A conglomeration of poems, written from the view of an Outsider, looking in.

Table of Contents

The Black and White poem of the emotion and the beast within me

The First in my Anthology. Written with Angst as my pen, and longing as my inspiration. Read Chapter

The Red poem of uncalled fury

A poem written for a friend. To prove myself and calm his anger. Read Chapter

The Golden poem of Black Silence

It's true that silence can break a mind faster than a thousand words. Read Chapter

The Grey Poem for The Grey Lady of my Nightmares.

The Grey Lady no longer haunts my mind, as she lives in this Poem. Read Chapter

The Green Poem of Verdant Praise

The Green Poem of Verdant Praise By Zackwell Dorian Aesther O, could I sing? To the green leaves of the trees? Those... Read Chapter

The Blue poem of Tranquility

Just when I was thinking of writing a poem... I write a poem about thinking! Read Chapter

The Rose Poem of Love

Just a little side-track from all the Angst.
After all, it's not the only thing that can be put on paper, sometimes, you feel so much love that it spills out into words on a page. Read Chapter

The Eighth Sin

We all sin... Absolvation is a method to be forgiven, the things we do... The punishments we recieve... All these poems I have written are sins.
I've yet to face my punishment.
And when I do,
I shall greet it with open arms. Read Chapter

Memoirs of an Epitaph

A friend's Mother came home.
She was crying.
Her friend had died in hospital.

This poem is dedicated to all those whom we have lost.
May they be found once more in these words...
And may they live once more within you. Read Chapter


A friend ended 5 years of friendship.
No reason that is known to me.

I may have done the wrong thing.
I regret it...
Yet he hasn't done the right thing.
Surely he can't feel good.

His name is Onyyx.
And I was proud to be his friend.

Ask him why he brushed me off if you wish.
No answer will come.
So I wrote this,
I gave it to him.
He gave it back whole,
In thirteen fragments of shame. Read Chapter

A Single Sentence to Describe My Perfect Autumn Sky

Has an Autumn Sky ever spoken to you? It has to me. And It couldn't be more beautiful. Read Chapter

Thirteen Silver Daggers

Based on a story about a tibetan monastery, cut off from the modern world for 1000 years.
They worshipped 13 silver daggers. Read Chapter

My First, My Final.

Written to inspire.
When Angst is prevailing in your mind,
Syphon it onto a page with a pen.

Let others read it
Share your Angst.
Don't suffer alone.

(The formatting of this poem is incorrect due to Booksie's lack of tab functionality. Apologies.) Read Chapter