This Is My Pain

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I have a type of pain in my heart. I don't know what causes it and I don't know how to get rid of it. Won't you please help me?

Submitted: October 11, 2011

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Submitted: October 11, 2011



I seem sweet
I seem innocent
But only at first
Only at first

Then, people get close

And they learn about me
And they see my trauma
They see my pain

Oh, how they try to help

But they just can't
Mine is not a pain
That can ever be healed

Once they figure that out

They want to escape
Escape from my friendship
Escape from my life

As they leave me alone

I beg them to stay
Knowing too well they won't
Even if my heart needs them

People, friends, come

And quickly leave
My sad life all the time
Just like a candle going out

After reading this

You'll want to fix me too
Please don't try
I'll just loose you too

You're thinking

No I'll stay
I won't give up on you
But I know you're wrong

My pain comes from everywhere

My pain comes from nowhere
My pain grow and grows
My pain is a disease

That's why people leave

My pain spreads like
The most contagious virus
It infects all who get close to me

What causes my pain

You must be wondering
I wish I knew
I want to know just like you

Sometimes, I make up reasons

But usually I don't care
It comes and goes
In unending waves

Sometimes the pain

Mixes with the comfort
That confuses me greatly
It makes me hate both.

Make the pain go away

I can't take it
Why must it be
Me who has to hurt

Did I do something wrong

Do I deserve this
I don't know
Maybe I'm being punished

This poem is from the heart

Everything I say
Is coming out how it feels
To me and only me

So I plead of you

Get close to me
Help the pain
That is all I ask

Is it too much to ask for

A chance to kill this pain
Even if you risk your happiness
Is my well being worth that much?

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