The Infinite Dust

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This is a poem I wrote when I was in a dark part of my life, I still kind of am. I guess the base of this poem is really like an infinite view of our existence and how that perspective really changes how we relate to people

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Submitted: March 01, 2013




Dust, is your greatest ally in life

Not your friends, family or wife

All we have is dust

I’ll explain because I must

Or however else will your mind grasp what I say

A man is born and effects the world day by day

He affects the environment, objects and creatures

He plays many different roles to them, father, brother and teacher

And the world in turn has its effects on him

It loves him, hugs him, cuts him down or gives him a trim

Man ties himself to the places and people he meets

Some may just be a door man he greets

Others may be people he calls his best friend

But you see that all begins to fade, it comes to an end

Time slips beneath our feet and space itself crumbles

People vanish, the loudest sounds become mumbles

And the man himself is forgotten

But when all is lost and we are diseased and rotten

Wallowing in our silence and seclusion

Or when we are driven by madness and confusion

Only one place remains that takes us in and accepts us

The one place, that one entity is the dust

As we fall to our knees and break our backs

It breaks our fall and lets us relax

Maybe breathe for a moment or two

Say our last word or a few

And then it engulfs us, takes us in

Time passes and the dust becomes us and again it will begin

We are the dust and we are your only friend

From beginning till end


© Copyright 2018 Zaed Qureshi. All rights reserved.

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