Sins Within

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Can you see them?

Submitted: October 01, 2012

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Submitted: October 01, 2012



 Your darkness it strangles me,
Yet never do I die,
So you tighten your grip,
And all I feel is pain,
When will this torture end?
This long list of sins,
And to woe I must pay,
The devil's part I played.

I am eternal in this Hell,
Thrown to the rath of memories,
It's like dying over and over,
I did the greatest crime, I did,
That is what I pay here below,
This dark and dank place,
The home of the sinners,
Where I belong.

I can not picture Heaven,
The thought makes me fall farther,
I know I'll never get there,
My prayers rise like a balloon,
Pop at Hell's surface,
Then never heard again,
But I try and pray to God,
"Can I be forgiven?"

No, never, the fate of love is not for me,
I am a sinner, a wrongdoer,
One looked at with high disgust,
My eyes are full of things gone,
All things missing,
And things I have done,
See my rotting, filthy skin,
My bloody stinking hands?
It reflects the sins within.

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