We came a long

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Memories of an ol'friend

Submitted: February 23, 2010

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Submitted: February 23, 2010



We came along way

But your still there

I went to tha hospital today to make a difference

and it figures they woulda polished tha pipe

Where your belt once left a stripe in tha dust

where the weight of your body tugged tha leather

You used to say you were sex to a nympho

Exstacy for ladies

All races combined in one man

Tha feeling of a millionare spending one hundred grand

I'm sure tha Staffs different

I'm sure tha world moved on

But your always in my dreams

One love to you

we used to run these old streets

And you'll never die

Melting into tha cold street

From tha curb where your ghost sits

through traffic and souls all around

And i walked into tha hospital

And half expected to see you

Around a table of followers

Slapping playing cards on tha table

And winning ten more

Tha prince of swords

I shoulda told

I shoulda told you i hard my future read

That day

In tarrot cards

Sometimes i think about joing you

Today in tha shower i thought about how it would feel

To lay under tha water as it good cold

Life leaking from my wrists

And what'd i do when i saw you again

But who knows what happends

When it ends

So i didn't

And i won't

But i listen to you every day

In every song

In every fucking face i see

I just want write you

This burning never fades

And in tha world

Money and girls

They'll never take your place

I struggle to ride on

This world hates my kind

A criminal no matter how shaken

Can't leave my past behind

You did it for a reason

I wish you'd told me why

But i feel tha rain

Tha realest pain

Is water from my eyes

One love Big Zee

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