One Silent and Calm Night

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Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013




One silent and calm night

I took a stroll outside to bathe in the moonlight

As I walked I gazed upon the warm lights of the little homes

I even had a laugh or two at their silly garden gnomes

But I stopped at one particular house which piqued my interest

It wasn’t the design or look, which was mediocre at best

It was the prettiest girl I saw on the porch with a tear in her eye

I’m not one to meddle but this sight verily made me wonder why

Why would such a lovely lady be so solemn and upset?

She was a stranger to me, we had never met

But even so I mustered my courage to stammer a few a words or two

This surprised her as she looked up at me and asked “Who are you?”

I tipped my hat and replied, just a lonely soul finding its way

She smiled a little then replied, well I wouldn’t imagine you’d found your stay

This is no place for a gentleman like you

I was disheartened by her words, such a beautiful face

One to make even the most stone solid hearts race

I couldn’t help myself, I had to pry

What was the cause of her sadness, I had to ask why

She replied a softly

Do you not see the monster that plagues me?

I looked around, but as far as monsters go, non I could see

Curious about her mystic reply I had to know

What monster do you mean for to my eyes it will not show

She gave a glum laugh as she said

The monster is me, it is in my horrid looks and thoughts in my head

Perhaps this was out of line, but I could not resist

She was such a lovely girl for whom sadness should not persist

So I said to her, I see no monster but a maiden instead

You are lovely and sweet, and as long as they aren’t said

Thoughts are just thoughts in your head

She smiled at me and it made me smile to

I only have but one heart to give but I wouldn’t giving it to you

So will in this lovely night dance with me beneath the sky?

It was silly, but she couldn’t so no, there was no harm to try

So like two fools we danced under the moonlight

In that silent and calm night

But for us the world was as loud as a roaring beast

Not a single sound was heard but not silent in the least

As I end our dance and I hold her in my warm embrace

She says to me with a smile on her face

It’s so kind of you to do this for me, I’m so happy

I laughed, oh I didn’t do this for you, this is for me silly

And the smiled faded from her face as I plunged my hand into her chest

And removed her beating heart, putting her body to rest

You see I would never give my only heart to you

When I can have myself two

I said to her paling corpse, you were right though

It’s a little cliché but you were right about the monster you know

But the monster wasn’t you, it was me

You just couldn’t see it clearly

Because the real monsters are the ones that we don’t expect

The ones you trust and do not suspect

To be the horrors they are

If only you had know before, you would have gotten far

I wipe the blood from my hands and disappear with footsteps so light

Into that silent and calm night


© Copyright 2018 Zaed Qureshi. All rights reserved.

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