"I Forgive" or "Goodbye"

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This is for you little brother.

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011



I hurt you so much

But I never meant to

I love you with all my heart

I love you with all my soul

I have from the first moment


This would be so much easier

If you just only said

I hate you now

You are nothing to me,

But instead you say this:

“You're still my angel.

You're still my guide in life.

You're still my best friend.

You are my big sister.

And I love you big sis.”

Hate me or love me

That's all I ask

I know I hurt you,

But I was just lashing out

I never wanted it to come to this


I love you so much

And I will always love you,

But if my love hurts you

Then maybe I should never

Have loved you at all


Just tell me what to do.

I would go through hell

To earn your love back

Just say the word

I would do anything

But if you can't forgive me

I can't live in torture

Never knowing if

I'll be loved by you again

I can't do that little brother


Two words is all I need

I'll stay with you always

I will never leave you

I won't hurt you

Just say “I forgive”


But if it would be healthier

For you to leave me

And never look back

Just say one little word

All it would take is “Goodbye.”

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