Trapped with Fear

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I really rushed this story, its my first one so sorry for any grammar errors or anything. My friend told me this awhile ago.

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



You sigh as you trudge through the rugged cave and think to yourself "I can do this. It cant be that bad, just a few more yards and we are out" You look ahead and see that the cave seems to be getting smaller every step. Gulping down your fear you ask your friend, "Are you sure this is the way out?" "Of course!" He assures, "I have been down here many times before." "Okay. If you insist." you know he is not telling the truth but something keeps you going. Thinking to yourself "Come on. Quit being so scared. We are almost there." Your flashlight flickers indicating that the battery will soon die. You swallow your fear yet again. "We have to get out."


"Shit! Why did I trust you to bring me me down here!" You yell as you try to move, the cave walls crushing your lungs. "You are almost out, trust me! I will follow behind just try to keep going!" your friend proclaims. "What the hell did you think I was trying to do?!" You feel the fear of being lost in the cave, dying and never seeing your mother and father again. Your body never to be found.

You hear footsteps.

"Was that you?" You ask. "No. I cant move." "Then what was that." Your eyes bulge in terror as you feel adrenaline pump into your bloodstream. You hear groans coming from behind you and your friend.

They get louder

and louder

Suddenly your friend screams, a blood curdling, stomach wrenching scream no man should hear. You hear his screams getting farther and farther away.


Your flashlight dies.



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