Era and the Slavers

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... Not entirely sure what to write here. There is some death, fire (everyone loves fire) and loss.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012




Era woke, isolated and confused, under a bundle of dirty linen. Slowly she clambered out; moving towards the open window. It was still dark outside. Opening the window slightly she peered into the sparkling night sky.
“I wonder where everyone is..” her eyes closed as a sense of loss washed over her. “It’s colder than usual.”
As she shut the window she noticed a group of seven watching from the shadows. She stared for a while before she moved away.  Nervously she made her way to the staircase. Stretching into the distance elegant candles hinted a shape of a hallway. On finding the wall she stretched her hand out and traced it in hope that it led to the stairs. As she approached where the stairs began, the sudden rush of cold air caught her breath. Edging down the wall, she froze.
“There are no stairs, but there must be stairs..” She looked left and right, gripping the sleeves that drooped over her wrists.
Era heard a pair of feet shuffling behind her, spinning around she noticed there was a small girl quickly closing the distance.
“Get out of my way! I am very b-“
Era grabbed her forearm and pulled the girl back “No. Stairs.”
“I have I job to do, you bitch! Let me go!” The small girl tried to pull her arm out of Era’s grip. “God damn it elf! I said LET THE ARM GO!
Era loosened her grip on the girls arm causing the girl to flail, resulting in the pair falling in the space where the stairs should have been. Both of the girls screamed clinging to one another. Whilst in the air Era made it so that she was under the small girl to break her fall.

With a loud crash the pair land on the ground floor. When Era roused, it felt as though there was a thick blanket of black mist floating in the air. She heard the screams of the little girl.
“Let me go you animals!” More screams could be heard.
In the distance moving rubble could be heard.
“Keep still and we won’t hurt you, or your pretty friend, when we find her”
The girl looked around for any sign of movement. “Elf chick if you can hear me, RUN…. AND FOR HEAVENS SAKE! DON’T GET CAUGHT!!” There was panic in the girl’s voice.
Era felt sorry for the girl ‘there must be a way to save her I may not know the danger but I am not leaving her. I can’t.’  As Era was pulling herself up she had a feeling that there was someone just short of being behind her ‘not today my friend. Not today.’ Slowly Era slid beside a pile of rubble, briefly she held her breathe as they walked past oblivious to her presence.
The man’s excitement increased. “An elf you say?” the sound of feet crunching against the ground “Boss… How much you recon we’ll get for the ugly Elf?”
“Oh I don’t know a couple hundred. Which is why you better not lose her or it is your life you’ll lose too.”
“Ah…… Yes boss.” He starts to move rubble and look for Era.
Era toyed with the hem of her sleeves. ‘Ugly. Is this a game to them? Do they want money? What are they? Better yet WHO are they?!” Era slipped on a piece of shrapnel, rushing away from the area she heard people running to, she ran straight into the arms of a strong hooded male. ‘Bugger! They caught me. I am so sorry little one, I tried to save you.’  Era’s heart sank as the arms clasped around her middle, reminding her of when she first met the group, when she had ran straight into Zero. A single tear tell down her rosy cheeks. Suddenly the grip felt protective and familiar, as soon as she opened her mouth to speak the rush of cold air caught her unaware. As Era and the hooded figure neared the entrance of the building and he vanished. Leaving Era in front of three mean looking men.  From the distance voices called to one another saying they still hadn’t found her.
“She has to be here somewhere!” He laughs “There is no way out of here Elf. So you might as well just give yourself to us. Then you can join your little friend over here. What do you say?”
The hooded figure could see where everyone was positioned. He hoped that Era would just stay by one of the walls until he sorted everything out, this was not the case.  Era found her senses and dodged the bodies that surrounded her. She found the small girl. She relaxed slightly, but the alien presences quickly put her back on edge again. As she dodged each person that flocked around the small girl. Era froze, one of taller men thought they had her cornered.
“Looking for someone my sweet?” he proceeded to lung towards her.
Era just about managed to avoid contact and her pursuer ran straight into one of the other men. She hesitated and watched them.
Era bit her lip. Slowly she closed her eyes following the patterns; she found the girl. She reached out a hand placing it lightly on the girls shoulder ‘please do not scream.’
“Are you alright? Can you walk?” Era made sure to keep low and close to the little girl.
“I’m…. Why did you come back? I told you to leave. You should not have returned, they’ll enslave you as well as me.” The girls arms dropped “it’s hopeless.”
Era pulled herself up and then pulled the little girl to her feet, as she lead her away from the main group of slavers, pausing slightly Era looked about to be sure they were heading the right way. The little girl bumped into her.
“What’s wrong?” Her voice was just a whisper.
“Shh, just be quiet and we should be fine.” She whispered to the little girl.
Once again the girl began to play with the hem of her tight dress ‘I can’t believe that she would go to all the trouble of saving me when she could have gotten away and saved herself… Does she always put others before her? Have we been wrong about these Elves for many a year?’ As the pair were making their way through the slavers, Era felt a hand on her shoulder but they were abnormally close to her. Her heart skipped a beat as she pulled the little girl close to her.
“Friend or foe?” Era murmured, her whole body went rigid.
A calming presence helped to relax Era thus leading them away from the slavers. ‘I cannot risk her knowing who I am. Not yet at least. There is a time and place, place and time. Which this is neither.’ As Era was being led to where she believed the door to be, her foot caught on something causing her to stumble. After regaining her balance she knelt down to find what is was that she fallen over. Fumbling about on the floor Era found that her foot got caught in a bag strap. Picking up the bag she found it to be rather heavy but put it on her shoulder anyway. As the three of them made their way to what they believed to be the front of the building they found that it was completely deserted as now every effort was being made to find Era.
“I am a little surprised that they have not noticed that you have gone missing..” Era trying to prompt a name out of the little girl.
“Tessie, they call me Tessie.” She smiled warmingly at Era. “Yes it is strange that they have not noted my disappearance.”

As they got closer and closer to where there should have been a door, instead they just found a gap in the wall leading out onto the street. As they ran out onto the streets the little girl tugged on Era’s arm indicating her to follow her. Era allowed herself to be led by Tessie to the top of the town.
Tessie turned to face Era. “There are two choices we have here. One is to part ways and never look back on this moment the other meaning that we stay together… Which would be more hassle then you currently need so I suggest that it is the wiser option to part ways.”
Era looked at Tessie slightly surprised “I am guessing you are used to that and it is normal here? However I don’t think that it would be responsible for me to leave someone of your age here alone where they could get you again.”
Tessie stared at Era “We need to part ways. I have my family and friends to go and see and let them know that I am safe”
Era opened her mouth to protest, but decided it wasn’t a good idea to push her too much. “Very well Tessie, I shall say good bye as I must carry on looking for my friends.” She turned her back on Tessie and began to walk away “Good bye Tess.”
“Elf. You have yet to tell me your name, I would like it to be remembered here as something positive..”
“Most know me by Era, so I guess that is my name.”
“Very well Era, it will always be remembered of the good deed you did here.”
Era turned to face Tessie. “Sorry? Good deed? I am not familiar to this term. I was just helping a person who appeared to need the help the most.”
“Most would have just left me to my fate. For which you didn’t and I thank you.”
Tessie then without another word walked into one of the close by houses. Era turned to face the gate once again and returned to look for her friends. ‘I wonder who it was that helped me.’

Meanwhile back at the inn the hooded figure stood in front of the building.
“Those are the last people you are going to torment and mistreat.”
As the hooded man was turning to leave the inn suddenly burst into flames.
“Your lives will be missed, but what you have done will not.”

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