She pushed

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Called and X girlfriend. She agreed to meet me back in Princeton. Took 4 trains to get back here. And now she never shows. I'm a broken mess.

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



She pushed and i gave way

spinning on my unempty ball of lighted diamonds

making gurgles towards an upturned tounge.

she pushed and i gave everything

first train outta there

clothes on my back

her voice in my head.

she pushed and now i'm lonely

standing with tha rable

waiting on a her that never shows

to walk along.

She pushed me out of everything

I left it all to love her

I know I'll be ok if she'd only keep her word.


I don't care what you say

I'll listen but I won't

She loves me she really does

and you wouldn't understand

Something probably happend

Maybe its her mother

That bitch hasn't liked me

since tha day i told her off.

Or maybe its her boyfriend

I guess i over looked that

Maybe they have something

that i thought they didn't have.


I just remember us togeather

I played confident and sly

she would kiss me on my body

and i sing our selves to sleep.

Its been years since i've seen her

but i miss her all tha same

now i'm lonely out and public

whispering her name. 

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