The Careless Branch

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This story is about a branch who is loved by his family. But sometimes he crosses the limits by fooling of. When he is separated from his family he doesn't know what to do. He relies on his siblings for help. Are his siblings going to help, is he going to get through his life separated from the rest of his family.

Submitted: November 02, 2014

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Submitted: November 02, 2014



“What do we call the outer part of a tree?” mother asked Doug. Doug never liked the tree lessons or any type of lessons at all. He was a carefree, yet timid branch. “I don’t know” Doug tried to sound cute so he wouldn’t get yelled at. “Bark, silly, bark!” mother raged with anger; she rarely got mad but this was one of those times that Doug had made her lose it. Doug who still thought all this was a joke started barking “Woof, woof!” Doug’s family loved him and his humor, but this wasn’t the right time. “Get out!” mother screamed. “Don’t come back until you have learned your lesson!” Doug was intending to stay but Grandpa Flo advised him to leave.

“What am I going to do with that boy?” mother asked. She was a lot calmer now, but confused instead. “He has to grow up, there will be a day when we’re all separated and turned into items; then he’ll know nothing!” she said. “He’ll learn” Grandma Tracy sighed. Back in the nursery Daub was telling jokes instead of trying to understand his mistake. “Why was the cat afraid of the tree?” he said. No one answered and he finally said “Because of its bark” and chortled at his own joke.

The day came and everyone was separated. Luckily Doug wasn’t alone he was put on the same truck as Kelly his older sister. Kelly was a caring and thoughtful branch. She didn’t like getting in trouble, and staying with Doug was going to make that hard. Soon they were both turned into legs of a table, unfortunately for Kelly the same table. “Yay, at least I have you Kelly Belly” Doug needled, “I don’t know what I would’ve done without you, you’re so good at everything!” “Yah yah I know, but I have to tell you something.” said Kelly. Doug for once was obedient and listened. “I will not stay with you and help you; you are too much for one person to care of. Although we are attached to the same table you will not be any more special than any of the other legs. After this table breaks I will go my own way and you can find yours. Do you understand?” Doug was amazed because Kelly was one of the nicest siblings but he said yes.

He was going to show Kelly that he could be better. So when the time came and the table broke, he left without saying goodbye. He got a job as a teacher in one of the forests. He was now a lot wiser because of all the time he had spent alone. In that time he had thought of all the mistakes he had made. First no one would let their children near him since he had a very bad reputation. Slowly he gained the respect he now deserved by working for the needy and doing anything he can to show that he had changed.

After years and years, when he was known as one of the best teachers for little sticks, he decided to go back and look for his family. He had to show them that he had changed. But since he was so well known for his great reputation, they probably already knew. He put up posters saying that if you’re part of the Mue family call (209) 777-6969. Soon he was reunited with his family and now even they respected him. Even after all these years he still hadn’t lost his great sense of humor. “What kind of tree grows on your hand?” he joked. “What kind?” everyone said together. “A palm tree!” and everyone laughed.

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