Worded Saga

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Maxx comes out to this Mother.
By Gaslight District Series

Sample Script: Worded Saga 1 (Homework)

Luke and Max at Maxx’s House in the Kitchen doing Homework while Maxx’s Mother Melva is doing dishes.

Melva: “Homework I see.”

Maxx: “I had sex with a boy.” Melva cleaning not caring.

Melva: “Cool.”

Luke: “Wow I think I should find a boy.”

Melva: “I’m being sarcastic, and so is Maxx.”

Maxx: “Dead Serious.”

Melva: “You haven’t even upgraded to girls how can you just downgrade to other boys?”  Luke Looks

Luke: “I don’t think it would be necessarily be considered a downgrade.”

Maxx drops his pen in his hand.

Maxx: “Mom I’m gay.” Looking straight forward.

Melva: “Tell you father that.” Maxx shakes, Luke turns to him.

Luke: “Dude….” Shaking his head.

Maxx: “Can you be there when I tell him.” Melva drops a dish and looks

Melva: “Who are you?”

Maxx: “Maxx Michael May Boyle your son.”

Melva: “are you trying to get sent away.”

Maxx: “Where?”

Melva: “Catholic School.” Luke stands up

Luke: “Wow.”  

Melva: “Maxx answer me.”

Maxx: “You make me want to bleach my hair white, rainbow it with cloud water then get a tattoo on my Penis saying fuck females.” Melva Smacks Maxx making him fall.”









 Sample Script: Worded Saga 2 (Homework 2)

Maxx gets up and feels his face

Maxx: “Goodbye Mother.” Taking Luke Out

Melva: “Where do you think you’re going?”

Maxx: “Away like Dominick.”

Luke: “Dude where are you going to go.”

Maxx: “You Place.”

Luke: “Okay, long walk.” Walking out the door.




























Sample Script: Worded Saga 3 (The Way)

Luke and Maxx walking out the door as Charles and Jordan are walking in from the gate of the house

Charles: “Hold up what’s wrong.” Stopping him with his hand

Maxx: “I’m gay and kicked out.”

Luke: “He told Melva she’s not so happy.”

Maxx: “She hit me.” Charles checks his face.  Jordan hold on to Luke.

Charles: “She what?”

Maxx: “She Through a dish on the floor and she hit me.” Charles runs inside

Charles: “Jordan take them to Woodward’s.”

Jordan: “He’s at McKray’s Mob Meeting.”

Charles: “Take them to Lovingston’s”

Jordan: “What about Luke’s house.”

Charles: “They must stick together but they cannot be at each other’s house.”

Jordan: “I don’t know.”

Charles: “JORDAN! Olsen Take them somewhere now!” Jordan nods

Jordan: “I’ll make sure they’re safe.” Charles smiles

Charles: “Call me when you get there, I’m not Losing another Brother for good again.”
















Sample Script: Worded Saga 4 (MOB BUSINESS)

Dakota, Ace, Janet, Adam, Skye, Jake, Kody, Sam, Chelsea Shields, Lily Banks, Spye Phoax, Chloe Karmacker, Conner Janacowski ,Logan Ticonderoga Samanthen Onboyono. The Biggest meeting just for the Mob at Dakota’s House in his room.

Dakota: “Okay how relatable and reliable are this threats who they are coming from.” Jake turns on the Smart board

Jake: “Sorry this takes long to boot but I can tell you that these kids are waiting for something they are building armies to terrorize our school. And they say there reason is Because of you.”

Dakota: “That’s what my Ex said.” Lilly looking the other way playing with her hair.”

Ace: “who’s the leader of this group of radicals?”

Jake: “that’s funny they call themselves the Rebel Group.”

Spye: “Where do you find this Information?”

Kody: “It was donated well given free to me through my Gaslight Schools email address.”

Adam: “is it reclaimable.” Jake and Kody look

Jake&Kody: “What?”

Adam: “I mean is the address coming from someone who is playing with us because Kids don’t know that we all have School Email addresses not even teachers.”

Dakota: “Someone’s smart.”

Janet: “Student Council.” Spye looks Chloe looks 

Spye: “Yeah, No.” Janet sits back

Dakota: “I’m Both Mob King and School President maybe I should check my other assisting assets, Ticking time bombs maybe, me saying anything is risky risking them Blondie’s ratting out on us.” Lily raises her hand

Lily: “Don’t do that.”  Dakota looks

Dakota: “But you can.”

Lily: “I Can??” Looking confused.
Dakota: Yes Lily you in Student Council so you can ask Holly Jackson and Scarlet Benson questions but don’t kill her if you know what I mean.”

Lily: “Well I can but you dated me after her.” Spye gets annoyed.

Sample Script: Worded Saga 5 (MOB BUSINESS 2)

Spye: “No love games in progress please.”

Dakota: “No love games in Progress granted.” Winking his eye at Spye.

She rolls her eyes.

Dakota: “Okay so these people don’t like us, we need more information if they are something we should worry about we need some spies, Conner Logan you good for that you must befriend them and get into their Archives.” Everyone laughs

Kody: “As if they that, they are extremist.”

Dakota: “I have a feeling we will have another Political party on are hand Mob, Council, Rebels, what if there like a big Gang War or something.”

They laugh.

Jake: “No one can touch us.” Playing with the smart board

Jake: “why the heck is this not working I got this from Miss Coleman’s class.”

Dakota: “Let’s not under estimate out enemy, give them the respect that they deserve or it only weakens up as a team.”

Ace: “I love that movie.” Dakota looks

Dakota: “But it’s true.” The Smart board works and pictures of Rebel Gang Spray painted on the Lockers pop up.

Jake: “Yes it works.”

Kody: “this was emailed to me and, next one Jake.” Jake clicks it and a picture with the initials DM + Judgment Day with J.E.D.L.

Dakota: “Okay if that’s me who’s JEDL? It reminds me a Star wars does that relate?”

Skye: “We don’t even know what they mean by Judgment day.”

Jordan opens the door and Maxx and Luke comes in, Dakota gets up

Dakota: “Shut it down.” Jake turns it off.

Sam: “Maxx what are you here for.”

Jordan: “Luke and Maxx wait downstairs.” They leave.

Jordan: “I need a place for 2 boys to stay.”

Janet: “I can babysit but I can’t host.”

Dakota: “Charles house.”

Jordan:  That’s the problem.” Sam gets up

Sam: “What’s going on at my house?”

Jordan: “It’s you mother Remember Dominick.”

Sample Script: Worded Saga 6 (MOB BUSINESS 3)

Sam: “What?”

Jordan: “Your mother is the problem again, now this time it’s on Maxx not Dominick.” Dakota’s Face gets sour

Dakota: “Oh shit. Take him to what’s his name Jeremy Eli Lovingston.”

Jordan: “No one is there age in that household and they don’t even know them very well.”

Sam: “If I find out Maxx did something to my mom he’s dead.” Leaving

Jordan “Where am I taking them?”

Dakota: “Take them to the shelter.” Lily and Chelsea all sudden gets up worried

Lily: “What’s going on?”

Chelsea: “Yeah.”

Lily: “I live in the Mountains.”

Skye: “Gay Stuff I’m only guessing on the facts.” Dakota Shakes his head yes.

Jordan: “Charles and I dropped Sam off so can someone else take Maxx and Luke, while I take Sam back home.” Janet gets up

Janet: “I’ll do it.”

Jordan: “Thanks.”

Dakota: “let me get you some Gas money.” Janet looks at Conner and Logan

Janet: “Hey Buddies how about you talk to them and make them feel comfortable, don’t you guys know him.” They shake their heads no

Logan: “We don’t associate with them.” Conner looks

Conner: “Yeah?” both looking confused Dakota Sucks his teeth

Dakota: “That’s a big word for 9th grader.”

Logan: “Don’t underestimate the robust vocabulary of a young 9th grader.”

Lily: “Awl he’s so cute.”

Conner: “would you look at that, she’s so cute.”

Dakota: “My mom’s baking cookies.”

Logan: “I’m a vegan.”

Dakota: “My mom make stellar Shrimp Pops.”

Conner: “I eat kosher.” L Dakota

Jordan: “well meet new people talk to them.” Logan looks

Conner: “Nice meeting everyone.” 

Chelsea: “Oh my god are you guys dating.” They Stop.

Sample Script: Worded Saga 7 (MOB BUSINESS 4)

They look.

Conner: “What?”

Logan: “Wowow.”

Conner: “I don’t like guys.”

Logan: “I have nothing to say to that.”

Lily: “so your gay.”

Logan: “Come on Conner let’s go fuck a Rebel.”

Jordan: “At least say what’s up or Hello see you in school.”

Conner: “Okay.”

Logan: “Ight.” They walk out as Same walks in

Sam: “I forgot my IPhone.” Getting it

Downstairs in the living room

Maxx is holding on to Luke

Maxx: “This is going to be worse than Dominick.”

Luke: “No it won’t.”  Logan Ticonderoga and Conner Janacowski come

And wave while walking out the door, by the door

Conner: “Wait we forgot.” They both turn around in sequence

Conner: “What’s up.”

Logan: “Hello see you in school.” Maxx and Luke Look

Luke: “Thank you.”

Maxx: “I never talked to you guys before.” Awkward Quietness Conner whispers

Conner: “Do we get over time if we hang with them.”

Logan: “Yes but its half Pay so it’s like 10.75 a hour so.” Maxx smiling

Conner: “So Hi.”

Logan: “Hey.”

Luke: “Hello.”

Maxx: “What’s your names?”

Logan: “Logan.”

Conner: “Conner.”

Luke: “Hey Conner.”

Conner: “Oh yeah I forgot you were my cousin.”

Luke: “How’s Auntie.”

Sample Script: Worded Saga 8 (MOB BUSINESS 5)

Conner: “How’s Auntie.”

Luke: “Good.”

Conner: “Good.”

Logan: “So what’s the matter why were the Mob talking about you just now so what’s going on?”

Maxx: “It’s okay.”

Luke: “We are gay and Maxx’s Mother isn’t happy about it and kicked him out.” Logan and Conner not phased.

Conner: “Cool.”

Logan: “That’s not good.”

Conner: “Oh wait what he say.”

Logan: “He said (Pointing to Maxx) he’s gay and his Mom (Pointing to Luke) isn’t okay with that and Kicked (Pointing to Luke) him out.” Maxx and Luke Look

Conner: “Shit, my brother is gay but he’s locked up in MFSPA.”

Logan: “Oh Kaden…”

Conner: “Yeah.” Maxx and Luke shake their heads

Luke: “Well.” They both turn

Conner: “Bye.”

Logan: “Bye see you in school.”

Conner: “We will count that as an hour, just because we learn something huge about each of them in less than 6 seconds.” Walking out the door.

Logan: “it’s whatever they are weird.”

Maxx: “Baby, your cousin is weird and his in the closet best friend.”

Luke: “It’s whatever baby.”  Samanthen comes down

Samanthen: “You brother is coming, nice meeting you both under crazy amazing circumstances Luke Janacowski and Maxx Boyle.” They wave

Maxx: “Yeah.”

Luke: “Yeah.”

Samanthen: “My brother might pick you up Ian Onboyono, a MFSPA Agent.”

They look at each other. Samanthen Leaves, Sam comes from around the corner.

Sam: “What the Fuck did you do to my mother?” pushing him. 


Sample Script: Worded Saga 9 (MOB BUSINESS 6)

Pushing him, Luke Steps him

Luke: “That wasn’t called for.” Maxx gets up

Maxx: “She’s my mother too asshole.”

Sam: “What did you do?”

Luke: “It was your mother who’s the problem.”

Sam: “I’ll fight you to.”

Luke: “Bring it.”

Janet comes down with Jordan

Maxx: “STOP NOW!” As Luke and Sam are fighting.

Jordan: “We need assistance! Dakota Jake Kody Skye Ace!” Janet Hops in and Tackles Sam leaving him face forward on the ground.

Sam: “Get off me Janet Jet.”

Janet: “Chill out Borski.” Jordan Pushes Luke back

Jordan: “There’s no time for this, me and Janet and Adam are acting as your unlicensed social workers and we are taking you somewhere.” Luke looks

Luke: “Ugh uh I’m sorry thank you we appreciated it.” Janet lifts up Sam.

Janet: “You taking Kangaroo arms out home.”  Jordan walks closer to him

Jordan: “Oh boy, Dakota will love you, a fighter just for the Mob and 10th grade, you should love your brother Maxx no matter what, Thou shall love they brother Mm.”

Sam: “This is Gaslight Blondie Mental health crawls beneath us all, and I love my brother and we both are in 9th grade I’m just older than him by a year.”

Janet looks and turns her head and see Maxx quietly grasps Luke’s hand as he’s standing next to him sitting in a dining room chair. Janet gives them a hard look and stares. Jordan looking at her

Jordan: “Hello, you hear me, JANET!” Janet turns

Janet: “yeah?”

Jordan: “Did you hear me?”

Janet: “What did you say?”

Jordan: “Did you hear me?”

Janet: “No I mean what did you say as in I didn’t hear you.” Jordan turns

Jordan: “I have to call Charles and drop Sam off at him you got these two Twinks.”

Sample Script: Worded Saga 10 (The Crisis Team Unite1)

Jordan turns

Jordan: “I have to call Charles and drop Sam off at him you got these two Twinks.” Janet Laughs

Janet: “I not sure these kids know what that his.”

Maxx: “I Know.”

Luke: “I know it too.”

Sam: “What are you talking about I don’t know?” Janet and Jordan laugh. The Meeting is over and everyone is coming down and leaving

Dakota: “See you guys.” Kody stops

Kody: “I’ll Email those Budget Prints.”

Dakota: “Adam you and Janet got these kids.”

Adam: “Yeah.”  Jordan adds

Jordan: “I have to take Sam home.”

Dakota: “Okay out with you all.” Janet tapping her foot shaking her head.

Janet: “Gaslight City has the most expensive gas in the east coast 5 23 a gallon.” Dakota looks.

Dakota:  “Oh yeah I forgot.” Going in his pocket

Dakota: “150 bucks here just take it.” Janet gets it

Adam: “Boys do you want something to eat.” Maxx and Luke Look 









Submitted: February 06, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Zachary Chekanowsky. All rights reserved.

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