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A very quick, but great, and short horror story
length: Short to Medium

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



You awake in the morning to find everything in your home cleaned and neat.

"Damn, this is great. Now I don't have to clean for mothers visit!" You walk over to your mirror and see a note, it reads, "Don't worry, I took care of everything"

An eerie and unsettling feeling rises in your chest. You decide it was one of the neighbors, seeing as how you live alone. But, you think a moment. 'How did they get inside?' You decide not to question it. After all there seems to be nothing wrong in the home. Except for the fact that some of your tools and a toolbox are gone in your garage. "Aw, whatever." You think, "They will probably return them given a weeks time." You brush off the unsettled feeling you had earlier and cook some food for your mother. "She will love this. It is perfect" You say, breaking the still silence in your house.

Suddenly your front door opens, you see a man. His features fill you with terror. His face was dark and mysterious, his mouth cracked open, revealing his sharp, twisted and tangled teeth, and a smile from ear to ear. And his eyes, oh, his eyes. Two white globes shoved into his eye sockets. They seemed to stare into your soul. You seem to look at him for the longest of time.

Staring at his white eyes

Every second, feeling like an hour.

You feel a sharp pain in your neck, your body tenses and you fall to the ground. You see the creature come over you, his smile stretching wider, and wider, until.



You wake up. You have no indication of what day it is. The food you set out is rotting. You get up and look around, you see a strip of paper underneath some of the books in your room. You reach for it, withdrawing it carefully, the fear from the creature still in your throat. You read the note. "GET OUT OF TOWN" is written in big red and scrawled out letters.

Taped to the back of it is a picture. It takes you a moment but when you realize what happened, horror strikes your body, like a stake being drove through your chest.


In the picture is a police officer at what looks to be a crime scene in a field. Blood splatters every now and again through the tall grass. In the back of the field, you see the creature before, staring at the camera. You turn your attention back to the officer. 


In his white gloved hand, Is your toolbox.

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