The Encounter of Annie and Joe ~ 4 years later

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That night after the concert as Annie Brighton, a young maiden who got lost after she got separated from her friends and meets a famous male young violinist, Joe Adams. But the strange thing was
that Joe knew and her friends 4 years and he also has a secret that he couldn't tell anyone.

*Take note! Joe Adams is actually a girl named Aika Takekawa also known as Emma Ai to Annie and her friends. Her inner voice is always her actual voice.* 

That night in the music theatre as the stage lights lit up and the spectators clapped their hands upon the arrival of the musicians who've started playing their music instruments then a young male violinist named Joe Adams stepped out to the front next to the young female pianist named Louise de Moreira. He played wonderfully as the music flows around the theatre, it feels like the theatre is a scenic garden. After the performance, the spectators clapped and the musicians bowed while the stage curtains are drawing down. After that...

The conductor: Well done everyone, you all did very well tonight especially you. *Claps his hands then points at Joe* 

The other musicians: *Claps their hands and smile* Hurray Joe! 

Joe: Thank you everyone! *Smiles* 

Louise: Well done Joe! *Walks to Joe and smiles at him* 

Joe: Thanks Louise, you've done well too *Thumbs up* 

Louise: Thank you Joe! *Smiles and blushes* "Joe, I really happy that we've get to perform together tonight" 

Musician A (Male): *Barges in* Hey everyone, the owner of this theatre wants to hold a dinner party right now! Let's celebrate there! 

The constructor: Let's go everyone! 

Everyone: Let's go! *Leaves the backstage* 


Joe: Hey guys, I've got an errand to do. You guys go ahead I'll be back once. I'm done, Bye! *Runs away* 

Louise: "Please come back soon" 

Musician B (Female): Let's go Louise. 

Louise: *Walks away* 

Joe: *Looks at everyone walking away while hiding then his handphone rings* 

*Runs and finding a better spot to answer the call then knocks bumps into the girl* 

*The girl fell* 

Joe: *Raises his hand to the girl* Are you alright miss? I'm sorry for bumping into you like that.

Girl (Annie): *Looks at Joe and grabs his hands then hoists her up* Yes, it's ok. 

Joe: *Looks at his handphone and sees a missed call* Ah..looks like I have a missed call, I guess I'll call that person later then. 

Girl (Annie): Is it my fault that you've didn't answer that call right? *Makes a sad expression* 

Joe: Um no it's not your fault miss! Don't worry about it! It's not important! Ehehe.. 

Girl (Annie): Oh what a relief..*Sigh* 

Joe: Oh yeah by the way what are you doing here? 

Girl (Annie): Ah! I've almost forgot. I have to look for Archie and the others. 

Joe: Archie? "Where did I hear name?"

Girl (Annie): Ah um..he's my boyfriend. 

Joe: Eh..that's nice but you shouldn't be here. This place is for staffs only.

Girl (Annie): Oh while I was leaving the theatre room, I've got separated from my friends and I've got lost while searching for them too. So will you.. 

Joe: No problem. I'll help you look for your friends. 

Girl (Annie): Thank you so much! 

Joe: Take my hand miss! *Held his hand out to the girl with a smile*

Girl (Annie): *Grabs his hand and walks with him. 

Joe: What's your name miss? 

Annie: Annie..Annie Brighton 

Joe: *Whisles* What a nice! 

Annie: Thank you! 

Joe: *Suprised and becomes down* "Annie..I can't believe you're here now that you've mentioned Archie. That means Stear is here same goes to Ardleys are here too.* 

Annie: What's wrong? 

Joe: Nothing Annie 

Annie: Can I ask you something? 

Joe: What? 

Annie: That pianist girl..who is she? 

Joe: Ah her name's Louise. I guess she's about your age,Annie. 

Annie: I see she's really good for my age. 

Joe: Oh you're a pianist too? 

Annie: Yes but I'm not as good as Miss Louise. 

Joe: Don't give up Annie, live up your dream. Practice makes perfect! Just do your best! *Helds her shoulder and smiles* 

Annie: Yes! *Smiles* "Emma, you'll definitely won't forgive me if I ever stop playing the piano. I'm not the old crybaby Annie anymore. When we see each other again, I'll show you the new me." *Pumps up*

Joe: You look happy now. Are you thinking of someone? 

Annie: *Gazes at the window* Yes someone who is very dear to me. My best friend we've grown up and been raised together in the same orphanage. 

Joe: I see so what happened then? 

Annie: 4 years ago when we were attending a boarding school in England. Around the mid winter, she left the academy without even saying goodbye but at least she left us a note. So on that  I've promised myself I won't cry anymore but...*Shedding tears and wipes of her tears*

Joe: *Looks at Annie sadly from the back and almost shed tears* "Annie..I missed you so much. I wish I could hug you but I couldn't so please Annie. Don't cry anymore, I don't like to see your tears. I want to see you smile again." [Actual voice (Female)] 

Annie: *Turns at Joe and smiles* I'll stay strong for the sake of myself and my friends too. 

Joe: Please do so *Shows an ease smile* 

*Archie and Alistear walking then sees Annie* 

Archie: Annie! 

Annie: *Turns around and sees Archie and Alistear* Archie! Stear! Over here! 

Joe: Now that you've found your friends. I should be going now! It was nice talking to you. *Turns back and walks away* 

Annie: *Looks at Joe* Um..could you at least tell me your name before you leave* 

Joe: Joe...I'm Joe Adams. Just a newbie of the musician group. Bye Annie! 

Annie: Bye..Bye Joe *Waves at Joe* 

Archie: Who is that guy? 

Annie: That guy helped me while I was lost. 

Archie: I see he looks kind of familiar. 

Annie: What do you mean? 

Alistear: Oh Annie you don't know him? He's the lead violinist of that group. He has won tons of prizes in many competitons even at the ones in the overseas. 

Archie: Wow he's really something.

Alistear: *Nods* Not to mention he's only Annie's age. 

Elise: Hey what are you guys doing there! We have to go for the dinner party!  

Neil: Yeah! Aunt Elroy's waiting for us. Thanks to someone here, Aunt Elroy's been in a bad mood. 

Annie: I'm sorry everyone *Bows and feels down* 

Archie: Elise that's enough! 

Alistear: Lift up your head Annie. Emma won't be happy if she sees you like this. 

Annie: *Lifts up her head and nods* 

*Everyone walks away* 

In the grand dinning for celebrating.. 

Joe: *Drinks his juice and looks at the crowd at the side* "It's been a while I've been to parties like this. The last time I went for a fancy party like this that was around 4 and 5 years ago. I can finally move on peacefully without being disturbed by Elise and Neil's childish tricks. I missed Annie and the others including my Terry. I wonder how he's doing." 

Louise: Joe! Want some champagne? 

Joe: No thanks I don't drink those stuff. I only like juices or fruit wine. 

Louise: Ok I'll go get some more then. 

Joe: No thanks I want be alone for a while, Louise.  

Louise: Ok I'll be back soon. 

Joe: *Walks to the balcony and looks at the sky* What a beautiful night. 

*Phone rings* 

Joe: *Answers the phone* Hello?

Mother: Aika! *Voices out loudly* 

Joe: Mom! Why did you called?

Mother: Why didn't you answer my phone calls? I've just want to ask how did you perform tonight? Were you nervous? 

Joe: No I wasn't. Sorry for not answering your calls. 

Mother: Aika whenever you're talking to me. Don't ever speak with your masculine voice. You're a girl, Aika. You know that right? 

Joe: I know mom, I've always bear that in mind. [Actual voice (Female)]

Mother: That's right Aika! 

Joe: But for now I have to be a guy now after all i'm finally in the Stella's group and I've also heard the Ardleys are here too. [Actual voice (Female)] 

Mother: I see be careful don't let them find your identity. 

Joe: Ok mom. 

Mother: Call you soon Aika, Bye! 

Joe: Bye mom! *Ends the call and sighs* 

Elise: *Sees Joe* You there!

Joe: *Looks at Elise* Is something wrong miss? "It's Elise, what does she want?" 

Elise: You''re.. *Suprised and blushes in frustration * 

Joe: *Walks to Elise* May I help you? 

Elise: You're Joe Adams right? 

Joe: Ya what's wrong with that? 

Elise: The performance tonight is spectacular tonight! 

Joe: Thank you very much!

Elise: You've played wonderfully too! 

Joe: Thank you for the compliment, now will you excuse me. I have to go back to my hotel to take some rest. *Walks past Elise* 

Elise: Ugh..I can't he'd walked past me but he's so hot. 

In Joe's hotel room..

Joe: *Shuts the door and lies down on his bed* What a day! I'm so tired. "I've finally meet Annie, Archie and Stear. I've miss you all so much. I can't believe I've met Elise and now she's my biggest fan. What a nightmare." *Strips of his outfit and takes off the bandage on his chest then the wig.* *Puts on his pyjamas.* 

Joe: [Actual voice (Female)] Ha..I feel much better as a girl. I wish I could reveal myself to Annie and the others but I've got reasons so just wait for me. I'll tell you guys soon. *Yawns* It's really late, time for bed. *Turns off the lamp and falls asleep*

At the Brighton mansion 

Annie: *Sleeping* "Emma..What are you doing now? Did you sleep enough? Eat enough? Did you practice your violin everyday or even making new dolls in your shop?" *Shedding a tear* "I've miss you so much! I want to see you again. I want to hear your violin music and see your cheerful smile again." 

*Emma's spirited self appears and walks to Annie's bed then embraces her* 

Emma: Annie..Be strong! *Dissapears* 

Annie: *Wakes up* Emma, is that you? 

"Annie, I want you to be strong. Please don't cry if you cry too. I won't be able to move on too. Please Annie for and for everyone else. They are worried about you."

*Emma's spirited self appears again behind Annie then walks in front of Annie* 

Emma: Don't cry anymore ok? 

Annie: *Smiles* I will! 

*Emma's spirited self disappears*!

Annie: *Goes back to sleep and smiles in her sleep* "Thank you Emma, I know you are alive somewhere. I will find you!" "Good night my beloved Emma"

In Aika's hotel room.. 

Aika: *Wakes up and drinks some water* "Is Annie doing alright without the real me. Joe, please help me cheer Annie up for me!" 

*Phone rings* 

Aika: *Answers*

Louise: Hello Joe! Are you asleep? We're going to have another party in town. Do you want to come? 

Aika: [Joe's voice] No thanks I'm sleeping  right now. 

Louise: That was early. Good night then! *Ends the call* 

Aika: *Goes back to sleep* "I wish I could live like a girl again." *Closes her eyes* 

2 weeks later at Stella's music centre in Jackson city.. 

Man: Listen up everyone! I've got splendid news for you all! 

The conductor: What is it? Say it! 

Man: The Leagons want to hire one of us to play for their daughter's birthday party! 

Joe: *Suprised* "No way!"

*Everyone becomes excited*

Girl 1: I've heard that Ardleys and the Leagons are very close relatives. 

Girl 2: Exactly, they are the richest family in the entire Lakewood. 

Girl 3: That's so amazing 

Joe: "Why does the Leagons want to hire lowly musicians like us. I thought they might hire professional ones." 

Man: Oh yes and they especially want Joe to take part too. 

*Everyone looks at Joe in surprise* 

Joe: "No way! Why do the Leagons want me?" 

Man: I've forgot to mention that their daughter is having a birthday party on the Star Shell Cruise in 3 days time.

*Everyone chattering* 

Louise: Wow that's amazing Joe! The Leagons finally recognise your talent. 

Joe: Thank you Louise. 

Man: And not to mention that Louise is also chosen to go too. 

Louise: *Becomes delighted* Oh my god Joe! I really can't wait to go. 

Man: All right everyone, those who are interested to take part just write your name on this piece paper. 

Joe: "Urgh I completely forgot that Elise's birthday. I bet Annie, Stear and Archie will be there too. I hope that I'll be able talk to them." 

Louise: Hey Joe, you should get something nice to wear for the party. Let's go shopping together! 

Joe: Maybe later Louise, I need practice playing for that party now. See you later! *Walks away* 

Louise: *Sad expression* "Joe's been acting very strange after the performance 2 weeks ago. I need to talk to him." 

In the practice room.. 

Joe: "It can't be helped since Elise's my big. Even if I don't go, she definitely hire some guards to kidnap me and take me there by force. I guess I can't escape from this." *Plays the violin*

Louise: *Slowly slides the door and watches Joe plays then slides back the door* 

Joe: *Stops playing* 

*Phone rings* 

Joe: *Answers the phone* Hello? 

Mom: Aika!!!! 

Joe: Mom! *Sighs* 

Mom: Are you ok sweetie? You were feeling down lately. 

Joe: I'm good mom 

Mom: Are you sure? 

Joe: Yeah mom! 

Mom: Is it because after you've met them? 

Joe: *Becomes suprised and makes sad smile* Yes..

Mom: I knew it, you really do miss them. 

Joe: That's right mom [Actual voice] 

Mom: Cheer up Aika! 

Joe: What should I do to contact them without finding them out my identity. [Actual voice] 

Mother: About that...

Joe: Anyways I've been invited to go to Elise's birthday party in 3 days. [Actual voice] 

Mother: Oh I see

Joe: They want me to perform there as well same goes to Louise. 

Mother: That's good Aika but you should be careful too. 

Joe: Yeah who knows what Elise's plotting. [Actual voice] 

Mother: Ok Aika, I won't bother you on your practise. Bye and all the best in 3 days time. 

Joe: Bye! *Ends the call* "Looks like I have to solve this myself then." 


The End







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