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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
we just broke up

Submitted: June 18, 2010

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Submitted: June 18, 2010



It was all a dream, something ment to be had to be toha illest feelin

5 years had past long last and we was back there chillin

I had a feelin what would come next but hesitated

I played my cards slowed down over comptimplation

I watched her mover we giggled a laugh thoughts of tha past

Told her strip club but hit tha bank and I was outta cash

And how about that probably a blessing hidden

Cuz figure if I hadn’t been broke then I mighta missed it

She had a daughter with a husband that she wasn’t with

I saw tha picture but I asked her could we maybe kiss

Did it man I missed them lips

Must been like 40 minets

Back seat making out felt like we was little kids

And it was so familiar felt that I was back home

Tounge touching tounge bodys rubbing but we took it slow

And when she dropped me off I smiled in my whole being

Cuz so many years it’d been since I’d really see tha old me

She used to be my starburst and I was her skittles

She used to be my ride or die deep in my mental

It seemed desinty cuz next to me she made me feel whole

I call her phone she’d say hey baby and what do you know

I’m sprung quick sweet like choclet drunk with no liquor

This was my bestfriend and lover in tha same delivered

in vain and vivid remember nights dock at tha lake

back at my house best night of my life its insane

for twice of this pain I’d go another round in a second

cuz when it ended I felt slight cuz half my love wasn’t given

I never took tha time to really break down how I felt

I never took tha time to tell her how with out her is hell

I never acted like a man and gave her everything I had

Cuz I never thought it end and make everything so bad

And now everything is that SO FUCKED IN MY LIFE

And everything brings my memory back to those nights

We ate at Fridays and smiled while I’dlook in her eyes

Across tha table I woulda been fine if I died

Right there while in heaven with tha girl of my dreams

I used to think I had a cold heart but now that it bleeds

Now that I see that I’m really fucked up in tha game

I found tha perfect girl love and she slipped through my hands

Its so different than anything that’s been in my life

Its so stronger then anything cuz I knew it was right

I’m such an asshole and I can’t blame no but my self

couldn’t believe I was in heaven now I see im in hell

But I take make it from tha breaken to something better

And throw my blood all on this page but it to make it better

To face or weather i pack my bags and run from this shit

I know from yacht boats to blocks where they dumpin a clip

I know from wall street to soo woop skateboards to new coops

From old men to little boys grandmas to little cuties

Love breaks a piece of tha body that no cast could fix

But no wise words or people in it

Can take away this bleed in my chest

No feinding for sex I just want one last kiss

Tha reason is that

I’ll never be tha same in this flesh


© Copyright 2020 ZacharyDawsonPitts. All rights reserved.

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