Summoning the Collector

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A horrific tale of one girl's silly mistake with powers she did not understand. I would really appreciate comments and feedback. I have no idea how long ago I wrote this, I give credit to the author of the original story, they were anonymous. But my friend showed me the story and I said I could make it better and this was my attempt.

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013




Startled, I woke from my sleep to a sound, but I wasn’t sure whether I actually heard it or was it just part of a dream?  Awake now, I looked around my room in the dim light, drawing my attention to the book shelf in the corner of my room focusing on the grimore on one of the shelfs.  Still half asleep a quick flash of memory filled my foggy, half asleep mind.  I laughed quietly to myself as I remembered last night’s escapade of horror stories and attempts at necromancy and witch craft, the usual slumber party stupidity girls did.  As my mind flitted through the memory a sudden chill ran up my spine as it struck an unsettling chord.

The vision of my room changed from the calm placid shape image of flowers and stuffed animals to the dark candle lit sitting room of my friend Macy’s home.  I relived the events in my mind as I watched all my peers hold hands in a circle around the roughly drawn pentacle, its points highlighted by dripping wax candles.  We all tensed and hung on every word that Macy spoke from the so called grimoire I had found in the universities research library. 

Macy read from the grimoire from a spell titled the ‘The Enlightener’s Biding’

“Invoco sacra potestate Satanae sumus vasis vestris, et imple nosimplere mandatum nostrum et virtus tua habitabunt in te”

As the words left her lips the air grew still and thick, buzzing with an uneasy feeling.  Macy turned towards me, and a devilish smile spread across her lips.

“ Oh Enlightener, send your servant to collect our chosen sacrifice, Julia Gartener”

The blood drained from my face and a felt my heart drop into the pit of my gut, a strong tight knot.  I stared on as everyone burst into laughter from the look on my face.  They all tried to cheer me up, saying repeatedly it was only a joke, but inside  that ominous feeling lingered, and now it returned stronger.

I thought to myself, how strange the human mind is, remembering the worst sensations when you need them the least, purposely frightening itself.  Now that I was already up, the tension in my bladder led me to the bathroom.  As I sat relieving myself I heard strange noises coming from my parent’s room down the hall, a slight moan and squelching sound.  I tried to reassure myself it was nothing, just my parents having a little fun, but deep inside the feeling was building up tighter and I found myself forming plans to deal with the unspeakable.

I moved down the hall and as I reached my parent’s bedroom door, reaching out for the knob, my foot felt a warm wet substance on the carpet, a dark red stain on the carpet.  A red so deep it seemed as a bottomless pit, still fresh, warm, the stinging scent of rust emitting from it, invading my brain with a shaking uncontrollable fear.  My body felt nothing but fear and doom, my hands shaking, my eyes glued to the deep dark pool of red slowly thickening.  Yet I couldn’t stop my hand from moving ever closer to the door knob, and as I turned it and pushed it open the door, nothing would prepare me for what I saw.

Through the slight crack in the door, I saw a horrific unimaginable sight; on the edge of the bed lay my mother, or what was left of her.  Her face twisted in a grimace of  pain and terror, unrecognizable to me except by the color of her cold dead eyes, devoid any spark of life and hope.  Her face and every spot on her body was covered in blood slowly clotting, her lower body had been torn out, the intestines spilling forth, a wave of blood, fluids and pipes, looking like worms.  Through the very opening her heart and lungs had been torn open and out from under the ribs still pulsating spurts of blood still spewing from the valves.  But what shocked me more than the slaughtered corpse that once was my mother, was the figure standing over it.

Looming over the bedside, gorging itself on the innards stood a tall, skinny hairless humanoid creature, but this was no human, no human could ever do something so horrific.  The skin covering its body was a pale sickly grey, smooth in drenched in slime like fluid from what it seemed.  The bones of its spine and ribs jutted out from its sides, and back, stretching out the skin as if it would tear immediately, an undead living creature it seemed.  I watched as its muscles enlarged and relaxed as it yanked on the entrails of the body ripping them and biting into them, and the world went silent as I let forth a shriek shaking the house, and screamed out my lungs.  My mind could think of nothing but that hideous face of its as it turned towards me.

A large gaping maw filled with crooked misshapen fangs, making up the entire lower portion of the face, if you could call it that.  Where its eyes should have been instead were gills inhaling and exhaling air it seemed and dripping a salve.

As it looked towards me it slowly began moving towards me.  My legs held firm to ground while my mind screamed with every fiber for them to move, all the while the creature moved closer, slowly, one step at a time, so sure of its ability to tear me to shreds with its clawed, bony fingers.  Finally I felt my foot move off the ground and before I even knew I was moving I bolted to down the hall and ran down the stairs and passed through the kitchen grabbing a knife from one of the counters.  The beast’s heavy footsteps thudded down the stairs and ran towards me.  I turned around and thrust the knife deep into its lower body and let go as a blood curdling shriek erupted from its gaping mouth and black thick blood smelling of rot covered my hands. 

The beast wrenched the knife out of its body and roared louder than the mightiest animal.  It was moving slowly now limping but enraged to the highest degree.  It swung one arm and thrashed me across the kitchen into the living room.  I couldn’t get up on my feet, my ankle was twisted, in my last efforts I crawled under neat the large sofa in the up against the wall.  My heart was, beating hard, and making its way into my mouth.  The creature made its way into the living room slowly, and stood for a moment.  Its gill eyes moved in and out for awhile taking in the air, smelling it seemed.  I waited for it to come towards me and have me suffer the same fate as my parents.  But instead it left the room, and its heavy steps made its way up the stairs.  Had it left?  Gone to instead finish its meal upstairs?

I waited under that sofa for what seemed an eternity and just as I was about to move out, two masses were flung into the room hitting hard against the wall, one of my mother, and the other my father.  I had not thought of his fate till now, and it was worse than any fate a man could conjure.  His back was split open the ribs shattered shards covering the side, as a long whip bended back out of it with a bulb at the end.  As my eyes adjusted to the light and focused, it was his spine torn out with his head still attached, the muscles in his face still twitching his mouth wide open in a lifeless stare.

I bit into my lip till it bled to stop me from screaming and crying out at what I saw, I just sat silently staring as the creature walked up to the bodies and thrusts its claws deep into them and pulled them out soaked in blood.  It walked to the wall across from the sofa and began to write something on the walls.  After a while it moved away, out of my vision, perhaps gone out of the window.  I focused my blurry teary eyed vision on the wall which read “Hiding under there won’t save you”

Before I could react the clawed hand sprung forth and grabbed my head pulling me through the torn sofa.  I screamed and screamed but it was useless.  I felt its hands reach into my mouth and pry my jaws apart, pulling harder and harder till the muscles and vessels tore, spraying blood like an endless fountain.  I felt the searing burning pain as I tried helplessly to move mouth, scream for help, but all I could do is watch my lower jaw dangle from its veins.  I stared on in horror with what were the last seconds of my life as the creature forced its hand through my chest and tore out a bloody mass that was my heart and formed what looked like a smile with its crooked teeth as it brought it above my head and squeezed.  I watched as the blood dripped onto my face and that smile was all that I saw. As my vision went dark I heard a chilling whisper “You’re mine ….” 

© Copyright 2019 Zaed Qureshi. All rights reserved.

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