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My life in the words of my actions which reflect upon who I am and who I have become now with religion behind my past

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



I walk this world alone on my bare feet so cold I can beraly stand now
Without a thought of wrong in my mind of death and sarrow  just the thought of God now within me
I serve the omighty lord my God who gave me this life so I could carry out his work
The wrongs of the wicked and the rights of the holy in my soul forever and I pray everyday for another life to save
I  hold the scyth of death in my hands for I have been choosen to be the Angle of Death on earth
Poragitory doesn't apply to me anymore now that my soul has been made the same of a Guardian Angle
I server for one porpuse and that porpuse only is to be the creature I was born to be and my soul will accept that truth
I am the GraveDigger of souls and the souls who stray from the path of God will die in his rage through me and my sword
Death rewards me with heavenly grace when a soul is repaired from it's sins 


In which I was born to do this upon the earthly demons who follow the words of the Devil 
You who serve him shall have your souls given to be and my offspring shall carry on my acts of heaven
Never again shall I fall victom to sarrow now that I cause it  

Never again shall I fall for those who cause hurt to the ineccent 
I am the worker of God and Sainten for I am the GraveDigger of souls
Forever upon this earth untill my life comes to an end and all unholy souls shall me restored to heaven or hell
That is what my porpuse is ever sence I relized I was born to destroy the evil and protect the good

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