Can you give me a moment to speak please?

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This is just something I was inspired to write after watching fox news and becoming sick and tired of ignorant people

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013




Can you give me a moment to speak please?

This won’t take long so hold your horses jeez

Now I’m not bout to spout some holy sermon

Or give some revolutionary speech, I’m just speaking as a person

Do me a favor though before I start

Just listen don’t critique it like it’s some urban art

I’m just talking to y’all like we’re the same

In an imaginary world where we don’t play the whose dicks bigger game

Sometimes I just turn on the TV and watch the news

Listening while the anchorman spews

Words of lies of hate and rage

Then stops to flip the page

Then continues again with the same old charade

It makes me think what the hell is wrong with this place

How long can we let them do this? How much can we take?

Are we gonna sit around forever believing what they say?

Spending our life, day by day

Living it by the rules of their way

Is nobody ever gonna get up and ask

Why am I listening to the villains behind the mask?

Why don’t I get up and make finding the truth my own task?

It’s annoying as hell and  incomprehensible as fuck

As to why we would all choose to be a sitting duck

Just sit around and leave things the way they are?

Where politicians wage wars on terror

Where we don’t realize our error

That the real terror is in our living rooms on TV

That the people running this place are willing to sacrifice you and me

For the sake of filling their pockets with green

While they tell us to fight an enemy that cannot be seen

So thank you for your time whoever you are

But I gotta ask you to deliver a message, I hope it goes far

Stop listening to whatever you’re told

And I promise you, low and behold

You’ll see all is not well and safe

In the US of A


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