I Have Originality

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I am me, and no one else can change that.

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012



I may be looked down upon,
I may be short,
But dang, I'm tall enough,
On the inside,
Watch your back,
I'm smart enough,
To know how to get you.

I may not have power with my fists,
But oh, I have power in my hands,
Words are the greatest power,
And I have them in my pen,
You'll never beat me,
I have enough comfort,
That with words I can beat you.

I may not have love,
But that doesn't matter to me,
I have strength in my heart,
Unlike yours,
That is so easily hurt,
I have strength that provides me,
All that I need.

I may not be pretty,
But my soul isn't rotting,
Like some I know,
The inside counts,
I don't care how I look,
'Cause to me,
I'm beautiful.

I may not be popular,
But at least I know in 10 years,
I'll have a house and money,
And won't be drunk like them,
Down at the pub,
Pretending to have a life.

I may not be perfect,
But I don't care,
I'm just as good as me,
The exact person,
I want to be,
And no one else is like me,
I have originality.

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