Having Nothing

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having nothing

Submitted: November 28, 2007

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Submitted: November 28, 2007



Having Nothing

How would you feel to have… Nothing?
No shoes, ripped socks
Roaming the street with little of what you have
Tearing the fabric of your pants just to beg
For what?
5c to be chucked you in a decussated manner
Like you don’t belong, and even worse
How would you like to be that person?
The one you see sleeping on the gutter

The one your child looks and says:
Mum look,
Like you’re the different species of human
While you’re out shopping for Christmas presents
There window shopping outside the glass
Young children in Bagdad, just sitting
Waiting to die
Wondering why god is punishing them like this
Can’t he kill them and get them over with
There properly thinking why there the ones who have to sit there and be the bums while others look at them and feel sorry for them.
There pain and cry is something no human should ever feel in there lives.
In there minds there thinking that there pathetic losers
There not
Its just that no one ever gave them the chance
Who knows what there capable of they might even have the ability to be famous.

Weal never know

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