StrongHoof and the Fire Breathing Dragons

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Zachary StrongHoof has retired and his son luke has to take up his father's job.
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Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013





Chapter 1

The Attack

Luke scored a bullseye. He had been practising with his weapons for three weeks, now. Since his Father, Zachary StrongHoof had retired from his job as chief of snake tribe and War Commander.

Now Luke had to step up to the task.  Luke began to draw the string back before a Tonak burst in shouting: “Dragons! Humans! They’re coming! It’s too late!” Bang! Smash! One of the towers came tumbling down.

 Then four houses were set alight with flames. Luke looked at his tribe- the snake tribe- and the two other tribes who were practising with him- bear and tiger tribe.

 “We’ve got to move! We’ve got to move! Luke shouted. So they all ran in direction of the great dessert of Tarnis- where they’ll stay in hiding.  


Chapter 2

The Argument

“Are you insane” said Taxel, looking at the plan Luke had drawn out. “We can’t just go out and fight them, or maybe you haven’t noticed, there’s only twenty-three of us.” He said with sarcasm.

 Luke and the other two tribes had been trying and failing to work out a battle plan for nine days, now. Luke nodded understanding. He’d been simply telling himself that it was a good plan, but inside he knew it wouldn’t work. “You know what, I’m not listening to you at all and neither will my tribe” he confronted Luke.

 “As War Commander you’ll have to listen to me, if you know what’s good for you” he added bravely. “You’re not War Commander, your father was! But you’re nothing like your father! I’ve been in many more battles than you! You can’t even hold a sword properly!”Witch wasn’t actually true, due to his training.

Taxel turned to walk away. Luke felt his anger and fury rising up in him. “Take that back” Luke shouted back at him. “Or what” he laughed at him “you’ll fight me. Oh no! I’m so scared” sarcasm obvious in his voice. That did it.

Luke drew his sword and swung it at Taxel, who parried it as quickly as he could. Then Taxel knocked Luke’s sword out of his hand. Taxel let out a bark of laughter. “Are you sure you’re the son of Zachary” Taxel said walking away.


Chapter 3

The Dream

Luke looked around he was in what seemed like an endless white room. He heard footsteps behind him. He turned around and saw what looked like a human- because he had two legs.
 He didn’t feel quite human. He wore a black and red hood that shaded his face until the point where you couldn’t even see his face.

“Who are you?” Luke asked with the tip of his sword aiming at the man. “I am the Black Guardian, and I have come to train you” the man said, his voice low and full of power. “Where am I?” asked Luke, his sword now lowered.

“You are in a dream” he said simply. Now that Luke thought of it he remembered himself dozing off. “You’re going to train me in a dream?” he asked a little confused.

 “Yes when you awake you will have knowledge of the dream and the training” he told him, “now let’s start” he added. Luke now realised that his belt was on and so he had his weapons. So for the rest of the night they practised. 


Chapter 4

The End of Training

Luke spent the next really practicing. He remembered the dream from the night before just as the Black Guardian said he was. They had sent scouts back home to spy and see what was going on. The news they came back with was not good. The humans and dragons were imprisoning the centaur. Some were sent to Itzaki, land of dragons, for a life of slavery. Luke just hoped his father was alright.


Luke had the dream again that night. But this time he noticed something odd. They did discuss anything on that topic for the rest of the night. At the end of the dream the Black Guardian said: “Your training is complete, you are ready to fight the dragons. You will see me no more in your dreams. Now awake!” he shouted.


Chapter 5

The Rematch

“I want a rematch” Luke shouted to Taxel. “Are you sure” Taxel asked not kindly. “Sure as I’ll ever be” Luke said defiantly. “Alright” Taxel said nodding satisfaction. They drew their weapons. Luke was the first one to strike. Then Luke parried one of Taxel’s overhand strokes. Just like he had been taught he slammed his shield against Taxel’s face, which left him with a nasty bruise. Luke ended him with a combo, and then knocked the sword out of his hand.


From that day on people treated Luke with the respect that his father was always treated with. He practised with the others too. Most of them asked them to teach them to so he rounded them all up and taught them what he was taught only a few nights before.


Chapter 6

The Death

Instead of having the same dream again he had a dream that he was at the castle. They were trying to take the castle back. He was fighting a massive black dragon. Before he could move the dragon dug it razor sharp claw into his heart.


Luke woke up sweating. He did not go back to sleep after that. He was having second thoughts on the battle plan topic. “No Luke! You are not a coward.” He said to himself. The hesitated again. Then he thought of how his father risked his own life for everyone else’s. He thought of how his father knew he was the target to an assassination, but still didn’t give up.


“Wake up everyone!” he shouted. Everyone was muttering things like “why’d you wake me up” or “it’s the middle of the night.” Luke ran them through the battle plan they had discussed a few days earlier. “What about it?” asked Taxel. “We’re doing it now”


Chapter 7

The Battle


“Come on boys!” Luke shouted. He knew now that this was no practise session with the Black Guardian. This was real. He killed a sentry from behind. Another sentry saw them and bolted. The others began to chase him, but Luke said: “Leave it, boys.” He knew they wouldn’t have the element of surprise for long. The alarm was sounded. “This is what we want.” He said “a battle” he added at last

The night went on and so did the battle. It was just reaching dawn. Luke was battling a massive dragon. It was just like the dream. Its claw shot forward. Luke leapt out of the way just in time. Luke grabbed onto its tail and swung himself up. Luke stabbed his sword into the dragon’s collar bone. It howled in anger, pain and fury. Then it dropped dead. “The collar bone! That’s the weakness!” Luke shouted to the others.

After a few more hours he heard other dragons shrieking in pain. Then he spotted Michael, the king of humans. King Richard used to be king but he luckily died of old age. Before he died he asked his son the finish what he had started, taking over Tarnis.


Chapter 8

Close Combat with a King

Luke ran up to Michael. Luke swung his sword towards him. Michael tried to parry the stroke but was too late, it hit Michaels hip. Luke parried a blow then lunged his sword at Michaels shoulder. Michael slashed at Luke’s chest. Luke smashed the sword out of Michael’s hand. Then thrust his sword through Michael’s chest. Then he pulled it out and beheaded Michael.

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