The Girl and the Wolf Prince

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Hisako Kanemoto, a girl who's suffering in a heart diseases and she's been in the hospital for 7 years. That night as she was making a wish , she saw something glowing in the forest opposite the hospital , so she quietly leaves the hospital. Then she meets a boy who calls himself Shun and he turns out to be the Prince of the southern wolf tribe. Few months later on the same night, the boy appeared in Hisako's ward and told her that he was on a quest on looking for a certain person. It turns out that person was Hisako.

Submitted: June 03, 2013

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Submitted: June 03, 2013



In the land of the rising in the Kaede village there was a hospital called Kaede hospital and it was one of the well-known hospitals in the entire village. Then there lived a girl who's suffering with a heart disease. And so that girl did not give up for hope and that girl’s name is Hisako Kanemoto.


As years past by, that night as the stars twinkle brightly on the sky, she walks towards the window and sees a shooting star and then she closes her eyes and makes a wish " I wish to be free from this hospital ".


Suddenly, Hisako sees something shining from forest opposite the hospital. Hisako decided to see what's going on so she sneakily leaves her ward by climbing down from the window. Slowly she climbs down and finally she landed safely.


Hisako quickly runs into the forest without anyone following her from the back. The deeper she goes, the darker it will be at night.


And so Hisako finally sees the light coming from the bushes, so she quickly walks through the bushes then she sees a boy sitting on boulder right in front of the river.


Hisako slowly walks closer to take a closer look of that boy. " Who is that boy? And he looks kind of cute!" said Hisako to herself as she's hiding behind the trees.


As Hisako slowly walks closer then she accidentally steps on a twig on the ground.


As he heard something coming from the bushes, he stands up and said, " Who's there? Show yourself! "


Hisako stated to panic and said, " What am I going to do? I can't let him see me like this! "


The boy shouted, " Hey quit hiding I know you're there. Show yourself! "


" I guess I have no other choice, " said Hisako as she comes out from her hiding spot.


The boy quickly jumps down from the boulder and walks closers to her as he said " Hmm… a human girl I see, what brings you here in this dark and spooky forest, human? "


"It's none of your business." said Hisako, who thinks that the boy might hurt or kidnap her.


" Hmm…I see, in that case I'll go then leaving you alone in this dark spooky forest with ghosts and werewolves especially " said the boy with a smile, which scares Hisako the most.


Hisako quickly hides behind the trees and started to shiver with fear in the dark. The boy walks to her and said " Hey don't tell me that you're afraid of the dark? "


As Hisako nods and the boy continues, "I’m just joking ok? Come here human!”


Hisako said, " My name isn’t human, it's Hisako! Kanemoto Hisako " as she's still hiding behind the trees.


The boy smiles and said, " I see, so human, I mean Hisako! Where are you from? "


" I'm from that hospital over there. " said Hisako as she points to that hospital which is opposite the forest. " I see, what sickness are you suffering now? " asked the boy.


"A heart diseases" said Hisako sadly.

"Too bad for you, human” said the boy. "Don't tell me you've been in that hospital in your entire life? "


"Not really" said Hisako with a smile. "I’ve been in that hospital almost like 7 years"


"Poor little human, you must have suffered a lot" said the boy.

Hisako becomes angry and walks towards the boy as she’s about to punch him "Why you little twit, I'm going teach a lesson that you'll never forget"

The boy jumps to the other side and said " Hisako let me tell you something. I'm not a worthless human like you!”


" Then what are you? Are you ghost, a demon who eats humans who past by the forest or a…. "


The boy interrupted Hisako's speech and said, " I'm a werewolf plus I'm the prince of the southern wolf tribe. "

" What? We…were…. wolf? You can't be serious; that's impossible " said Hisako as she's about to panic.


" Don't worry Hisako. I don’t eat humans, ok? I’m a vegetarian.”  said the boy as he held his hand to Hisako. " Trust me, Hisako. "


So Hisako slowly grabs the boy's hand and stands up from her hiding place. " Um…since you know my name but I don't know yours” said Hisako as she blushes.


" I'm Shun, nice meet ya Hisako! " smiled the boy.


"Nice to meet you too Shun! " said Hisako with a smile.


As the sky turns dawn as the sun rises from the east, Shun looks up and watches the birds tweeting on the trees. " Oh no! It’s already dawn, I should get back to the hospital before they find out I'm gone! " said Hisako as she's about to run back to the hospital .


" Just a minute, there's something I want to tell you " said Shun as he hugs her from the back. " You're pretty dramatic for a human girl like you ”, Hisako turns back and Shun suddenly disappears,


" How did he…." said Hisako as she becomes surprised.


"How did I what? " said Shun as he reappears standing on the boulder. " How did I disappear and reappear? It’s simple, that's because I'm not a human. "


Hisako turns back to Shun and said " Then what are you? "


" I told you before, I'm a wolf. " said Shun.


" I don't believe it. " said Hisako.


" I think you should go! " said Shun.


Hisako nods and said  “ You're right, bye until we meet again!"


Off Hisako runs out of the dark forest and she smiled happily as she finally meets her future prince charming.


And so as time past by and autumn has finally come as Hisako is talking a strolls on the hospital garden. She watches the leaves falling from the branches.


And so months have past and autumn has finally come as Hisako is talking a strolls on the hospital garden. She watches the leaves falling from the branches.


" Why does time have to go so fast? " Hisako wondered.


" Hisako! Its time take your medicine" called the nurse who is waiting at the back door of the hospital.


Hisako quickly walks to the backdoor where the nurse is waiting for her.


And so that night, as Hisako is lying on her bed waiting for that young prince to appear again. Slowly her eyelids started close then suddenly she hears a voice said " Hey, wake up sleepy head”.


As Hisako opens her eyes, there she sees a boy standing by the window. It turns that the boy is Shun, who Hisako met in the dark forest months ago.


"Shun, I'm so happy that you're here. I thought we'll never meet again." smiled Hisako.


Shun smiled and hugged Hisako. Hisako blushed and hugs back.


Then suddenly Hisako and Shun heard voices behind


" Why does time have to go so fast? " Hisako wondered.


" Hisako! Its time take your medicine" called the nurse who is waiting at the back door of the hospital.


Hisako quickly walks to the backdoor where the nurse is waiting for her.


And so that night, Hisako lying on her bed waiting for that young prince to appear again. Slowly her eyelids close then suddenly she hears a voice said " Hey, wake up sleepy head”.


As Hisako opens her eyes, there she sees a boy standing by the window. It turns that the boy is Shun, who Hisako met in the dark forest months ago.


"Shun, I'm so happy that you're here. I thought we'll never meet again." smiled Hisako.


Shun smiled and hugged Hisako. Hisako blushed and hugs back.


Then suddenly Hisako and Shun heard voices behind the sliding door. As the door is about to be open, Shun quickly carries Hisako and jumps out of the window. And so the person who opens the door turns out to be Hisako’s parents and the nurse who’s suppose to be in charge of taking care of Hisako.

“That’s my parents,” said Hisako as points at them from the trees. “And by the way put me down right now!” shouted Hisako hitting Shun’s head while he’s carrying Hisako.


“ Stop hitting me Hisako! ” said Shun, still bearing with the pain.


“ Not until you put me down, ” said Hisako, who’s still hitting Shun’s head.


“ Alright, I’ll put you down already! ” said Shun with his irritated face.


So Shun lands on the ground and puts Hisako down. Hisako quickly takes a step back and said, “ What were you thinking back there?”


“I told you before Hisako. I’m not like you,” said Shun with a serious look.


“I see,” said Hisako with a depressed look. “So what brings you here in the human world? ” said Hisako again.

“I’m on a quest,” said Shun as he told his reason.


“A quest? What for? “ asked Hisako.


“A quest to look for a certain person” said Shun.


As she’s about to say a word, yet he continues explaining everything to her. “But I’ve found her already “said Shun with a smile.


“Well… who is that “her”, you’re talking about?” asked Hisako again.


Shun looks at Hisako directly and points at her. “ The “her” is you Hisako ” said Shun.


Hisako becomes extremely shocked and Shun with his annoyed calms Hisako down.


“Why me? Am I going to become a wolf’s dinner tonight?” said Hisako as she’s still panicking.


Shun sighs and grabs Hisako’s shoulders. “You’re not going to be any wolf’s dinner or anything,” said Shun with a straight face.


Hisako slowly calms down and becomes relieved. “Thank goodness”


“Were you scared?” asked Shun with a smile and starts coming closer to Hisako.


Hisako blushed and quickly pushes Shun away. She quickly runs away as far as possible, deep into the woods. Deeper she runs and runs. Suddenly, a beast that looks like a turtle appears right in front of Hisako’s face.


The monster laughs and said “ Well… well… well what do I have here, a harmless little human girl”


Hisako becomes frightened and slowly takes a step back.


“Don’t come any closer! Stay away from me!” said Hisako as she takes a stick on the ground and hits the monster’s head.


The monster roars with anger. “Why you little brat!” shouted the monster and it’s about to get Hisako.


As Hisako is about run, she accidently trips on a rock and falls on the ground.


As soon as the monster is about to get Hisako, then suddenly out from the darkness Shun kicks the monster right in front of its face.

The monster flew a few miles from the forest and Shun dashes over to that monster.


Hisako becomes shocked; she quickly gets up and runs after them.

Meanwhile, the monster gets up and shouted, “ Who dares to kick me, the most powerful and scariest monster in this forest?”



And Shun replied, “It is I!” as he appeared out from the damaged trees.


As the monster looks at Shun, it begins to laugh at him. “You? You’re just an ordinary human boy”


Shun slowly walks to the monster with a sharp look. The monster becomes excited; it quickly dashes to Shun. Yet Shun successfully grabs the monster’s right arm and swings it away.


Shun teleports himself to where the monster falls. As it tries to get up; Shun steps on the monster’s hand.


“ Who are you?” asked the monster, “For years I’ve been fighting; no one have defeated me but you; boy”.


“I’m Shun; the eldest son of the king and queen of the wolf tribe.” said Shun.


The monster becomes shocked and said “I’ve heard of you, you’ve defeated 200 demons all by yourself”.


“ I don’t really care about it anyway,” said Shun as he walks away.


As he’s walking deeper and deeper into the woods; then he sees Hisako slowly walking towards him.


Hisako sighs and said, “ I’ve finally found you, Shun.”


“ You idiot, you shouldn’t be here,” said Shun as he walks towards Hisako.


“ Why not?” asked Hisako with an angry face.


“It’s not safe for you to be here,” said Shun.


“ I…. I’m…. worried…about…you “said Hisako as she sheds tears.


Shun blushed and said “ I’m sorry Hisako… for making you worried about me. But anyway I’m alright you see!”

Hisako wipes her tears and smiles, “ Thank goodness “said Hisako.


“Let’s get going,” said Shun.


“Are you taking me back to the hospital? “asked Hisako.


“Nope!” said Shun as he smiled.


“What!!!!!” shouted Hisako.


Soon Shun carries Hisako and jumps away. Hisako blushed and said “ Shun, Can I ask you something?”


“What is it?” asked Shun as he’s hopping to branch by branch.


“What do you want with me?” asked Hisako.


Shun lands on the ground and puts Hisako down; Hisako gets up and said “ Answer me Shun? What do you want with me?”


Shun turns back to Hisako and said “ The reason is….”


“Well say it,” said Hisako.

“I need your help Hisako” said Shun.


Hisako becomes puzzled and she continued, “ Why do you want my help?”


“My parents… they ordered me to find you,” said Shun sadly.


“ Why? What do they want?” said Hisako.


“Last night during the royal council meeting, both tribes that is the northern and southern tribe gathered. The southern tribe was our allies. Soon the southern tribe grew weaker and weaker.” explained Shun.


“So what happened next?” asked Hisako.


“Both of the tribe leaders arranged an engagement for their eldest sons or daughters,” said Shun.


“ So that means that you’re en…en,” said Hisako and Shun adds on “ Yes I’m engaged with the southern tribe’s eldest princess, Kirin.”


Hisako starts laughing and Shun becomes depressed.

Soon Hisako stops laughing and walks to Shun; congratulates him, “Congratulations on your engagement with Princess Kirin”


Shun looks up to Hisako and hugs her; “I don’t want to be engage with someone I don’t love.” said Shun.


Hisako looks at Shun, “Does it got to do with me?” asked Hisako.


Shun hugs Hisako tightly and said, “That’s right”


“I see “said Hisako, who’s still hugging Shun. “ I understand how you feel, but it can’t be help since this engagement is for your own tribe.”


“You don’t understand Hisako,” murmured Shun. “The person I want to marry is you, Hisako.”


Hisako quickly lets go of Shun and takes a few step back (becomes shocked).


“You’re joking right?” said Hisako, as she takes a step back from Shun again.


Shun walks closer and closer to Hisako, “I’m not joking this time. I really like you.”


“Shun, I don’t know what to say” murmured Hisako.


“I see.” murmured Shun as he turns away from Hisako.


“I’m sorry Shun. “ apologized Hisako with a sad expression.


Shun stands up and said “It’s ok and just forget about, ok?”


Hisako nods and Shun stretches himself. “Let’s get going.”


Hisako quickly gets up and said “You’re right.”


Shun carries Hisako and jumps up; jumps to branch by branch. Jumps further and further.


Hisako looks at Shun and asked “Are we there yet?”


Shun stops and said “We’re already here”


Hisako looks up and becomes amazed. She quickly climbs down from the tree to check it out, as soon she walks closer to the gateway. A giant wolf man appeared right in front of her and said “You there? What brings you here in our village stranger?”


Hisako looks up at that giant wolf man and becomes frightened. Soon Shun appeared between them and grabs Hisako’s hand, “ “Hey Ron!” waved Shun with a smile.


The wolf man looks at Shun and bows to him, “Welcome back your highness.”


Shun hits Ron’s head and said “Stop calling me that. I hate being treated like a royal prince.”


“Sorry Shun, the king ordered us to do so.” said Ron. And so as Hisako and Shun walked into the castle, while they were walking along the hallway. A maid ran and called “Your highness!”


Shun turns back and called “Miss Gertrude!”


Miss Gertrude stopped running and said, “ The king and queen would like to see you in the throne room sir! ”


“Alright then, you may go Miss Gertrude.” said Shun as he walks away with Hisako.


As Miss Gertrude was about to walk away, she turns back and asked “ Your highness that young maiden right next to you, who is she?”


Shun and Hisako stopped walking and turned back. Shun said “ Well…. She’s my um… a friend.”


“ I see, it’s nice to see you making new friends your highness.” said

Miss Gertrude with a smile and walks away.


Hisako smiled and said, “ It seems that she cares about you Shun.”


“ She’s been taking care of me ever since I was born.” said Shun as he walks away.


“ I see ” smiled Hisako.


Few moments later, Shun and Hisako walked into the throne room. The king stands up and said, “ Shun, welcome home. Did you have a great time exploring the human world?”


“ Yes as usual.” said Shun.


The queen stands up and sees Hisako hiding behind Shun. “ Shun, who is that human girl? ”


“ She’s a friend that I met in the human world.” said Shun.


“I see. She looks lovely.” said the queen.


Suddenly young girl slams the door open and runs in, she said “ Shun!!!! ”


Shun becomes frightened and tries to run away as he’s about to do so the young girl falls on him instead.

“ Katarina…. what are you doing here? ” asked Shun with a frightened face.


“ I’m here to see you! My fiancé or should I say my future husband.” said Katarina as she looks at Hisako with a scary look.


The king and queen laughs and Hisako looked at Shun and Katarina with a sad expression.


“ Young girl?” called the queen.


Hisako looks back at the king and queen.


“What is your name young human girl?” asked the queen with a smile.


“ I’m Hisako Kanemoto!” said Hisako.


“ What a lovely name!” said the queen with a smile.


“ Come to think of it, we’ve forgot to introduce ourselves.” said the king.


“ That’s right, how rude of us. I’m Luisa ” said the queen.


“ I’m Albert! ” said the king.


“So she is the one that our son has been talking about.” said queen to herself.


Shun gets up and grabs Hisako’s hand. “ Mother and father, there is something I want to discuss with you! ” said Shun with a straight face.


“I see, well say it my son,” said the king.


“ Shun, I’ll wait outside.” said Hisako as she walks out of the door.


And so Shun explained everything to his parents. The king stands up and said, “ I see but this engagement can’t be cancelled.”


“ But father I’ve already like someone! ” said Shun.


“ Shun who is that person you like?” asked the queen.


“ It’s Hisako! ” said Shun with a straight face.


“ Hisako… that human girl? ” said the queen.


“ That’s right! I’ve loved her ever since Katarina came. So please cancel off this engagement! ” said Shun.


‘Shun, I never thought you’ve gone this far. Mother is proud of you!’ thought the queen in her mind.


“ Ok Shun! Go ahead!” said the queen.


“ What do you mean mother? ” asked Shun.

“ Go ahead, make miss Hisako happy, Shun.” smiled the queen.


“ But Luisa, how am I going tell the leader of the Northern tribe?” said the king as he panics.


“ Don’t worry! Let me explain to the king.”said the queen.


And so, Hisako was standing by the balcony of the palace waiting for Shun. Then, Shun sees Hisako and Hisako turns back at Shun.


“ So how did it go? ” asked Hisako.


“ My parents finally canceled off my engagement with Katarina.” smiled Shun as he hugs Hisako.


“ Good for you and I guess dragging me all the way here has gone to waste.” said Hisako.


“ No there’s something I want to show you.” said Shun.


“ What is it? ” asked Hisako.


“ It’s a secret. But before that I’ll have to take you to the village’s clinic.” said Shun as he drags her away.

“What for?” asked Hisako as she walking.


“To cure your heart disease!” said Shun with a smile.


“But Shun, my heart disease is hard to cure.” said Hisako with a sad face. 


“But the medicine in the Southern Village can cure any sickness and terrible diseases.” said Shun.


“ You really think so?” asked Hisako again.


“Of course!” smiled Shun again.


And so, Hisako and Shun walked into the clinic. Hisako takes a seat and the old lady came out from the medicine room. The old lady walked towards Shun; bows and said “Your Highness, what brings you here?”


Then Shun continues, “Lady Anya, I need you cure this girl for me.”


The old lady stares at Hisako and said “This human girl?”


“Yes Lady Anya!” said Shun.


 The old lady looks at Hisako and smiled. “What is your sickness human girl?” asked the old lady.


“Heart disease.” said Hisako.


“I see, I’ve heard of that disease before from the human world I believe.” said the old lady.


“Even if I’ll let you try our kingdom’s special medicine. The sickness still can’t be…”said the old lady and Shun interrupts and said “It can be cure Lady Anya. We’ll give it a try!”


The old lady sighs and said “All right then, I’ll let you try the medicine but you promise me something.”


“What is it?” asked Hisako.


“You must not tell anyone of your human friends about the medicine or anything you see in this village.” said the old lady.


“I understand” said Hisako.


“Good and here’s the medicine.” said the old lady as she gives the medicine to Hisako.

Hisako drank the medicine. Then Hisako became drowsy and fells asleep on the chair.


“Lady Anya, I think medicine is working on her.” said Shun as he carries her.


“Yes and for the last 1000 years, she is the first human to take our kingdom’s special medicine. We only thought this medicine only works on us wolves. But I’ve never thought it works on humans too.” smiled the old lady.


“Thank you for the medicine Lady Anya!” said Shun.


The old lady smiled and nods; as Shun was about to leave. “Your highness this human girl will wake up on two days time!” said the old lady as she waved.


“Got it Lady Anya!” said Shun.


Two days later, Hisako woke up and founds herself on the bed then she saw Shun sleeping next to her.


“Shun….” said Hisako as she blushed then she quickly gets up from bed and decided to take a stroll on the palace garden.


Along her way she saw Katarina in the corridor. Katarina gives Hisako a frightening stare.

“So you’re that human girl that Shun was talking about?!” said Kanaria as she walked closer to Hisako and sniffed around her too.


“You smell like medicine and your skin is so fair and soft.” said Katarina again as she touched Hisako’s soft hands and her arms.


Hisako gives Katarina an uncomfortable smile and walks away but unfortunately Katarina stopped her by pulling Hisako’s long skirt and she fell on the floor.


“Where are you going human girl? I’ve got lots of questions to ask you and I’ve been waiting for this moment for the past 2 days.” said Katarina with her evil-look.


“What do you want with me?” asked Hisako as she tries to set herself free from Katarina.


“How do you know Shun in the first place?” asked Katarina, still grabbing Hisako’s skirt.


Shun approaches then pulls Hisako from Katarina and gives her an angry-look.


“Don’t you dare lay your hands on my woman.” said Shun.


Katarina becomes surprised and steps back. “What’s wrong with you Shun? I was trying to ask her a couple of questions.”


Hisako grabs Shun’s hand and said, “That’s enough Shun, let’s go.”


Shun looks at Hisako and said, “Alright, let’s go then.” Then disappears.


Katarina falls with fear as she saw Shun’s eyes with anger.


“I’ve never seen Shun like this before. It’s so shocking.”








Meanwhile as Hisako let’s go of Shun’s hand and walks away as she hears the sound of the water flowing from the river.


“Where are you going Hisako?” asked Shun as he follows her in the bushes.


Hisako looks at the crystal like lake from the top of the hill then slides down into the bed of flowers.


“It’s so beautiful here and so breezy!” said Hisako.


Shun looks at Hisaki and said, “Yep, you’re right. This is my favorite part of the forest.”


Then she smiles brightly like a sun, lots of fireflies appeared.

Hisako gets up and tries to catch one of them.


“What are you doing Hisako?” asked Shun.


“I’m going to catch these fireflies.” said Hisako, who chasing after a firefly and falls on the ground.


Shun gets up and helps Hisako up. “You’re so hopeless.”


“No I’m not, it’s just that I haven’t run like this for a long time since I was in the hospital.” said Hisako.


“Fine I understand. You stay right and I’ll catch some fireflies for you.” said Shun as he’s stands up and starts catching some fireflies.


“Ok!!! I’ll wait for at that tree over there.” said Hisako.


“Do whatever you like, just so long you don’t move a muscle.” said Shun.


Hisako smiles and waves at him from her resting spot. “Ok!!!”



Off Shun goes, catching some fireflies while Hisako resting by the tree. Watching the beautiful scenery.


A few moments later, Shun comes back to Hisako and found her sleeping.


“Hey, I’m back!” said Shun.


She opens her eyes and sees Shun in front of her eyes. “Welcome back Shun, how many did you caught”


“Here, about 20 I guess.” said Shun as he’s sets the fireflies free from his hands.


One by one the fireflies fly away, Hisako becomes amazed as she’s seeing beautiful stars on the night.


“Hey Hisako, there’s something I wanted to tell you a long time. But I couldn’t that time.” said Shun blushing.


“Well say it then!” smiled Hisako.




Hisako laughs then Shun looks at her. “I’m serious!”


“I know but the way you say it, it’s cute” said Hisako as she’s laughing.


She slow leans to Shun then kisses his for head.


“Hisako?!” said Shun as he’s surprised .


“I fell in love with you on that night too, the first time I’ve escaped from the hospital and our first meeting.” smiled Hisako.


As the sky turn dawn, Shun hugs Hisako. Then Hisako hugs him too.


“Shun, I guess it’s time for me to go now.” said Hisako as she let’s go of Shun.


Shun looks at the sky. “You’re right, it’s already dawn.”


“Time flies so fast right.” said Hisako.


Shun carries Hisako back to the hospital. As they reaches to Hisako’s ward and puts her down by the window. Hisako takes few steps back while Shun’s leaning against the window.


“Thank you for everything, Shun. Now that I’m recovered from my sickness, I’ll be moving back to Tokyo.”  said Hisako with a warm smile.


Shun smile and said, “I’ll look for you there and someday we will meet again, Hisa!” said Shun.


Shun goes go to Hisako, kisses her on the lips.


“Goodbye Hisa!” said Shun as he jumps out of the window and vanish.


Hisako runs to the window and looks out for Shun. “Goodbye Shun, I won’t forget you. I’ll never ever forget you. I promise.”  cried Hisako.


The End 

© Copyright 2017 YuukoK . All rights reserved.

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