Siempre y Para Siempre

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Never say never... or forever.

Submitted: January 13, 2017

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Submitted: January 13, 2017



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They ask if I'll always love you
I wish that I could say no
But I'm happy to say yes
Because your love is all I've known 
You taught me how to love 
For that, I'll always thank you 
You showed me how to love myself
and I'll forever be grateful 
You promised me forever
Sadly that you couldn't give me 
No longer with me now 
And I'm certain that you don't miss me 
When you kissed me 
I would melt 
Every pain I felt was gone 
But things became different 
I knew that something was wrong
I didn't care
I wanted to love you 
I wanted you to be there 
But I guess I couldn't compare
Couldn't have you if I didn't share 
Thought we could be friends
You promised you'd always be there 
Yet in the time of my despair 
You turned on me without a care 
I still love you 
I always will 
I still wish that you were mine 
You were patient
You were funny 
You were handsome 
You were kind 
Though imperfect 
So am I 
Too bad that I was blind
To see you never really loved me 
To see I was wasting my time 
I trusted you 
Believed in you 
Never thought that you would lie 
"Always and forever"
Never thought our love would die 
Never again will I exchange a promise of continuation 
Now I listen to that Vandross 
And my heart continues breaking
Thought that you were different
But you were always basic 
I'm well beyond tripping now 
And I know that you hate it 
Always and forever 
I wished we could uphold it 
I wished we could be perfect 
I wished we could just be 
Always and forever 
I wish you hadn't said it
I wish that you had meant it 
I wish that you loved me

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