The Gorgeous Hair Queen ~ The Final Moments under the Cherry Blossom Tree

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With Risa Sakamaki as the narrator, who shares her story of her sad childhood about the lost of her beloved mother and her happy times with her mother including her older twin brothers and her father, who wasn't home very often.

Submitted: March 02, 2016

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Submitted: March 02, 2016




Yuuko Kanoe - Mother of Kamui, Subaru and Risa 

Hiroto Sakamaki - Father of Kamui, Subaru and Risa 

Kamui Sakamaki - Older twin brother 

Subaru Sakamaki -Younger twin brother 

Risa Sakamaki - Only daughter and the youngest child 

Ritsuka Sakamaki - Hiroto's younger sister 

Mikako Kanoe - Yuuko's older sister

Naoki Tachibana - Mikako's husband

Kenji: A spirit of a boy, who only appears during winter and also been discovered accidentally by Risa then ended up being her friend. He was also Yuuko's friend during her childhood.


It all started 10 years ago in the beginning of spring when I was only 3 years old while my twin older brothers were 5 and also with my father at home with us. My mother became weak unexpectedly on that fine spring evening. Ever since then, I started to having visions of my mother dying and bad feelings about my mother, who wasn't going to be with us any longer. I couldn't even sleep at night, I started crying sometimes and my brother tried their best to stop me from crying. They took me out for night late night strolls. 


As the sky turned dusk in the Ayabe Prefecture in Japan, my brothers and I were walking home from the park. My house from the park wasn't quite far same goes to my kindergarten. The 3 of us were always together at all times. My mother always walked us to school and sometimes she even picked us up but on that day....

Kamui: *Sigh with excitement* That was fun! 

Subaru: *Sigh* I'm tired

Risa: Risa too! 

Subaru: Risa? 

Risa: What? *Said tiredly* 

Subaru: Do you want me to give you a piggyback? 

Risa: Yes! *Embraces from the back* 

Subaru: *Carries Risa up and starts walking ahead of Kamui*

Kamui: *Pats Risa's head* Risa's really tired huh? 

Subaru: You're right, she ran a lot today. 

Kamui: She's even the first to ride the slide 

Kamui and Subaru laughed together. 

Kamui: Come to think of it, have you noticed about mom? 

Subaru: What? 

Kamui: She's been acting weird lately, usually she'll always walk home together but for today...

Subaru: I felt the same too. 

Kamui: Maybe we should come home early tomorrow. 

Subaru: Okay, let's look after mom. 

Kamui: Yeah but will Risa be okay about it? 

Subaru: It's alright, leave it to me. I'll tell her. 

Kamui: Thanks!


When my brothers and I got home and started searching for my mother. 

Kamui: We're home mom! 

Subaru: I'll placed Risa in the living room. You look for mom. 

Kamui: Okay *Runs away* 

Subaru: *Walks into the living room and places Risa on the couch* 

Risa: *Sleeping* 

And so, they finally found mom; collapsed on the kitchen floor near the stove while she was preparing dinner for us. 

Kamui: Mom!! 

Subaru: Kamui, go carry mom to the living room. 

Yuuko: *In pain* 

Kamui: Hold on mom, I'll call dad as soon as possible. *Carries Yuuko, who was heavy* 

Subaru: I'll help you! *Quickly switches off the stove and quickly helps Kamui to hoist Yuuko up* 


The soup in the pot was still boiling and the fire was still on. My brother, Subaru quickly turned off the stove and rushed to my other brother, Kamui; who was trying to hoist our sickly mother up and both of them placed her on the other couch in the living room where I was in. After a while, she regained consciousness and found herself covered with a blanket. 


Yuuko: Kamui..Subaru..Risa...

Kamui: Mom! 

Yuuko: *Smiled* How was your day? 

Risa: It was fun, I was the first to reached the park before Kamui-ni and Subaru-nii! 

Yuuko: *Pats Risa's head* Wow that's good!

Subaru: Mom, how are you feeling? 

Yuuko: I'm alright, I felt dizzy just now. Sorry for the trouble, you must be hungry. I'll go make dinner, let's have curry tonight. 

Kamui: *Stops Yuuko who tries to get up by grabbing her hand* No mom, you just stay in bed. We'll just have bread tonight. 

Yuuko: But..

Subaru: It's okay, your health is more important. Please rest. 

Yuuko: Okay Subaru. 

Kamui: I've called dad, he'll be home in a minute. Hang in there mom! 

Yuuko: *Laughs* You're overreacting Kamui, I'll be fine. 

Kamui: *Sobbing* Mommy..

Yuuko: *Get up and embraces Kamui* There...there..., don't cry. I'll be alright, I'll get better soon so that I can take you school and walk home together as always. just the 4 of us together. 


That was the first time I've seen Kamui-nii cried so hard and Subaru-nii embraced mom together with him. As for me, I was only a 3-year-old. Who was naive and all I do was looking at them without knowing anything. I couldn't do anything to help my mom and my brothers hoisted mom with their little hands, it was hard to do these things as kids but they've done it, they've never thought about themselves as little brats. That time , I felt so frustrated for not being able to do anything to help my mom. 


My father appeared right in front of the living room. My mom quickly got up from the couch and slowly walked to my father like a little baby; who is trying to learn how to walk, she raised her arms to the side while walking as she was about to embraced him with her remaining strength. My dad quickly ran to her and embraced her with a sad expression. 


Hiroto: I'm back Yuuko

Yuuko: Welcome home Hiroto. I've been waiting for you. 

Hiroto: I'm sorry Yuuko for not being able to be by your side when you need me. I've failed to be a better husband and a father too. *Then looks at Kamui, Subaru and Risa, who are holding hands together* 

Yuuko: *Let's go and pokes his forehead* 

Hiroto: Ouch that hurts idiot. 

Yuuko: *Giggles* It's been awhile, you've called me that. I really missed it. 

Hiroto: I'll take you to the bedroom. *Carries Yuuko and walkes out of the living room* 

Yuuko: *Falls asleep* Hiroto..I've missed the old times so much. 

Hiroto: *Preapares a futon with his physical powers and places her on the futon* 

Yuuko: What's wrong Hiroto? *Grabs Hiroto's hand*

Hiroto: *Grabs Yuuko's hand and sheds tears* 

Yuuko: *Embraces Hiroto* haven't changed a bit. 


The three of us watched our parents embracing each other beyond our parents' bedroom. Kamui started crying again and Subaru and I embraced him. When I looked at my mom, I had a strange feeling that my mom isn't going live longer....That's what I've felt back then. I've never told anyone about it not even my brothers and also my heartbroken dad; who's sobbing over my bedridden mom. 


The next morning, my brothers and I checked on our parents in their bedroom before leaving for school by sliding the door a little bit. We saw them sleeping together and holding their hands. Not to mention my dad's clothes were a little loose. 


Kamui: *Stares* 

Hiroto: *Wakes up and spots Kamui in an instant* 

Kamui: *Frightened and hides* "Oh crap, dad's awake guys. Let's run for it." 

Hiroto:*Slides the door wide open* Kamui! Subaru! Risa! 

Kamui and Subaru: *Frightened* Yes! 

Risa: *Hugs his right leg* Daddy! 

Hiroto: *Carries Risa up to his shoulders* I'll send you guys to school. 

Kamui: Okay *Nods* 

Hiroto: Risa hold on tight to daddy okay?

Risa: Okay! Let's go! Raises her arm up* 

Hiroto: Okay..okay.. *Walks* 

Subaru: *Slowly tries to reach Hiroto's hand and grabs it* Daddy's hand is huge.

Hiroto: Of course, I'm am adult after all.  *Looks at Kamui; who's still frightened with Hiroto* Come on Kamui or you'll be late. *Held out his hand* 

Kamui: *Holds his hand with a smiles* Okay dad! 

Risa: Risa likes daddy's piggybacks! 

Yuuko: *Watches Hiroto sending the children to school from the window of her bedroom* Have a save trip! 


The three of us felt really weird that our dad was going to walked us to school all a sudden. Well he has never really walked us before but we were really happy that he did. We all love dad walking us to school while holding hands together that's what parents are supposed to do while walking with their children. My dad wasn't home a lot, he's always home once in a while. My mom told me us that he's got business in the other world known as the demon world. My father isn't human in the first place, he's full-fledge vampire while we're only halves known as dhampirs, which the noble vampires despised the most in the vampire race. Somehow, he wasn't the first one to break the taboo that was falling in love with a human and creating offsprings. Whoever does that will be executed. My great-great-maybe 10 times great ancestor broke it too and he was killed without any reasons.  I didn't what happened to the human woman after his death. My dad is the second vampire prince in the demon world. The vampires have ruled the demon world for almost 1000 years or more than that. My dad's immortal and he doesn't age like humans do. He is cold-blooded too compare to us, we are not cold-blooded like our dad but when we touched his hands. We've felt the warmth in him as if he's like a living human. He's completely different from other vampires from the demon world. We all hate the taste of human blood so we've remained to be a vegetarian and the other reason was my mom's a human too. We even learned to control ourselves from exposing ourselves like seeing someone bleeding or bleeding terribly. My father taught us how to fight and use our vampire powers to protect ourselves and also to protect my bedridden mother. Even though my father's training was harsh, he tortured my brothers the most. He only taught me how to control the exposing thing; not the fighting stuffs cause I was too young to learn that. My brothers worked hard the most without rest, they've been practising for almost a day for the sake of my mother. 


Kamui: *Sighs in tiredness and falls on the ground* 

Subaru: *Falls next to Kamui* 

Hiroto: Good work boys! *Pats their head* 


And so I watched them by from the hill and smiled as they were training by the river. After that my dad looked at me and called me over. 


Hiroto: Come over here Risa! I'm going take you out for dinner tonight. 

Risa: Okay daddy! 

Hiroto: Risa, you've worked hard today. 

Risa: *Smiled while embracing his right leg again* 

Kamui: Risa, all you do was watching fight but you didn't get to fight with us. 

Subaru: Of course she can't. She's only a little girl and...

Risa: *Jumps and kicks Kamui to the river* 

Subaru: Eh?! No way! 

Kamui: *Pissed off and gets up* What was that for? Risa? 

Risa: Who said I can't fight. 

Subaru: Risa, you're so strong when did you became this strong. 

Risa: Risa's been watching lots of action dramas and watching you all fighting. 

Subaru: I see but don't learn from it too much or you'll get hurt someone or get yourself hurt. 

Risa: I'm sorry! 

Hiroto: Go apologise to Kamui.*Looks at Kamui too* You too Kamui.

Kamui: *Dissapears and reappears behind Risa then hoists her up* Haha got ya Risa. 

Risa: Kamui-nii! Let me down!

Kamui: No way I'll give you a piggyback as an apology. 

Risa: *Grabs Kamui's wet shirt and lean against him from the back* 

Hiroto: What do you want to have dinner tonight? 

Kamui: What about mom? 

Hiroto: She'll be alright, Ritsuka's looking after her. 

Subaru: You mean aunt Ritsuka? 

Kamui: That's right blockhead! 

Hiroto: *Hits Kamui's head* Watch your words Kamui! 

Kamui: Say that to yourself dad. *Smiles and runs away* Come on Subaru! 

Subaru: See ya dad! *Runs after Kamui* 

Hiroto: *Instantly appears in front of them and carries them away* 

Kamui: What do you think you're doing? Let go of us! 

Hiroto: *Starts walking* 

Subaru: It's been awhile that daddy carried us like that. 

Risa: Risa loves daddy's piggybacks! 

Kamui: *Blushes* Don't treat me like a little kid anymore. 


The 4 of us had ramen for dinner. It was also the first time that we had dinner together with my dad usually my mom cooks at home or eat out. We were a little distant from my dad even he's our dad. We didn't rarely see him at home but at least he was home during special occasions like birthdays, chrismas etc. At those times, we didn't really get to play or talk to him much. All we did was hide by the door or behind my mom whenever we see him. 


But this time, we've managed to get along with my dad. We've got to know him even more. Before this as we saw other children's parents walking passed us while holding hands. It made us a little jealous. 


After dinner, we've walked home together. As we got home, my dad straight ran into my mom's bedroom with aunt Ritsuka around. My mom's condition was okay compare to yesterday the time we've found on the kitchen floor. 


Yuuko: Welcome back! How was your day? 

Ritsuka: Hello boys! Risa-chan! Sorry to intrude! *Waves* 

Hiroto: What a day, I've been giving these kids a few lessons. 

Yuuko: I see

Kamui: I'm back mom! 

Subaru: Me too! 

Yuuko: *Smiles* 

Risa: Auntie Ritsuka!! *Hugs her* 

Ritsuka: My cute Risa-chan! Did those boys bully you? "Auntie?! You say?" *Pissed off in the inside* 

Risa: No! Daddy played with us today and treated us ramen. 

Ritsuka: I see you're such a good girl. Ritsuka-neechan loves you so much. 

Risa: Risa loves auntie Ritsuka too! 

Kamui: Haha Auntie Ritsuka's been called an auntie! 

Ritsuka: Why you little brat?! *Gets up in anger and walks closer to Kamui* 

Kamui: Come and get me aunty! Or should I say old hag! Haha! *Runs away* 

Ritsuka: Come back here you little brat! *Chases Kamui* 

Subaru: Stop it both of you! *Runs after them*

Risa: Wait up Subaru-nii! Risa wants to play chase too! *Runs after them as well* 

Yuuko: They're so energetic. 

Hiroto: The boys are getting stronger and stronger including Risa. 

Yuuko: As for Risa, she has a mysterious power in her. 

Hiroto: Risa kicked Kamui really hard just now. 

Yuuko: Oh my.. 

Hiroto: She exactly like you when you were little but you were way wilder than she is.

Yuuko: *Stretches Hiroto's cheeks* that's what you've thought all this time. 

Hiroto: *Grabs Yuuko's hands off of his cheeks* I love that part about you. *Embraces her from the back and kissed her cheek* 


As time passed as it has become summer, my dad has been home recently to look after my mom. The 5 of us were home together like a real family. We've talked, slept in the same bedroom, eat together, take walks together etc. As our summer holiday started, my dad took us to the beach for the first time. 


Kamui: We finally here!! The beach!! 

Risa: It's so pretty! It all blue! 

Subaru: Let's go! 

*3 of them strip off their outerwear and jumps into the water their swimsuits* 

Kamui: *Splashes Risa and Subaru* Take that guys! 

Subaru: Why you! 

Risa: *Pushes Kamui and Subaru down* Risa wins! 

Hiroto: *Grabs Risa up* 

Risa: It's my turn! 

Hiroto: *Tosses Risa into the water* 

Risa: *Swims up* Hahaha again daddy! 

Kamui: that to me too! 

Subaru: Me too! 

Yuuko: Becareful you guys!


Mom watched us by the shade in a cafe, having her favourite strawberry popsicles and fanning herself at the same time. The 4 of us played like crazy while my mom looked after stuffs as she was still a little weak to join us. Watching us having fun was already happiness to her. After having fun in the water, the best part of summer was when my dad was blindfolded, holding a bat to break the watermelon. 


Hiroto: I'm ready! Just give me directions okay? 

Yuuko: Okay make sure don't hit anybody. 


The watermelon was placed 5 metres away from my dad. My dad just randomly walked all over the beach. My brothers especially Kamui, the naughtiest one of all. Who kept giving dad wrong directions and Subaru and mom literally helped my dad. In the end, my dad finally breaks the watermelon without even listening to neither one of us. He gave a really good toss into the water. We had watermelons while watching the sunset and played fireworks together. 


As time passed by and winter was drawing near same goes to my school trip, our school had a school trip to the capital for 3 days and 2 nights, we took the school bus to Kyoto. Our teachers took for sightseeing all over the city. Of course we had tremendous of fun.


During our absence, my mom's condition became worst day by day. My dad has always been by her side. My aunt Mikako, my mom's older sister. Who is also a doctor in a general hospital in Tokyo. She took a few days off to look after mom. 

Mikako: Hiroto...*sadly while sobbing* 

Hiroto: What? 

Mikako: Yuuko's sickness isn't an ordinary one. She's....

Hiroto: What's wrong with her? 

Mikako: She has been cursed....someone must have placed a powerful cursed in her. It's so powerful even I can't break it. 

Yuuko: Onee-chan...*Says weakly* I....

Mikako: Don't speak Yuuko! 

Yuuko: There's something I must tell you that I should have a long time ago. 

Mikako:*Sheds a tear on Yuuko's cheek* 

Yuuko: This is a curse that has been passed by that person. That person....placed a curse on my curse mark. 


My mom showed her cursed mark which was located on the right side of her back. She wasn't an ordinary human in the first place, she was born with tremendous powers along with her allies whom I've never met before. She posses the power that everyone was after. She is known as the cursed ones in the entire village. When she was a child, everyone the village despised her just like how the other vampires did the same to us. She was also the most powerful one among her allies. I've never seen my mom fight before after she had us. I've heard she sings really well, she's a vocalist in her band. And soon, my aunt Mikako and uncle Naoki arrived to pay a visit to my sickly mother. 


Yuuko: you remember the spirit, who took over my body during the battle with your uncle.

Hiroto: Of course....Your previous life Layla, who once knew my uncle. 

Yuuko: When I was asleep, I saw her memories. She was like me, being hated by everybody but she has allies, who are also the other cursed ones like Shizuko and the others but there was someone who hated her so badly. That woman puts a strong curse on her after that she became very weak and slowly became ill. As time passed, that woman accused her for killing her own lover, Lowell.

Hiroto: Lowell...that name sounds familiar.

Yuuko: He was your ancestor..he wasn't killed by him. It was that woman, who killed him along your uncle's ancestor.

Hiroto: *Holds Yuuko's hand tightly*

Yuuko: They tied her up on the cross in the middle of town. That woman hold a torch and set her on fire. She slowly died in the fire. *Sheds tears*

Mikako: *Embraces Yuuko and sheds tears*

Yuuko: This curse will never be broken as long as I live if I die. This curse mark will disappear along with me. I will be the last one to bear with this curse and I won't let this curse be passed down to the next generation.

Mikako: Yuuko...

Yuuko: But this power will be passed down to the next generation, that's because Layla passed her will to me before she passed on as her last reincarnation, I shall carry this burden as long as I live!

Mikako: Yuuko...I've always been jealous of you for being this strong even when you're in critical condition.

Yuuko: No...You're the one who raised me and Yukariko with all of your strength after papa and mama died. You're the strong one.

Mikako: Yuuko...I...

Yuuko: It's okay Mikako, I'm glad to be able to hug you like this again.

Mikako: Take care Yuuko. *Starts crying*

Yuuko; You too Mika-nee, you must live. Yuzuko and Yuuto are waiting for you. Don't ever think about dying.

Mikako: *Let's go and nods*


That was the last time that aunt Mikako saw my mother again. She left her bedroom sadly and cried all the way to the main entrance of the house. My uncle, Naoki Tachibana was at the main entrance, making his way in to greet my parents. My aunt hugged him the moment he was about to step in. 

Mikako: Dear...*Embraces Naoki tightly*

Naoki: What's wrong Mikako? 

Mikako: My sister....

Naoki: *Let's go* It's alright. 

Mikako: I'll wait for you at the car and I want to get some fresh air. *Sobbing and leaves the house* 

Naoki: *Sighs* 

Hiroto: Oi! 

Naoki: Is this how you greet your guests? 

Hiroto: Thanks for coming, Yuuko's in a really bad condition. 

Naoki: I see..

And so the both of them reached to the bedroom to see my sick mother. 

Yuuko: Ah! Naoki-san! 

Naoki: Yuuko, how are you feeling? 

Yuuko: I'm okay for now *Coughs* 

Hiroto: Have some water, drink it slowly. *Passes a glass of water to Yuuko* 

Yuuko: Thank you! *Slowly drinks it* 

Naoki: I can see the looks from Mikako that she isn't going to last long. 

Yuuko: I won't last until next spring. 

Naoki: I see. Go see the world and be sure to take a few strolls. Don't always stay in bed. 

Hiroto: Thanks Naoki! I'll do that. 

Naoki: This is what I can tell you. It's getting late, Mikako and I have to go back to Tokyo now. 

Yuuko: I see! Thank you for coming! 

Naoki: Take care and have a pleasant day. Goodbye! 

Hiroto: I'll walk you out. 

Naoki: Thanks *Gets up and leaves the room. 

As my father was walking my uncle out from the house. They both shakes hands and when my uncle was about to steped out, he forgot something important to say. 

Naoki: Hiroto.

Hiroto: What?

Naoki: Send my regards to your children and have a great life ahead of you.

Hiroto: Thanks. 

Naoki: Does the children know about this? 

Hiroto: No..

Naoki: When are you going to tell them? 

Hiroto: I don't know but I'll tell them somehow. 

Naoki: I see, these kids should know what's going to happen to their beloved mother. 

Hiroto: *Remains silent* 

Naoki: Just take them to a short distant trip and spend every moment with them. 

Hiroto: I'll just take a family photo. 

Naoki: That works too. 

Hiroto: Yuuko can't walk so much like she once can.

Naoki: You're right, people are aging including you. 

Hiroto: But I don't *Says softly* 

Naoki: Did you say something? 

Hiroto: Um..nothing. 

Naoki: Take care Hiroto! If you ever stopped by Tokyo, let's go drink together.

Hiroto: Ya sure! 

Naoki: *Shuts the door and leaves* 

In the car as Aunt Mikako was waiting for my uncle patiently. 

Mikako: *Sighs* 

Naoki: *Starts the car* Mikako.

Mikako: What? 

Naoki: I finally get you about Yuuko. 

Mikako: That girl isn't going to come to see the cherry blossoms with us next year. *Wipes her tears* 

Naoki: Don't cry Mikako, stay strong. 

Mikako: Yuuko and Yukariko are my only family I got. I...I can't do anything without them.

Naoki: Mikako, I'm always by your side including our children. You're not alone. 

Mikako: Dear...*Started crying* 

Naoki: *Embraces her* You don't look beautiful without your smile. 

Mikako: *Looks at Naoki and smiles* 

Naoki: That's better. 

Mikako: Let's go home.

Naoki: *Starts the car and drives away* 


3 days later as we got home from our school trip and we ran back home quickly with joy without knowing what was going on at home. 


Kamui: That school trip was fun! 

Subaru: *Nods* We even some souvenirs for mom and dad too! 

Risa: I wonder mommy and daddy are gonna like them. 

Kamui: Let's go home fast. 


As soon as we've reached home. Kamui-nii slided the door wide open and entered. 

Kamui: We're home!! 

Subaru: Mom! Dad! Anybody home?

Risa: Where's mommy and daddy? This place is really quiet, Risa's scared. 

Kamui: Don't worry Risa, we find them. 

Subaru: They must be home, maybe they are asleep. 

Kamui: You're right, let's go to their bedroom. 


But no one answered, no matter times we've called no one answered. It was really quiet and the wind was blowing in too. Our house was in complete silent, it's like there's nothing there, not a even a single soul around to haunt this place. The 3 of us quickly ran to our parents' room and found both of them asleep together. I jumped on top my father back and embraced him really tight. My father felt it and got up. 


Hiroto: Welcome back! 

Kamui: You silly dad, you should have answered us earlier. You've made us worry sick. 

Hiroto: Sorry boys I was really tired today. 

Subaru: For god sakes. 

Risa: Daddy! We've bought a souvenir for you and mommy! 

Hiroto: *Carries Risa and places her in front of him* I see, can I see. 

Risa: It's with Kamui-nii.

Kamui: Sorry if it wasn't so fancy. *Takes out the present box from his bag and hands it to Hiroto*

Hiroto: Thanks! *Opens it and sees cute little fridge magnets* These are really cute. 

Subaru: These cute little strawberries are like us, one big family. 

Risa: This is big one is daddy, the little big one mommy, the other is Kamui-nii and Subaru-nii and that cutest one with the ribbon is Risa. *Points the strawberries one by according their sizes* 

Hiroto: I see..*Smiles sadly* 

Kamui: Risa's the one who've picked them.

Subaru: Kamui took a while at the souvenir store but Risa took an instant. 

Kamui: *Blushes* Shut up Subaru, don't say it. 

Subaru: Sorry! 

Hiroto: Daddy wished that our family can be like these strawberries forever. 

Risa: Of course we can! 

Subaru: We are already one, dad! 

Yuuko: *Wakes up* What's with the noise? 

Hiroto: Yuuko.

Risa: *Hugs Yuuko* Mommy! 

Yuuko: Welcome home Risa. *Pats her head* 

Risa: Me and big brothers had fun in Kyoto. 

Yuuko: I see, that's nice. Mommy wants to go there too. 

Risa: Oh...once you get better, let's all go there together! 

Yuuko: *Nods* 

Risa: Yay! 

Kamui: I'm home mom. How are you feeling? 

Yuuko: I'm just a little sleepy and hungry too. 

Hiroto: I'll go make some porridge. 

Kamui: We're having porridge tonight? 

Hiroto: Yes *Gets up* 

Kamui: No way! 

Hiroto: Don't complain Kamui, this is also for mom too.

Yuuko: That's right Kamui, you haven't seen dad cook right? 

Kamui: Well I did only once, that was a really long long time ago. 

Yuuko: Do you want to see again? 

Kamui: Well...*Blushes* 

Yuuko: Go on then! 

Kamui: *Gets up and follows Hiroto* 

Subaru: I'll help out too dad. 

Hiroto: Come then. 

Subaru: Yes

Risa: I'll play with mommy! 

Yuuko: Okay I haven't played with Risa for so long. What shall we play? 

Risa: Sing a song for me. *Lies down next to Yuuko* 

Yuuko: Okay! *Nods* 


As my father and my brothers left the room to prepare dinner for all of us. My mother sang a lullaby that she always sang during her childhood and it was taught by my late grandmother. I really love that song so much, it made fell asleep all the time whenever my mother sang it with her sweet and gentle voice. Very soon I won't be able to hear my mother's sweet and gentle voice again. 

As dinner was ready, the 5 of us had dinner in the bedroom and my father fed my mother and we  even took turns to do so too. I even spilled a little bit of the porridge on my new pink skirt. My mother helped me clean up. 


The thing that has been bothering my father was he couldn't tell the truth about my mother to us. So he kept it to himself and waited for the perfect time to tell us. When winter came and our winter break started, my brothers and I were dressed with really thick winter outfits. We were preparing to go for a little tour into a nearby forest. My brother were planning to catch some rabbits too, it's only for fun. Don't worry about, they won't dissect it. They'll  just set it free after catching them.  

Kamui: See you later dad!

Subaru: We'll be back before dinner!

Risa: Bye! bye daddy! *Kisses Hiroto's cheek and ran along with her brothers*

Hiroto: Be careful out there and look after your sister!


The 3 of us departed and ran all the way into the forest, we weren't alone. My brothers' friends came along with us. All they wanted to do was to the same thing like my brothers wanted to do except me. I was the only girl among them. I've always been with my brothers and I never really get along with other girls in school. I was just too shy to approach them but the boys in my kindergarten, it was really easy for me to get along with them cause of being with my brothers and their gang members.  

I didn't really get to the girl's stuff a lot, it made me really envious while I was watching other girls making snowmans compare to my brothers who enjoyed dangerous activities like riding sled. I even begged my brothers to do so with me but in the end Kamui laughed at me and refused. I even asked Subaru-nii too but that pesky Kamui-nii just dragged him away from me so I gave up on asking them. Normally other girls would be afraid of that except for me. I was really tomboyish back then, thanks to my brothers' activities.


While my brothers and their friends were catching rabbits and some of them even went fishing by the cold river. I was just making little snowballs under the tree by the river with them, I wasn't in a good mood to join them. A mysterious boy named Kenji mysteriously appeared in next me without anyone noticing him. The boy looked pale, he had icy-blue eyes and sliver hair. He wore a red scarf around his neck and wearing only a a dark coat as his jacket along with a white kimono that matched his pale skin. He suddenly turned at me and I gave him a scary stare as I was suspecting him as an evil person. He just smiled at me and patted my head instead.


Risa: Who are you?

Kenji: Me?You can see me?

Risa: Of course I can that's because you're next to Risa.

Kenji: I see so your name's Risa.

Risa: How do you know my name?

Kenji: You just say it out loud.

Risa: No!

Kenji: Haha let's be friends, Risa-chan!

Risa: Yes?

Kenji: Let's be friends since you're the only one who can see me.

Risa: *Smiled* Sure!

Kenji: *Gave Risa a hug* Thank you Risa-chan!

Risa: Let's build a snowman together!

Kenji: Sure!

Risa: Before we start, can I know your name?

Kenji: Kenji...that's my name.

Risa: I see! Nice to meet you Kenji.

Kenji: Nice to meet you too Risa.


I finally became friends with that mysterious boy, Kenji. The pale boy with only a red scarf around his neck. While my brothers and his friends had their own fun and I had mine. The two of us builded a really huge snowman, we even climbed on top of it and the snowman tumbled down along with us.


Kenji: Risa, are you having fun?

Risa: *Smile and nods* Of course now that I've got someone to play with.

Kenji: That's great cause you've been sitting there for the whole so that's why..

Risa: Thank you!

Kenji: *Smiles and carries Risa up*

Risa: Woah!? What are you doing Kenji? Where are you taking Risa?!

Kenji: I'm going to take you to my secret spot, where we can have lots of fun!

Risa: But...

Kenji: Don't worry I'll send you back before the sun goes down okay?

Risa: Promise?

Kenji: Promise!


Kenji carried me all the way to his secret spot, as soon as we've got there. The entire field was covered with snow and surrounded with trees. It was like an empty white space where we can do anything we want. The snow was really soft compare to the ones outside of my house and by the river. I love this spot better than the ones over there. Kenji puts me down and embraced me from the back then the both of us slide all the way down from the snowy hill where we were. We've both landed safely on the thick and soft snow at the same time, we've made snow-angels together.


Risa: That was fun!

Kenji: I'm glad you liked it!

Risa: Can I tell my brothers about this place?

Kenji: No, this is a secret place between us okay?

Risa: *Nods*

Kenji: Good old are you Risa-chan?

Risa: 3-years-old, what about you Kenji?

Kenji: *Turn back* It's a secret

Risa: *Gets up and embraces Kenji from the back* Why? Come on tell me!

Kenji: I guess you can say I'm the same age as your twin brothers.

Risa: *Lets go* I see..

Kenji: Yes.

Risa: Aren't you cold wearing like that?

Kenji: Nope!

Risa: *Touches Kenji's hands* Your hands are really cold, Risa will come tomorrow to give you some gloves.

Kenji: It's okay Risa-chan.

Risa: Hey since Christmas is coming soon maybe I can ask my mommy to knit some gloves for you.

Kenji: But Risa...

Risa: What?

Kenji: Um..nothing.

Risa: I'll come see you on Christmas and when spring comes, we'll have lots of fun and I'll introduce you to my brothers.

Kenji: Risa...

Risa: Okay?

Kenji: *Becomes depress* Risa...I'll only be here only on winter and I'll disappear when winter ends.

Risa: No way. *Becomes shock*

Kenji: I'm sorry Risa-chan.

Risa: Please wait for me on Christmas.

Kenji: Okay I will.

Risa: Promise?

Kenji: Promise!

Risa: Can we play again tomorrow?

Kenji: Of course.

Risa:  Yay!

Kenji: It's getting late, your brothers should be done now.

Risa: Okay!

Kenji: Bye!


The two of us made a pinky swear as the sun goes down. Kenji send me back where my brother and his gang were. I found myself back at the spot where I sat earlier. My brothers looked at me and hoisted me up. I never told my brothers about the mysterious boy Kenji and all the fun we had at that mysterious place.


Kamui: You're tired right? Let me carry you all the way home.

Risa: But Kamui-nii's tired too right?

Subaru: Don't worry Risa. Kamui has plenty of energy left in him.

Risa: Okay!

Kamui: Let's go *Runs away*

Subaru: See you guys again tomorrow! *Runs after Kamui and Risa*

Gang: Bye!


The 3 of us finally reached home and my father was making dinner as usual. We went to look after my mother, who was still in bed. I even tried to sing the song that my mother always sang to me before going to bed. She seemed to like it even though my voice sounded really bad. Kamui came to me and bullied me by rubbing my head.


Risa: Stop it Kamui!

Kamui: Your singing sucks!

Risa: So what?

Kamui: Don't ever sing that song again!

Risa: *Starts crying*

Subaru: Kamui look what have you done. Go apologise to Risa now!

Kamui: It's her fault for starting her horrible singing.

Risa:  I hate you Kamui-nii!

Yuuko: Risa.

Risa; *Stops crying and looks at Yuuko*

Yuuko: Don't cry Risa. Come here!

Risa: *Embraces Yuuko* Mommy's really warm.

Yuuko: *Pats Yuuko*

Subaru: *Smiled as he was watching them*

Kamui: Risa...sorry for calling you a terrible singer. Bye! *Leaves the room*


In the inside, I've never hated my brother after all the terrible things he has done to me but sometimes he has a good side in him too. He's kind and nice to me at times. My mother told me that he's personality was just like my father when he was younger. My parents knew each other since childhood. Of course Subaru's also the best brother too, he's kind and gentle compare to Kamui-nii, who bullies me all the time. He always covered me and protected me from Kamui-nii's tricks. After a while, my father brought dinner into the bedroom . We couldn't even have dinner without everyone together that was when Kamui-nii hasn't come back. I went to look for him all over the house and finally I found him sulking on the roof next to our bedroom window. I climbed out and slowly walked to him. He got up and noticed me walking towards him.


Kamui: You idiot, you shouldn't be here!

Risa: Kamui-nii...Daddy said dinner is ready.

Kamui: *Grabs Risa* Okay I got it but don't ever do this again.

Risa: I undersand.

Kamui: You're not even properly dressed to go outside and you're barefooted too. Mom and Dad are going to kill you if they find out.

Risa: *Becomes frightened* What should Risa do?

Kamui: Don't worry I won't tell them about it.

Risa: Thank you big brother *smiles*

Kamui: Let's go inside.


The 2 of us finally went back into the house and had dinner with Subaru and our parents. Everything remained the same like talking about our daily stuffs etc. Doing stuff like real families were supposed to do during their time together especially dinner time. Thing have changed ever since my father being home with us, our home has become merrier and brighter compare to when he occasionally comes home.  I really hoped it would stay that way forever, that's what my mother always wished for before her death well that goes the same to us. My mother always wanted to live longer and watched us grow into adults but it didn't happened.


As time passed it was already Christmas, the day that I was going to give Kenji, my christmas present. I couldn't knit a pair of gloves for him instead I've bought a new one for him from the winter outlet store near my house. As soon as I've bought them, I quickly ran into the forest to look for Kenji. I've searched high and low for him but he wasn't there. Meanwhile in my mother's room; where she was reading her favourite novel in bed and Kenji appeared next to her. My mother looked at him.


Yuuko: Kenji right?

Kenji: *Looks at Yuuko* Yuuko right?

Yuuko: That's right, what brings you here?

Kenji: You have grown weak and pretty too. *Smiled*

Yuuko: Thank you Kenji, you haven't changed a bit ever since the day that I've last saw you. It was also Christmas right?

Kenji: Yes.

Yuuko: I see, this will be my last time looking at the snow. *Reaches her hand out of the window to touch the snow falling*

Kenji: Risa told me that you were ill.

Yuuko: You've met Risa?

Kenji: Yes that was when her winter break started.

Yuuko: Did my sons see you?

Kenji: No only Risa did.

Yuuko: Thank you for looking after Risa for me.

Kenji: Risa is really fond of me, just like when you were her age. *Touches his scarf*

Yuuko: That was the scarf, I gave you. I've never thought that you would treasure it so much. It looked so new.

Kenji: It was a special gift from my special friend after all.

Yuuko: Risa is waiting for you, hurry up and go to her.

Kenji: I'm glad to see you again one last time, Yuuko. I've got a feeling that I won't be coming back again when the next winter comes. 

Yuuko: *Pats his head* You can finally rest now.

Kenji: *Grabs Yuuko's hands and smiled* Goodbye Yuuko.

Yuuko: Goodbye Kenji.


Kenji slowly disappeared out of my mother's sight and went to look for me in the forest. I was waiting for him at our secret place since afternoon as the sky turned dusk, he appeared behind me and covered my eyes with his cold hands.


Risa: Kenji! Is that you?

Kenji: *Giggles softly*

Risa: I know it's you, quit hiding behind me.

Kenji: *Lets go and throws a snowball at her* Hahaha!

Risa: Why you! *Throws a snowball at him back*

Kenji: *Dodges and walks closer to Risa*

Risa: Why were you late?

Kenji: Sorry I have to see someone very important.

Risa: Who was that?

Kenji: *Smile* It's someone who you're very close with.

Risa: brothers?

Kenji: No!

Risa: *Thinks deeply* You mean mommy?

Kenji: Yes!

Risa: Why did you go see mommy?

Kenji: Because your mother was my friend too.

Risa: Eh?!

Kenji: I've met your mother by accident just like how you've met me. She was also your age that time too. I've never thought I would be very close to her daughter.

Risa: You loved mommy right?

Kenji: Yes..but...she was really young that time. She didn't understand the feeling of falling in love with someone.

Risa: *Stares*

Kenji: I think that goes the same to you too.


Back when I was with Kenji for one last time, I couldn't give him a feedback. Come to think of it, Kenji lived longer than me and my mother that'e because he was always in that forest watching over others. It's like he was a guardian of that forest. I've managed to hand him his Christmas present. He looked really happy after opening his present and straight put his brand new gloves on.


Risa: You looked really nice with those gloves.

Kenji: Thank you, they've made my hands really warm. I'll treasure them.

Risa: *Smiles*


Kenji smiled and his spiritual body along with the red scarf that was given by my mother and the brand new gloves given by me started to disappear with him as well. I started shedding tears of joy and I felt happy for him that he was able to passed on without being held up in this world again as Kenji finally disappeared from this world. The snowflakes started to fall one by one on the ground as the sky turned dark. The clouds started gathering on the sky and the snowy wind was blowing hard. After the incident, I slowly went home all alone on the road, leaving my snowy tracks on the ground. I felt like I could still hear Kenji's voice coming from my brain.


Kenji: Risa...Thank you for everything...Goodbye and take care. *Says with his faded voice and dissapears*


After the long winter has passed and spring was finally here, the cherry blossoms grew all over town and the petals started falling as the wind blew. My brothers and I have started our new school term in school. We were dressed in new uniforms and it was also the final year for my brothers to be in kindergarten while I still have 2 more years to go. As for my mother, she hasn't heal a bit since last year which made my father really worried. My mother can barely walk unlike the last time we went to the beach last summer. As we were about to leave for school, my mother came to us and gave her precious accessories. Kamui-nii and Subaru-nii got her lucky bells that she wore it on her wrist during her childhood and I've got her blue diamond shape necklace that was given by my late grandmother. My mother gave us a really sad look and hugged us at the same time. She had a feeling that it was going to be her last time seeing us. 


Yuuko: Take good care of these for mommy. 

Kamui: *Nods* 

Risa: I will, mommy! 

Subaru: Me too!

Kamui: Take care mom! See you later! 

Yuuko: Go safely. 


After we left, my mother suddenly losses her balance to stand and my father grabbed her just in time before she hit ground. My father looked at my mother worriedly. 


Hiroto: You shouldn't force yourself to see the kids off. 

Yuuko: It's okay since my time is drawing near. I won't be able to see their smiling faces again. Well at least I gave them my precious things to them. 


Hiroto: Don't speak anymore, I'll take you back to your room. 

Yuuko: No! 

Hiroto: Eh?!

Yuuko: No, please take me outside.

Hiroto: You can't. 

Yuuko: I want to see the cherry blossoms. The children told me that they were really beautiful this beautiful. I want to see them...myself. 

Hiroto: Yuuko.

Yuuko: Please.. *Touches his left cheek* 

Hiroto: Okay, let's get you something nice to wear first. 

Yuuko: Thank you for listening to my final request. 

Hiroto: I'll do anything for you to make you happy until the very end. *Clutches Yuuko to him as he starts shedding tears* 

Yuuko: *Smiled* 


After my parents got dressed especially my mother, she was dressed beautiful with her new pink kimono with the beautiful floral patterns. My father smiled and grabbed her hand. So they've walked around town to see the beautiful cherry blossoms that has bloomed on every trees. 


Hiroto: You look beautiful with that kimono. 

Yuuko: Thank you. I'm so happy that we were able to walk alone like this again.

Hiroto: Me too. 

Yuuko: I haven't come outside for a very long time. 

Hiroto: *Grabbed her shoulder* 

Yuuko: Let's enjoy ourselves one last time. *Smiled*

Hiroto: *Clutches Yuuko* You don't have to force yourself to smile like that. Just let it out. 

Yuuko: *Slowly weeps*  I...I...

Hiroto: *Pats her head* 

Yuuko: I don't want to die! I don't want to leave you! I want to watch them grow until the very end! I thought I was ready for this but to be honest, I wasn't. I wish god would gave me enough time to see the cherry bloosoms with the children, together the 5 of us. *Sobbing* 

Hiroto: I've wished the same too. I'm sorry I wasn't be able to be by your side when you needed in the past. I'm really sorry! 

Yuuko: It's okay, I don't care about the past. You're...finally by my side now..that's enough for me. 

Hiroto: Do you want to me to get you a drink? 

Yuuko: *Nods* 

Hiroto: I heard there's a really delicious sakura green tea. Do you want those? 

Yuuko: Okay! 

Hiroto: I'll get you a place to sit first. 

Yuuko: I'll just at that bench over there *Pointed at the bench under the cherry bloosom tree* 

Hiroto: *Escorted Yuuko there* 

Yuuko: *Sits down* 

Hiroto: Don't go anywhere! Wait for me okay? 

Yuuko: Okay! *Waves* 


My father quickly ran away to get some drinks, leaving my mother alone waiting for his return. The petals of cherry blossoms on the tree where my mother was sitting, started falling down on her slowly little by little. She made a very cheerful smile and stands up to pick up the petals that were falling from the tree. She even started moving around without feeling her pain, she felt like she was well again like she once was when she was younger. She felt like the memories of her  when she was younger starting to return to her as she was moving around. She even started singing again. 


When my father returned, he was surprised to see my mother moving a lot. She stopped her moving after my father came back. 


Yuuko: Welcome back! 

Hiroto: You were moving perfectly. 

Yuuko: Well that was..only for a few moments. 

Hiroto: Here's your drink, you must be tired after moving and twirling around so much. 

Yuuko: *Punches Hiroto to a nearby tree* Was it wrong for me to do so? *Demonic aura* 

Hiroto: Okay! Okay! I'm sorry. 

Yuuko: It's okay at least I could punch you again one last time. 

Hiroto: *Gets up and walks to Yuuko* 

Yuuko: *Grabs Yuuko's shoulder and drags him away* Well then let's move on. 

Hiroto: Yuu...Yuuko? 

Yuuko: Let's go H.i.r.o.t.o! 

Hiroto: Where did you get those energy? You were really weak when we've left the house. 

Yuuko: Who knows.


As the sky slowly turned dusk, the cherry blossoms turned a little orange that matches the sky. My parents sat down together under the cherry blossom trees by the river as a perfect time to spend their final moments together. My father laid peacefully on my mother's lap while she was sitting down leaning against the tree. They both started talking while watching the sunset together.


Yuuko: What a beautiful sunset.

Hiroto: Yep

Yuuko: *Pats Hiroto's head*

Hiroto: Yuuko..

Yuuko: What? *Says softly*

Hiroto: Risa's birthday is coming soon right?

Yuuko: You're right.

Hiroto: Let's throw a huge party at home so she can her friends over and we can get a huge birthday cake for her and..

Yuuko: Yes let's do that.

Hiroto: Yuuko, can I sleep on your lap a little longer?

Yuuko: Of course. And I'm kind of feeling a little sleepy too. I want to sleep for a while then we'll go home later. *Touches his head*

Hiroto: Sure *Touches Yuuko's hand which was on his head*


After a while my mother slowly died in her sleep, the moment she closed her eyes. Her body turned cold as ice and pale as a ghost but in the end, she smiled in her sleep. She was happy that the curse that she had been through for many years was finally over. She can finally rest and moved on peacefully. My father woke up and touched my mother's hands and noticed that she wasn't breathing anymore. He noticed her curse mark on the right side of her back has faded, signifying her death. Tears started to drop from my father's eyes as he mourned over my mother's death. No matter how many times he called her, she wouldn't wake up.


When we got home school and went to our parents' bedroom as usual to check on my mother. Kamui-nii slide the door wide opened, we found her sleeping peaceful on her futon and my father sat next her corpse completely in sorrow and despair. My brothers walked closer to her and called out for her but she didn't wake up. They both wept over my mother's corpse. I ran over to my mother and embraced her.


Risa: Mommy? Mommy? Why are you asleep?

Kamui: *Grabbed Risa's shoulder* Risa..

Risa: Mommy, it's dinner time. Daddy making dinner so please wake up! *Sheds a tear*

Hiroto: *Hugs Risa* Risa...that's enought. Mommy isn't going to have dinner with us anymore.

Risa: Why?

Hiroto: Mommy has gone to heaven.

Risa: Heaven? What is heaven?

Hiroto: Heaven is a wonderful place where people like mommy will go.

Risa:  Then mommy will be happy right?

Hiroto: *Nods* Yes!

Risa: Don't cry daddy.... Kamui-nii... Subaru-nii, mommy will be okay.

Kamui: *Weeps*

Hiroto: *Hugs Kamui and Subaru as they are all weeping*


I saw a sparkle next to my mother's corpse and it turned into a beautiful lady in a beautiful kimono. That lady was my mother's spirit. Well my father and my brothers couldn't see her except me. She looked me and gave me a very sad smile. I tried to approach her, she gave me a warm hug instead.


"Risa, thank you for everything. Remember to listen to daddy and your brothers okay? And don't be picky, eat lots of veggies, study hard, brave and never hesitate to ask the teachers don't forget to make lots of friends in school, as a girl, take plenty of shower and dress properly and finally when you grow older if you got questions to ask, be proper lady like mommy so that boys like daddy will fall for you. Understand? Don't ever forget everything I told you." After she said her final words to me, her spiritual body slowly disappeared without trace.


I didn't understand about the pain of losing someone you really love the most and also losing your own mother, who looks after you and supports you. I was only a child back then, I I've always believed that my mother will come back to visit us from heaven but in the end, she didn't came no matter how long I've waited for her. We've always believed that she will always with us in all times in the bottom of our hearts. So goodbye mom, may you rest in peace and we will always pray for you and remember you. The most important thing is that we will always love you as our beloved mother forever.



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