The Cursed Ones - Peace & the Distance

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The battle with the vampire king and also an uncle of Hiroto Sakamaki the 2nd vampire prince along with his siblings. Shizuko Nara and her allies joined the party to rescue the young maiden, Yuuko Kanoe, who was on the hands of Xexes. Many things happened during the battle and so on. After the battle, Yuuko finally retrieved her lost memories of her lover, Hiroto Sakamaki and they both spend their final moments together before he disappears along with his siblings.


Yuuko Kanoe

Hiroto Sakamaki

Shun Sakamaki

Ritsuka Sakamaki 

Rima Sakamaki 

Shizuka Nara 

Shikamaru Nara 

Kiriha Kuze 

Cecillia Corble 

Mikako Kanoe 


The story takes place after defeating the evil king of vampires, Xexes. Who kidnaps the beautiful human maiden with long hair, Yuuko and that human maiden holds a special power which could protect herself from the forces of evil and also whoever drinks her blood will gain immortality and also strong physical strength.The evil king seeks power from the maiden by drawing out some blood from her. Fortunately, her handsome prince came to her rescue along with his friends. And so as the story goes on...

Yuuko: "I'm doing this for the sake of saving my sister and I don't want to see anyone get hurt especially loved ones. I don't mind dying and there's one thing I've regretted is that I couldn't tell him that I've remembered everything about him. I really want to tell so bad." *Slowly and sheds a tear* 

Xexes: *Gives and evil smile* 

*Everyone singing a ceremonial song* 

Yuuko: *Walks closer* 

Hiroto: YUUKO!! 

Yuuko: *Notices and looks back* Hiroto!

Xexes: *Grabs Yuuko* 

Ritsuka: Yuuko-chan! 

Yuuko: Ritsuka-chan! 

Rima: Let Yuuko go! *Tosses one of her knives to Xexes on the face*  

Yuuko: Rima-chan! 

Shizuko: Yuuko you idiot! *Tries to cast her ice power* 

Shikamaru: Don't forget start fighting without Shizu. 

Shizuko: Let's beat the crap of that nasty king. 

Shikamaru: Yeah. 

Shizuko and Shikamaru: ICE MAKE...*Casts their power* 

Xexes: Kill them all! 

*Everyone jumps down* 

Shizuko and Shikamaru: ROSE GARDEN! 

*Rose with thorny wines appears and kills  some of the vampires* 

Yuuko: Shizuko!! *Tries to run away* 

Xexes: Where do you think you're going?*Holds her tightly* 

Yuuko: Hey let go of me! 

Hiroto: *Teleports himself to Xexes then kicks him away and grabs Yuuko* 

Xexes: *Bangs to the wall* 

Yuuko: Hiroto! 

Hiroto: *Hugs Yuuko tightly* You stupid human, why did you left on your own like that? 

Yuuko: Well..

Xexes: How dare you! 

Yuuko: I want to fight alongside with you Hiro-nii. 

Hiroto: Hiro-nii? 

Yuuko: I've remembered everything *Smiles* 

Hiroto: It can't be..

Yuuko: My powers been sealed by his loyal servant. Don't worry the seal won't last long. 

Hiroto: Okay 

Kiriha: Water needle *Hits Xexes* 

Yuuko: *Sees Kiriha standing on the water dragon* Kiriha! 

Kiriha: *Sheds tears and hugs Yuuko as she jumps down from her dragon* Yuuko!! I...I miss you so much. Why did you dissapear? 

Yuuko: *Hugs Kiriha* I miss you too Kiriha. 

Hiroto: Save the hugs later. He's still alive. 

Xexes: *Raises his left towards Yuuko*

Yuuko: *Suddenly floats and comes towards him* No!! 

Hiroto: *Pieces with his hand on Xexes's chest* 

Xexes: *Coughs a bit of blood* Curse you! 

Hiroto: You've done enough uncle. I also know that you've killed father for getting the throne. As for my mother, you killed her along with him when they were both asleep. 

Rima: *Sheds tears* I've always hated you! You've made mother suffered! I won't forgive you for this!!

Ritsuka: *Grabs Rima* Rima! Stop it! 

Rima: Let go of me! 

Shun: *Appears and raises his sword to Xexes* Well done Hiroto! 

Ritsuka: Shun-niisama! 

Xexes: You think you can kill me easily. 

Hiroto: We'll see about that *Pierces harder* 

Yuuko: *Glows* 

Kiriha: What's going on? 

Yuuko: My powers are returning to me. 

Xexes: What?! How can it be.

Yuuko: That seal is not strong enough to hold me. 

Xexes: Damn it! 

Kiriha: All of you get out of the way! 

*Everyone steps aside* 

Yuuko: *Hair straight pieces Xexes and lifts him up. Swings him away* 

Kiriha: Let me help you too! 

Yuuko: Thanks! 

Kiriha: Water lock! *Traps Xexes inside the water and squeezes a little bit* That should hold him. 

Yuuko: Thank you Kiriha! 

Shun: Yuuko-chan! *Embraces her from the back* 

Hiroto: You stupid playboy get away from her! 

Rima: *Embraces Yuuko from the side* 

Ritsuka: Let go of her especially you Shun-niisama! 

Shun: Okay! 

Hiroto: *Looks at Shun from the other side* Let's find uncle Xexes's heart. 

Yuuko: What? Didn't you pierced him just now? 

Hiroto: Yeah and I've noticed that his heart isn't there. 

Yuuko: Where is it? 

Shun: I'm not sure about that myself. 

*The clock strikes 12*

Yuuko: *Entire body glows and floats up* 

Shuzuko: *Sees Yuuko and jumps to her then she's been pushed away* Yuuko! 

Shikamaru: *Catches her and lands* 

Shizuko: Damn it, what is wrong with her.

Meanwhile inside of Yuuko's dimensional world

Yuuko: *Opens her eyes and finds herself standing in an empty world* 

*Door appears then a girl in a white dress appears next to the door* 

Yuuko: Who are you? 

Girl: *Raises her hand* 

Yuuko: *Looks at her and grabs her hand* 

Girl: *Drags Yuuko through the door* 

Yuuko: *Floating and sees some of her memories* Aren't those my memories? Why? 

*Sees something bright and goes in* 

Yuuko: *Falls then gets up* Ouch..

Girl: It's nice to meet you Yuuko. My name is Layla.

Yuuko: Layla.

Girl: I'm your past life. Both of us shared the same soul or I should say you're my reincarnation. 

Yuuko: I've remembered now. You were the last hair queen before me. 

Layla: Yes and...

Yuuko: And..

Layla: I'm dead because of Xexes. 

Yuuko: Wait I thought you've been burned to death. 

Layla: Well that's true that was right after he drank my blood. The villagers hanged me and burned me with their torches. 

Yuuko: I see. My mother told me stories about you. 

Layla: That's nice. 

Yuuko: Xexes's wants my blood and my friends are fighting out there for me. 

Layla: I see, let me join the fight. 

Yuuko: Well we've trapped him in the water lock. 

Layla: It's not enough, it won't hold him much. 

Yuuko: Hiro..I mean my friend noticed that his heart isn't inside him. It's somewhere else. 

Layla: It's Hiroto right? I know that's because I've been watching you from the inside everysince you're little girl. 

Yuuko: I see! 

Layla: You love him don't you? 

Yuuko: *Blushes then smiles* Well..yeah Layla: I know where it is but in return. Let me use your body a bit please. I've got some business to do.

Yuuko: *Holds Layla's hand and kneels* Take good care of it. 

Layla: Thank you! 

Back in the reality.. 

Yuuko: *Lands* 

Xexes: *Slashes the seal* These tricks won't work on me* 

Yuuko (Layla): Xexes.

Xexes: That voice..Layla right? 

Yuuko (Layla): That's right. 

Xexes: I thought I've killed you.

Yuuko (Layla): But not my spirit, Xexes. 

Xexes: Let me kill you along with that girl. *Teleports to Yuuko and tries to punch her* 

Yuuko (Layla): *Dodges his punch and kicks him away*  

Xexes: *Pushed away and lands* I've never thought you're this strong. 

Yuuko (Layla): No, the owner of this body is. I'm just borrowing it. Let's settle this then. *Prepares to fight* 

Xexes: *Evil smiles* 

Shun: Mistress Layla, let me help you out. 

Ritsuka: Me too! 

Kiriha: Well I'm doing this to save Yuuko so don't misunderstand me. *Blushes* 

Yuuko (Layla): He's coming. 

Kiriha: Water tornado. 

Shizuko: Ice make canon! *Shoots with the canon* 

Kiriha: Shizuko!  

Shizuko: Sorry I took so long! 

Hiroto: Long time no see, ice woman. 

Shizuko: *Pisses off* It's nice to see you, vampire brat. 

Hiroto: *Pisses off* Oh..

Ritsuka: Hiro-niisama, it's not the time to fight now! 

Hiroto: *Blasts black flames to Xexes*

Yuuko (Layla): *Dissapears and reappears next to the Angel statue* I found it!

Shun: *Pieces Xexes with his sword* That should hold you a bit uncle. 

Yuuko (Layla): *Turns her hand into a small sword and destroys the statue* 

Xexes: No!! *Slowly turns into dust* 

*The other vampires retreat* 

Shikamaru: *Sigh* It's finally over. 

*As dawn comes and the sun slowly rises* 

Yuuko (Layla): I'm free at last! What a beautiful morning. 

Shizuko: Yuuko? 

Yuuko (Layla): *Smiles* 

Kiriha: Miss Layla. 

Yuuko (Layla): You must be Kiriha Kuze right? 

Kiriha: Where's Yuuko? 

Yuuko (Layla): Don't worry, she's here. 

*Sun light reflects to Yuuko and Layla's soul appears* 

Shizuko: Oh so you're the one's who's borrowing Yuuko's body huh? 

Layla: Yes! *Smiles*

Shizuko: Hmph! 

Yuuko: Shizuko! 

Shizuko: *Starts shedding tears and hugs Yuuko* Yuuko!!

Layla: *Smiles* It sure is nice to have a friend. *Slowly dissapears* 

Yuuko: Wait, I've got so many things that I want to talk to you. 

Layla: I see but unfortunately my time is up. I have achieved my goal. *Flews closer to Yuuko and hugs her* 

Yuuko: Thank you Layla for watching over me. 

Layla: Yuuko, I'm glad that you're my reincarnation. *Completely dissapears* 

*Sparkles falls all over the room*

Yuuko: Goodbye Layla! *Looks at everyone to back* 

Shikamaru: Good work Yuuko. 

Yuuko: Shikamaru! 

Kiriha: Welcome back Yuuko! 

Ritsuka: Yuuko-chan! *Hugs Yuuko* 

Yuuko: Ricchan! 

Ritsuka: Ricchan? *Sheds tears* You've remembered! 

Shizuko:'ve got your memories back.

Yuuko: Yes! *Nods* 

Shikamaru: That's great! 

Kiriha: *Lands on Yuuko and both of them falls* I was worried about you! 

Yuuko: *Embraces Kiriha* I'm okay now Kiriha! Let's go have ramen together later. 

Kiriha: *Nods* 

Yuuko: *Gets up* Okay then, let's get out of here! 

Shizuko: Okay! 

Yuuko: Before that, I've got an errand to do. 

Shizuko: *Looks at Hiroto and smiles at Yuuko* I understand! We'll wait for you outside. 

Yuuko: Thank you! 

Shizuko and the gang: *Walks away* 

Yuuko: *Walks to Hiroto* Um..

Hiroto: Let's go to the lakeside. 

Yuuko: Okay..

As they walked to the lakeside, Yuuko watches the beautiful sunrise. 

Yuuko: Wow it's so beautiful! 

Hiroto: You're right! 

Yuuko: *Looks back at Hiroto* I finally remembered everything! The memories of you including the ones related to you. 

Hiroto: I see..

Yuuko: You've erased them for my sake, to protect me. 

Hiroto: Yes and I don't want you to be involve with my problems anymore. That's why I've did it! 

Yuuko: Why? Why would you say that? I want to hold those burdens and sufferings with you! Why wouldn't you let me? 

Hiroto: Cause I don't want to see you get hurt blockhead! Yukiko was worried about you that time. 

Yuuko: So what? 

Hiroto: I want you to live as a normal high school girl, a normal human girl.Going to school, hanging out with friend and spend time with your families. That's what humans do right? I don't want you to be involve any further. It's too dangerous, it's not something that humans can do. It's between the demon world, that's not your world, it's mine! 

Yuuko: Yes you're right, I'm cursed.The rest of the humans never accepted me as their kind. After you've saved me from my misery at that horrible mansion after that the humans started to accept me and never looked at me as the cursed child. Ryuutarou and his mother accepted me as their family, they've took me and cared about me. 

Hiroto: I know that's because I've been watching while I was in the demon world. I always wished that I can be by your side forever but I guess we can't. I've been watching from far sometimes I even come to the human world for fun and sometimes we've bumped into each other. Well you couldn't recognise me cause I was in a different human form.

Yuuko: *Sheds tears* I see, I'm a human while you're a vampire. We're both from different worlds after all. Our relationship is totally forbidden, yet you didn't care and still continuing our friendship. I'm so happy. 

Hiroto: *Embraces Yuuko* 

Yuuko: *Hugs Yuuko* 

Hiroto: *Sheds a tear* "What a drag I can't stand it anymore" Yuuko...I've always loved you. 

Yuuko: Me too Hiroto..This is my first seeing you shedding tears.

Hiroto: *Slowly leans closer to Yuuko and kissed her in the lips* Yeah I'm shedding tears of joy that i could be together with the girl I've loved for so many years.

Yuuko: "I've always loved you ever since we were little. The time when you've rescued me, the time we've played together, the time that you've sneaked me out together and so on. I will never forget those times." 

Hiroto: *Let's go and Yuuko lean against him* I'm sorry for everything.

Yuuko: It's okay, it's not your fault. Everything you've done was all for my sake. I feel really bad about it, for being selfish for all these years. I've never even thought about your feelings. 

Hiroto: No..I'm the one who made the decision. A really hard one too. 

Yuuko: Yes, I don't care what you've said about your problems. I'll always be by your side, to carry those burdens and your sins with you. 

Hiroto: Me too even if I'm not by your side but I always will. 

Yuuko: *Smiles* 

Hiroto:*Grabs her hand and bends his other leg, kisses her hand* 

Yuuko: *Shows off her bells and also the pink ribbon, which was given by Hiroto when they were younger* 

Hiroto: This ribbon, you're still keeping that. 

Yuuko: That's right and now I'm returning it to you, together with my other bell. *Ties the ribbon with her other bell on his wrist* *Raises up her other hand with the bell and smiles* It matches! 

Hiroto: Yes! 

Yuuko: Well those guys won't be after me anymore and this only the beginning between us. 

Hiroto: Sorry but it's the end of me. My time here is up. *Starts glowing* 

Yuuko: We have lots of things to do together, going on dates, holidays, meeting up at school and...and.. This is only the beginning idiot! *Shedding tears*

Hiroto: *Touches her cheek and leans to her forehead* Sorry Yuuko, my mission here is over. *Slowly dissapearing* 

Yuuko:'t leave me! I don't want to be alone. 

Hiroto: When the time comes I'll come for you and then marry me. We'll live together at your beloved hometown.

Yuuko: Yes! 

Hiroto: *As he's about to dissapear, he kisses Yuuko's lips and finally dissapears* 

Goodbye Yuuko, until we meet again. Wait for me. 

Ritsuka: Yuuko-chan! We have to go too! 

Yuuko: Okay! 

Ritsuka: Bye! Bye! 

Yuuko: Bye! Bye! 

Shun: Bye, Yuuko-chan! 

Rima: Bye! 

*The Sakamaki siblings dissapear without trace* 

Yuuko: *Looks at the sky* Hiroto...I'll always be waiting for you no matter how long it will be. 

Shizuko: Yuuko! 

Kiriha: Yuuko! 

Yuuko: *Looks them* Sorry I've took so long, let's get going! 

Shizuko: Shikamaru and Cecillia are already outside waiting. 

Kiriha: That's right! 

Yuuko: Sorry! 

Shizuko: It's okay, let's go! 

Yuuko: "Hiroto, I'll be the normal high school girl that you've asked for. I'll finish high school and attend college and find a job. I'll live and move on until we meet again. We'll be family and have kids. Watch them grow and so on. Don't ever forget our promise idiot!"


Submitted: March 01, 2016

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