Spore of Murder

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What will hatred drive a man to do? This tale follows one such hateful man as he contemplates whether to reap vengeance on a monster or not. Please leave me your thoughts and comments, positive or negative, I will greatly appreciate it.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013




He sat in the empty loft all alone

His heart matching his body, as cold as a stone

Times like this were the most painful

Not because he hated them, for the silence he was thankful

But the real dread was in the contrast

The fact that this solitude would not last

No matter the time of day or whatever place

His calm and sanity broken by the glimpse of his face

When he thought he was safe and it was over, he would appear

Walk in through the door, or come out of a crowd, he was always near

Right on time, he heard the click of the lock

The door swung open, and in he walked

The sight of him brought the memories back

A rush of agony and pain, a psychological attack

That inhuman monster greeted him and took a seat

He could feel his filthy gaze but his eyes he could not meet

The shell of this man was perfect in everyway

Perfect enough to fool the people around him everyday

But he knew what sick darkness lay deep within

Nothing but an endless hole of black sin

All the pain he brought, the lives he ended

The bringer of wounds so deep, never to be mended

He wanted nothing more than to kill this freak

Just as always, his anger reached its peak

He pulled the cold steel from his holster and took aim

Could he do it this time, end the misery, or would it stay the same?

His finger twitched, begging to pull the trigger

Starring down the barrel, the fiend’s smile grew bigger

“Do you really think you can do it?”

“You’re nothing without me, nothing but shit”

“Kill me and your life goes down the drain”

“So put the gun down, think, and use your brain”

“Stop crying over what I did, leave it in the past”

“How long can you go on like this, I don’t think you’ll last”

“It was an accident, everyone could see”

“You can’t just continue blaming me”

“So how about you put the gun away”

“And go outside to the park or fishing at the bay”

“Or we can toss that all out the window right now”

“And you can leave the stage of life, take your bow”

As the words left that sick monsters mouth

He knew he was right, there was no doubt

He had taken the lives of those he held most dear

But even with all the anger, but it was held back by fear

The fear of the unknown, of what came next

What was to be of his life, the question left him perplexed

He looked around for an answer which he found

In the still picture of his family, never making a sound

What good was his life now that they were gone?

If he didn’t pull the trigger, the killer had won

He made his choice, this life wasn’t worth living

Vengeance, it was a try worth giving

The neighbor next door heard the sound of the gun fire

An hour later, a man was in the apartment in police attire

He found in the small flat, a single body on the floor

A gun in one hand, and the other covered in gore

He crouched next to the body to carefully observe

When something rang a bell in his mind, struck a nerve

In all his life, he had never forgotten a face

And this one he had seen before in a motor accident case

This man had drunkenly driven off the road and crashed

He survived but his wife and child had breathed their last

Like so many, he lost his life to darkness inside

The darkness that makes the monsters we cannot hide

That we are plagued by and always see

Until we make them more horrible then they may be

These beasts within, we cannot ignore

But remember, self hatred only breeds more.

© Copyright 2019 Zaed Qureshi. All rights reserved.

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