Brussels is not a part

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I was just watching TV at my home with my family son Adam, daughter Merry, wife Jenny and mother, Lady Margaret my dad has passed a few years ago, he did not afford to live in this world after 60, he always used to say, “One who is a real son of a man he must not live longer more than 60 years in this society of savages”, it was his created logic, what can I say about.!!!?,
At a sudden news flashed, about a bomb blast at the Brussels Air Port, the news jolted us and caught the full attention of my whole family, especially my children, Adam and Merry, and soon after a second blasted reports in the subway metro adjacent the Air Port. It was very terrible and horrific situation the news footage were showing the devastation everywhere, targeted area was full of smoke, dust and rubble, people were running everywhere crying, shouting and were helping each other to get out the building, so many injured were laying down on ground and waiting for some kind of medic first aid, everyone was in severe and overwhelming shock. People were trying to evacuate the space and the airport building in a hurry and was very feared might be a third blast may happen,
So after the total area seized and security forces took the control of the area a large number of ambulances, Fire Bridge and police vehicles arrived with continuously emergency sirens, the Belgium along with its capital Brussels was in a state of Shock.
My whole family was also in shock and grief, my mom erupted at once,”Oh my God help them, why the peace full people being targeted”,
I was very sorrowed and deeply distresses and was thinking about the people who were crying simultaneously,
Adam asked to me, “Dad who were they and why they blasted bombs in cities and killing the innocent peoples”, Adam was also in grief,
His question was so simple and I also replied him so simple, “They are savages who blasted the bombs and killed the innocent peoples”,
“Savages”, Adam astonished at my answer, I think he did not get my answer correctly, so I asked him, Adam, “Anything wrong”,
“No, Dad”, he replied and continued his discussion with a question, “Dad but I am confused”,
“Confused” So why, I asked him,
“Because our teacher once told us it had been long ago when this world ruled by the savages, so how could they possibly be at the time when humanity is living in the age of enlightenment quite different from hundreds of hundreds years past the age of savages”,
I was surprised and tried to collect some ideas to answer Adam, but at sudden he questioned me, “Dad will they attack again and again, they are savages what it means they have a license to kill us”,
I said,” No, not at all they must be accounted and punished for the severe act of killing innocent people on land of theirs, this is totally a brutal act against humanity”,
“Of course they must be”, said the Adam, now he was in a decisive mood he affirmably said to me, “Dad, these savages must be bordered in their area own and world should fix them and get them from their peace full countries if they had come in”,
He was talking continuously, “Brussels is not apart from the world if the world will not take action against these savages one day they will suffer like Belgium”,
He said in belligerence “Savages must be caged”.

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Brussels in not a part

Submitted: March 30, 2016

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