All About Maxx Boyle

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Read all about the Character Maxx Boyle.

Submitted: February 05, 2015

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Submitted: February 05, 2015



All About Maxx Boyle

In season One Maxx is introduced with having a strong religious right wing family. And as Maxx lives his high school career as a 9th grader he finds out that he’s crushing on a 19-20 year old who happens to be his close friend’s older brother, Vinnie Janacowski who works for MFSPA (Male Female Sexual Psychological Association the UPMC for specialty psychological services only in Gaslight District City Pennsylvania) Maxx is a kid that likes to hang out and play video games with his best friend Kyle Peterson. One day in season one Luke, Maxx’s Close friend finds out that Maxx is gay and decided for his older brother Vinnie to drive them to Walmart at midnight to buy party items to celebrate. And after that in the car ride home they get a little inmate. And find out them both like each other.

So a day later Maxx and Luke hang out at Maxx’s house and Charles Maxx’s older brother already knows about the two from watching the School Camera feed from them two in the hallways. Dominick and Dillon Maxx’s little brothers comes and find out that they are together by seeing them kiss in the doorway. Maxx pulls Dominick and Dillon his other brother in and tells them not to tell anybody and Dominick shares his experiences with his male tutor from 10th grade Peter Tyson. By the way Dominick is in 8th grade.

Now Maxx and Dominick has something in common.

At the Dinner table Dominick comes out to everybody including Charles and his girlfriend Jordan and parents.

Quickly things explodes and Dominick threating to run away.

Later that night Peter comes and picks up Dominick.

Further in the series of season one Maxx because a Rebel in the School’s War effort. There’s Mobster and Rebels and Maxx becomes a Spy for both parties. Maxx later gets involved with illegal activities like Bars Nightclubs and Etc. with Zachary Karmakicker and Evan Evancho .  Associated with pedophiliac tendencies.

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