Heroin and Crime

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Tha True Confessions of a HEROIN addict

Submitted: September 19, 2011

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Submitted: September 19, 2011



I swore i wouldn't look

glancing in my passing acts

my wrists zip tied to tha boat of rocks

sinking, how many friends I've had to bury..

And still i dream of Morphine filled veins

and disappearing pupils

slumped in a doorway

avoiding tha rain and ingesting tha food i shoplifted to survive.

I've been to places you wouldn't fucking believe

In your simple little world

Selling my body in hotels, stealing ashtrays and towels

My insides shaking with fear as i put on a tough face

and stepped from my state prison cell, into tha madness.

Drifting away from Propofol, electro shock therapy

Barricading myself in a hospital room, cutting my left wrist

wide open with a ripped soda can.

I remember laying on tha operating table

before tha put me to sleep and i woke up with a plate in my face

and my jaw wired shut,

I lay looking at tha huge medical lamp

hanging from tha ceiling,

And i saw a spot of dried blood on it,

and i felt so disgusted wwith what i'd become.

And to think I had once been on top,

pockets stuffed with money, sexing in hotel suites

strippers with fake tans and names like "coco"

This roller coasters led me for years

and briefly i have times to comment

like now, for tha spectators to catch a glimpse

of what its like to be a stone cold heroin addict.

Thank you for your time.

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