All About Rustin Greer

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This provides Information on the Character Rustin Greer In the Gaslight District Series.

Submitted: February 05, 2015

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Submitted: February 05, 2015



All about Rustin Greer

In Season 1 Rustin is best friends with Dakota and then not and then bullied by him daily. Then there was a War the Whole School Fought. At the End they fall in love.

In Season 2 Rustin turns 18 becomes an adult film star. (Full length Adult Movies Only. No clips) and becomes rich his boyfriend Dakota owns his dad company well he’s the CFO. And Dakota’s 19 and Dakota’s Brother Landon McKray and his Girlfriend Cameron adopt a child named SJ and then Child Services see a Video of Landon in a Bar Fighting. And take SJ but. It’s too late SJ has been Adopted. SJ is 14 but looks like his 11. Somehow SJ becomes Rustin’s and Dakota’s responsibly. Now the young couple have a kid. YIKES.

Rustin and Dakota want to get married.

Dakota is getting annoyed with the Attention Rustin is Getting.

Rustin is a drama King so he loves it.

Dakota Storms the Set of Rustin’s New Video “Baby Kisses” and the Producer comes and asked him to leave and tells Rustin to get back to work and slaps his butt. Dakota Punches him goes to Jail for 3 days. Rustin takes SJ to Jail and visits him and Rustin says “I toke the Kid and we moved out, and you getting released but when you come home we aren’t there, did you know my producer is the one paying our bills. You make 200,000 while I make 600,000 we live in Gaslight muti-millions dollars houses Idiotic. And I grew up in abusive households and I would let my child be exposed to this.”

Dakota Says “He’s mine too, and so what this nasty dude aint going to slap by boys butt, that’s my butt not his butt.” SJ says “Dad come home soon.”

Rustin tells SJ to leave and Dakota flips out saying “I want to see my son.”

Rustin replays with “No I’m not going to raise him to hurt people he can’t see you.”

Dakota gets out of Jail. Breaks into Rustin’s 2.5 million dollar home in the Gaslight Mountains and see’s the producer. And SJ eating at the Table.

And Vanessa’s there Vanessa pulls Dakota to the side to tell him everything okay. The producer says “Well Mr McKray, how are you doing today.”

SJ says “Dad!” Rustins says “What are you doing here,”

Dakota asks for forgiveness, and says sorry for breaking the security gate.

Dakota moves back in.





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