The Lone Wolf

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The story is about the Lone Wolf who wanders the forest and learns something different.

The Lone Wolf


Wandering around the deep, dark, coniferous forest. In each individual step you take you leave your an aromatic scent behind. With using your senses you make your way into a pack that accepts you for you are. This pack welcomed you from the cold bitter night, and for some time made you feel like you really belonged. The following morning brought a beautiful white blanket of snow. Travelling with the pack you'd hope to stay with and you really feel like you belong. Everything is going great but deep down you can kind of feel like there's some kind of feeling of separation. Ever since then things have gotten more and more different. You feel like you need to wander and make your way to the frozen river. As night approaches the stars fill the night sky with wither and mystery. Since you've been really down on your luck you decide to stay by the river . As you are ready to be sound asleep by the sound of night soothes you to sleep, you hear something that perks your curiosity. You decide to follow your animal instincts and you are alert and aware of your surroundings. Your ears are slanted, and your sharp fangs are ready to attack. As the noise got closer and the sense of danger rose. The thing that appeared out of the dark forest, you soon discover that's another wolf, but it is a lone wolf. In your instinct you would of defended your pack's territory, but something is stopping you. Out of your kindness you decide to let this one lone wolf live. From your act of kindness you realize that you were like that once upon a time. This lone wolf you spared eventually started to meet you at the river more often. That one wolf seemed like he just needed a friend in need. The one day that decide to take him to meet the rest of your pack, you soon realize that he was trying to tell you that your pack left you behind. Knowing you feel much like you were left alone and no one was around to comfort you. You started to wander the forest with the lone wolf that you met awhile ago at the river. This particular lone wolf shows you many of the finest tricks on how to survive in the wilderness, and how to become a lone wolf that you became. Deep down in your heart, you know that you are not alone in this forest because you had that one wolf there to guide you, and help you when you were in the deepest pit of no return. This wolf he really did helped you find the shimmer of light you thought you'd never find. From the time that you had spent with this wolf, you really started begin to develop some sort of a weird and warm fuzzy feeling for this particular wolf. When you thought it would be a good idea to finally say something to the lone wolf that you had helped out. However when you finally got the courage to do something about it, this wolf vanished from the forest just like the your pack did awhile back. You hope to yourself that you hope to meet this wolf again. The things that you'll always remember about this wolf was his eternal kindness, and his fun loving crazy side. You promised yourself that the next time you see him you will say something to him. The fear of saying something you always are scared of the fact that he had disappeared from the forest for a reason. As well as he may not feel the same way and you will remain a lone wolf and will wander the forest alone. Hopefully you will able to say something without getting too flustered and completely lose your mind. It's the story of the Lone Wolf.


Submitted: April 15, 2014

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