Completely Alone and Safe

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Short horror story
Length: Short

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



You know that feeling, when you think you're all alone? The feeling that you're being watched. 

Well I can tell you. You aren't. 

You look behind you, paranoia starting to eat away at you. You check under your bed, in your closet, and peek out of your room. Nothing. 'Of course' You think, 'What else did I expect?' You go back to watching YouTube videos, ignoring that unsettling feeling of eyes burning into your back. You look behind you again, just as you do, you hear a low grunt. You run into the living room, terrified of what you just heard. It can't be anything right? You just checked, right? 

Walking slowly back to your room you decide to look again. What did you find? Nothing. Of course. However I don't want to be found anyway. And I wouldn't recommend you looking anymore. I know you are trying to find me. I won't allow it.

You ignore it, for now. Your mother will be home any second and you still haven't cleaned your room, or taken a shower. You rush around, picking up everything from your floor. As soon as you finish, you run the bath water, turn on the shower head, and step in. You begin to wash your hair, getting shampoo in your eyes. You hear a deep chuckle from behind you. Pausing to think of what you just heard, you turn around sharply, snapping open your eyes. Closing them tightly, cursing yourself for forgetting about the shampoo, reaching for a towel. You dab your eyes and get the burning sensation out. Unsure of exactly, what you saw.

Your mom slams the back door, startling you for a moment. She tells you to go to bed. Nothing unusual. You begin to get dressed in your pajamas, turn off your light, and hop into bed, forgetting everything that has happened today. After all, you ARE completely least...with me.

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