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Just read it. The less you know the better.

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Submitted: March 07, 2016

They told me the monster only preyed on bad kids who didn’t clean up their toys before it came into the room. The toy monster isn’t t... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 07, 2016

 Suddenly an enormous screech came from their son’s room. She dropped the phone on the ground, and watched in awe as its flimsy gl... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 07, 2016

Darkness, all I see is darkness. People without expression; eyes without remorse. The incessant clicking and crumbling of paper is on a m... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 07, 2016

The room was elaborate and refined with a richness that could surpass the finest of palaces. Fine mahogany and gold plated crosses accomp... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 08, 2016

Interlude Read Chapter


Submitted: March 08, 2016

The beauty exhibited in the ever-expansive forest was that of legends. The towering trees and the overflow of fresh autumn flowers collab... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 08, 2016

I arose from the dense cloud of smoke in a trance-like state. Aspects of humanity that used to be of upmost importance to me became as si... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 08, 2016

There I was in the midst of it all, left staring with droopy eyes at all of the indescribable sights appearing before me. In the backgrou... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 08, 2016

Although I had narrowly escaped death, and had been through enough trials and tribulations to make practically any man go the loopy and f... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 08, 2016

The ‘House of Meeting’ was surprisingly similar to any other ‘building’ in Eden with its basic design and less than impressive pr... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 08, 2016

Two weeks, and numerous hours of meticulous preparation later, the resistance was ready to make its move. I, along with the help and guid... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 08, 2016

Nothing could have prepared us for the oddball man who sluggishly reclined into his polished wooden chair upon our arrival. The headmaste... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 08, 2016

Eternal damnation, smoldering sinners swimming in their own guts and pleading for non-existent mercy, indifference, intolerance, non-repe... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 08, 2016

Before I could collect my cool or make an adequate attempt to not look like a dope fiend going through a painful withdrawal, my unwanted ... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 08, 2016

Faith stared off into the room of outcasts with a set of understanding, mother like eyes; her unspoken compassion influenced them as thou... Read Chapter

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