tarzan. *Smiled* 

Aika: *Becomes suprised* "That voice, the way he calls me. It's Terry" 

Terence: What's with that face, Ai? *Laughs* 

Kanade: No way! It's Terry! *Stands up in suprised as she sees Terry standing facing towards Aika*

Aika: *Starts shedding tears and runs to him* "It really is him!" 

Terence: *Helds his arms out* Come my lady Tarzan! 

Aika: *Embraces Terence*

Terence: *Hugs her tightly* I miss you a lot Ai. I've thinking and dreaming about you everyday. 

Aika: *Looks at Terence and leans closer to his chest* Me too Terry. 

Kanade: *Watches them while she is hiding behind the bushes*

Eru: I love happy endings *Giggles as she sees Terence and Aika hugging together from the bushes* 

Kanade: *Looks at Eru after she hears her along with Manaka* Eru-sempai! Manaka-sempai too! 

Manaka: Be quiet I can't hear them what they are saying. 

Takumi: So Terry-san is the first to find her. 

Manaka: The creepy glasses dude. 

Lily: *Weeping tears of joy* Terry, you've finally found the girl of your dreams. I'm so happy for you. *Blows her nose with her handkerchief* 

Manaka: Ms Lily that's too much *Speaks in English* 


All of them are hiding behind the bushes to see what is going on between Terence and Aika. 


Aika: *Let's go and takes a few steps back* Now that you've found me, what are you going to do now? 

Terence: I've got lot of things in mind but I don't know where to start. 

Aika: I see. Shall I play a song for you? 

Terence: Ya sure. 

Aika: This is the song that I've always want you to hear. 

Terence: I see play it. 

Aika: *Plays the song* 

Manaka: What?! Aika-chan plays the violin? 

Kanade: That's right. 

Eru: It sounds very nice 

Kanade: Compare to the first one I've heard. This one is better and the melody sounds bright and cheerful. 

Eru: It's a perfect reunion melody for them. 

Terence: "Your music hasn't changed a bit. It's sounds like the ones you've played when we were in England." 

Aika: "Terry, I am so happy to see you again face to face. I'm happy that I can play this song for you. I wanted to play this song on your birthday but you've left early. You've left for the sake of protecting the Eudrey's name, you even broke your family's name for my sake. I didn't get to thank you and tell you how I've really felt about you that time." 

"I won't hold back this time"

*Finishes playing and bows* 

Terence: It was a wonderful performance Ai. 

Aika: *Looks at Terence and smiled* Thank you. 

Terence: Is that what you really want to say? *Makes a hopeless smile* 

Aika: No..

Terence: Then what is it? 

Aika: I like you *Saids softly* 

Lily: I can't hear her! 

Everyone: Shh! 

Takumi: Silence Ms Lily, I can't hear them.

Aika: I like you Terry. *Looks at Terence while she is blushing* 

Terence: Ai.. *Becomes shock after hearing her confession* 

Aika: *Becomes embarrassed and faces to the back while covering face with her hands* I only say this once. Anyways don't look at me! It's embarrassing! 

Terence: *Gives her a devilish smile and tries to move in front of her* I see. 

Aika: *Faces to the other side* Don't look at me! 

Terence: But I want to see your cute face. *Tries to look at Aika's face* 

Aika: *Tries to run away* 

Lily: What?!

Eru: Why did she run?

Manaka: After we've finally got them together.

Kanade: Ai-chan is just feeling shy to see him plus he's even teasing her. 

Takumi: You're right. 

Terence: *Catches her by embracing her from the back* Oh no you don't monkey. 

Aika: What you idiot?

Terence: I've finally found you and you're running away from me.

Aika: No I'm not. 

Terence: Then what? 

Aika: Do you love me Terry? 

Terence: *Turns her around him and he straights kiss her on the lip* 

Manaka: What?! *Becomes shock* 

Eru: Wow! *Blushes with joy* 

Kanade: Congrats Ai-chan! *Sheds tears of joy* 

Lily: Mission accomplished! 

Takumi: That's right. 

Lily: Thanks for everything Takumi. *Blushes* 

Takumi: My pleasure Ms Lily. 

Lily: Just call me Lily. *Looks at Takumi* 

Takumi: Okay Lily. 

Lily: *Smiled and looks at Terence and Aika* 

*Both them lets go of each other and started blushing* 

Aika: *Quickly goes to the bench and puts her violin back into her case* 

Terence: *Covers his face with his left hand as he starts blushing* 

Aika: *Grabs her bag and starts smiling* 

Kanade: Ai-chan!

Aika: *Looks at Kanade* Oh no I've almost forgot about you. 

Kanade: It's okay Ai-chan. Go have fun! 

Aika: Thank you! *Rushes to Terence and holds his arm with both of her hands* 

Terence: What's wrong with you? 

Aika: I'm happy that you loved me. 

Terence: *Smiled and kisses her cheek then walks away with her* Let's go then.

Aika: Where? 

Terence: Just show me around the place you live and all of the places you go. 

Aika: Of course *Nods* 

And so both of them finally walk away on the snowy paths. Everything went well. 



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