Such A Player

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Ohhh, I knowwww, and I'm watching you! -.-

Submitted: October 05, 2012

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Submitted: October 05, 2012



I see the way you look at her,
When you hug her, I know you want more,
Take this warning,
I know what your planning,
Don't touch her,
I know what you are,
I know your kind,
Oh, I know you want her,
You think I don't know,
But I'm good at this,
Game you play.

Your such a player,
You tell one girl you love her,
Next week your sayin' it to my friend,
Hey, hello, I'm standing right here,
I know what your thinking,
And I hold my dispair,
How could you do this,
You are breaking her,
So strong outside,
But hurt inner so easily,
She's going through a lot right now,/
Can't you leave her be?

How to break such to her,
How to tell her before she turns,
I'm worries that she'll get so hurt,
I am not a soul tourniquet,
I won't be able to fix it,
I'm getting angry,
If you don't end this soon,
I'll end this,
Once and for all,
Leave her alone.

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