"We are the future of the past"

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Revelations of human origins/history tying in religious texts.

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012



This story begins not too different then the future we are headed into. 15 years from present day our world has become stressed by overpopulation dwindling resources water and food become precious commodities. Wars and famine devastate humanity on a massive scale. Those who own the weapons want to be rid of those who have the food and resources so they can survive another day to murder tomorrow. Meaningless killing and lawlessness plague states, countries, nations.

Then it becomes apparent that the predator that will claim the most human casualties has been staring us in the face the whole time. Evolving with us we co existed making each other stronger as we fought a silent war. We started the chemical warfare abusing our ammunition they became stronger. Genetically altering them to fight our battles they grew resilient. With overuse of anti everything they became resistant. If that wasn't enough climate changes all over the world become beneficial for viral and bacterial superbugs to become active yearlong. Making them humanities number one enemy a microscopic serial killer. Running rampant in and on everything possible.

The year is 2030 three college students searching for information for a term paper start putting together clues to human origins. They are at the brink of the worlds beginning apocalypse. Unconcerned with earths eminent demise cause they have become accustomed to the worlds plight growing up with its problems all their life. The young group of college students are on a laxed quest for solutions to the worlds problems. Traveling around filming their quest for adventure they stumble upon key overlooked historical information. They meet with people who are said to be discredited sources of knowledge Doctors, Professors as well as so called Alien Hunters. While on vacation in foreign lands they find validity to the theories and hypotheses of that they once thought to be just myth. One of which was the Rh- factor linked to the Bay of Biscay and the Basque of Europe and Lost City of Atlantis.

They discuss pre-human dates about Pangaea and the dinosaur die off also finding humanities missing link. They look into the theory of advanced beings having a role in humanities evolution. They realize ancient text from religious sources gave actual evidence to blue beings in what looked like space suits and futuristic technology. Learning humans of the past had limited language, speech and thoughts and at that time were unable to explain technological events that occurred in our past.

They are able to tie in multiple sources from acheological evidence and scientifical data and different religious accounts of extra terrestrials existence into their theories discovering that stories of the past were true. They are awarded a Nobel peace prize for showing evidence of early alien beings predating human existence but they are still puzzled by where these extra terrestrial beings came from.

Fast forward 50 years nuclear winter, the earths cracking mantel and erupting volcanos cloud the skies. A generation goes by people start loose skin pigmentation from lack of uv light and going underground to hide from the dangers above ground humans die by the billions. Modern antibiotics fail Bacteria, Viruses, deadly molds/fungi flourish in this darkening era and become much more effective at attacking certain dna traits. All modern medicine becomes obsolete humans revert to silver an ancient medicine used alot in the past. A few examples include ancient pots lined with silver, soldiers who stitched sliver coins under their skin to ward off disease and settlers putting coins into their milk to keep it fresh longer prior to the invention of refrigeration. Silver utensils were also used by the wealthy unknowingly for its biocidal properties. It is possible the microscopic world never developed a immunity to silvers toxicity.

Rh- blood type is one anomaly found to be a superior trait and resistant to viral and bacterial attacks when coupled with large amounts of colloidal silver that is ingested or injected. The adverse side effects of taking silver in large doses is called agyria forever changes their skin blue.

2111 The remaining humans learn of an astrological event nearing threatening to wipe planet earth off the solar charts. They work together as a united human race to build a space craft to leave the planet and give humanity a glimmer of hope a chance for survival. Not knowing their escape puts them on a direct course with a wormhole in our galaxy that has eluded the great minds of our. The space ship enters the astrological event throwing the ship back in time crash landing into the the ancient earth.  

The space craft was built from Iridium is a hard, brittle, lustrous, dense, transition metal of the platinum family. It is silvery-white and it is notable for being the most corrosion resistant element known. It is unaffected by air, water and acids. The K-t boundary created from the vaporization of the space craft's materials on impact with the earth covering the earth with particles peppered across the globe. Due conditions of acid rain and constant natural disasters the ship has become the only habitable structure in the world.

The impact hit a land mass known as Pangaea and split into fractions. The ships crash leaves debris strewn across the earth laboratories, living quarters, computer stations the ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean it has created the Atlantic. The ships crash throws the world in to a catastrophic freeze killing nearly all animal and plant life on the surface. The advance race begins to repair the vessel to operate and function enough to rise from the depths of the water and ice.  

Their ship sat crashed in what is now called the Bay of Biscay at the bottom of ocean. Not knowing they crash landed on earth millions of years before man. The ship was built be under water nor to maneuver in the depths of an ocean. They had to craft a propeller blade to make it able to rise from its watery trench. The propeller is now Basque Cross a symbol seen as a icon that has saved the human race from extinction a emblem of salvation and ingenuity. When they emerged from the waters they realize the planet is void of all intelligent life. They begin genetically modifying surviving creatures on the world with their own DNA. Unable to leave the ship because they were not adapted to walk the surface or breathe the atmosphere do to their evolution to the world of old. Dangers of the planet kept them confined to the ship and with their numbers dwindling they did not chance anymore deaths. Their first attempt to create a new species was a combination of Rhesus Monkey DNA mixed with their own \"Homohabilis\". They created a habitat for them to live and called it \"1-Den\" it being the first.

These creatures lacked intelligence and when released into the world attacked each other with no provocation showed and no value for their existence or life. Their second attempt was to create a being more in their likeness that stood upright they to were aggressive and had limited mental capabilities they were placed in a area they named \"2-Den\" it being their second attempt. These early humans worked only on primal instincts and propagated at an alarming rate \"Homoerectus\". Ancient astronauts descended back into the depths of the dark waters assuming these feral beings would die off without assistance or aid being devoured by the monsters that lurked the surface.

They began work on new species mixed with Reptilian DNA keeping the RSh- blood trait in hopes they couldn't reproduce. Their experiment takes place in a land they  name \"3-Den\" their third trial \"Homosapien\". A intelligent male and female were placed in this bountiful land seeded with flora genetically altered plants yielding abundant amounts of food and fauna tame animal life that had aggressive traits bread out of them through many years. Their only instructions was to stay away from the crash site debris hidden in large trees of that era. Characteristics of the RH- factor are linked to people who inherited the factor. Blue or green eyes, a innate love for water or water sports and a almost psychic ability are just a few.

The astronauts knowing the history of there own demise wanted to keep this new species from remaking mistakes of their past. They once again descended to the depths in hopes they succeeded with their experiment. While these intelligent hybrids were left alone in their utopia the female followed a new found creature into the the great trees of the forbidden zone finding things not of that world at that time. The serpent which had been followed hid under a shinny metal object. She brushed off layers of dirt to expose a emblem of an apple with a bite taken out of it. She dug out the rectangular object turned it over and wiped its shinny glass screen and it illuminated. She had found technology from the crashed ship. 

These new humans having a inquisitive nature began to understand it's workings she filled her mind with its knowledge it possessed and took the technology back to her partner. He too began to learn from the knowledge it possessed knowledge that was to be kept from these humans in hopes it would never bring about their species demise. After learning of their new worlds future they wanted to venture out further into forbidden territories beyond the snow capped mountains. With new found knowledge of temperature and weather they killed animals for furs and hides to make clothing to protect them from their environment they no longer were exposed naked and vulnerable. On their voyage they came across a village of 2-den previous genetic trials. It had been devastated by battle and all had been killed except for two infant boys which they decided to take and raise.  TO BE CONTINUED more of this tale to come.......

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