Slipping To The Dark Side

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I hate her sooo much I wrote a poem about her. Talk about scary.

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012



You've earned my hatred,
So hey, keep it,
No one's have ever gotten it before,
You made me mad,
You got me on edge,
I've changed in a bad way,
Because of you.

Before you came I never yelled,
I never got mad,
I was a fun, easy going person,
But you changed it,
Now I have a temper,
As short as a needle,
And life's gotten harder.

Yet you never go away,
You don't leave me alone,
You think we're friends,
How longer will it take you to realize,
That I hate you,
And always will.

You found my poems,
And gave me crap,
Asking if I had problems,
Telling me I was insane,
Well I don't give a crap,
About what you care,
But don't you see you hurt me anyways?

I yelled at you,
In front of a bunch of people,
I screamed actually,
You cried but I didn't care,
You made me a bad girl,
In just a week,
Talk about a record.

You got me in trouble,
You said we were friends,
But didn't stick up for me,
I couldn't hit you,
You're bigger,
And I'm just always too little.

You introduced me to a new world,
A world where I am pissed all the time,
At you and your stupid lies,
Your foolish fake smiles,
Thinking I'm too dumb to know,
But I do know, I'm not stupid like you.

You got me sent to the office twice,
I've never been sent to the office in my life,
I was accused of being in a stupid play you wrote,
About assassins, my best friend, too,
Then I was interrogated about you,
And another stupid thing,
You lied me into.

Dang, you brought drama unwanted,
Into my life, girl,
And one day I'll find a way to get you back,
Get you gone,
So that you go back to whatever home you used to own,
Don't talk to me,
And leave us in our peace.

I'm afraid of myself,
With you here,
You let out the monster,
I've spent so long to cage,
You have to leave,
Because I'm falling,
Slipping to the dark side,
And nothing to hold on.

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