Summer Tree Door

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A fairytale fiction story to enlighten all ages! :)

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012




I sat on the dry grassy floor of my garden and watched the clouds drift lazily by. Today seemed like one of those perfect days. The ones when the Sun reflects of every surface resulting in an outburst of colour and the sky is such a deep blue that perhaps it could give the sea a run for its money. The clouds dotted around this blue abyss looked like pieces of cotton wool in the sky, very much so solid and what disappointed me was the reality of clouds being water droplets, and that you couldn’t sit on them. My daydreaming was interrupted by the sensation of which I felt my face being burnt off an obvious result of the Sun beating down.

I got up and went inside the house, and continued my thinking there. If clouds were solid, what would it feel like to walk on one? (Ignoring the fact that you wouldn’t have enough oxygen to breath) I came to the conclusion that clouds would feel like a very soft carpet. Not cotton wool because I’d like to think clouds not to be interpreted with the stereotype. For some reason slow motion and weightlessness is also associated with clouds. What’s the logic with that? Anyway, I do feel they would be soft and bouncy, so soft carpet with the physical properties of a trampoline. To be completely honest the magical experience of cloud jumping would be ruined by the fact that you have to take an oxygen tank with you and various layers of thermal clothing to prevent you from freezing to death. So I suppose that you can forget thinking of jumping on clouds again. You can just look at them. Like the Zoo of the sky.

However, moving on from this ridiculous prospect, it stills remains as a nice day and being inside would be lazy, so I once more shuffle back outside. At the bottom of the garden was a bit of woodland so I ventured out there. Finding a decent tree I clambered my way up and sat on the branch. Breaking of a twig like branch of the end of the one I was sitting on, I started to scratch the main trunk, engraving my initials into it, when I noticed an apparent hole. It didn’t look like a natural one. It was a carved square like shape and the edges were so smooth it gave the impression that it had been sanded down. Looking into the hole I found it was almost the shape of a mini hallway leading directly to a miniature door. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t come across this spectacle before. I had been up this tree countless times, and this was definitely new. Rather than telling anybody I thought it would be best to investigate this further. One of the main worries would be a security issue, of who actually has come into our garden and built this, but being a child, I wanted to know what was on the other side of the door.

At closer inspection I could see next to the door was a tiny red button. It looked like a doorbell. Unfortunately, my hand was too big to fit down the mini hallway and push the button, so I had to seek assistance from my twig. I carefully lead it through the hole and pushed the button. Nothing happened. Well I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. But then I heard a high pitched faint tune, it was actually a door bell. The door didn’t open but a tiny note slipped out from the bottom instead. Using the twig, I eased out the delicate piece of paper, which was no bigger than a bottle cap. The tiny paper was filled with beautiful tiny writing and a decorative golden border. It read:

Dear Curious Stranger

Well I see you’ve found me. Excellent, let me explain. Over the summer, for a short while, I appear on trees across the world. You’ve found me, good for you! But come back daily and check on me, because I won’t be here forever!

Yours faithfully, Magical door

My initial thoughts told me that this was a prank. But who could do something elaborate as this. Of course I wanted to believe it, but logic got the better of me. This was a ‘cloud walking’ situation. I carefully examined the note trying to find any flaws. But it seemed perfect. Not even a grammatical error. I trudged back inside and resumed my day. Something told me not to share this with anyone.

The following afternoon, I decided to venture back outside and once again perched on the branch facing the hole in the trunk. ‘Yes, its still here’ I told myself thinking of my next move. I concluded that I should probably ring the bell again. So I took the twig I had perched on the trunk next to the hole yesterday and clicked the tiny button. A clockwork clicking noise was accompanied with the door slowly opening inside the door was a tiny golden sweet, wrapped in cellophane. As I used the twig to ease the sweet forward, I saw another note written on the same stationary and in the same script under it. It read:

Dear Curious Stranger,

I have given you the golden sweet. This lovely tasting sucking sweet will last you a whole day. Every half hour the flavour will change. Some common ones include lemon, orange and strawberry. Normally these are the flavours that rotate. If you encounter another flavour, than you are very lucky indeed.

Yours Faithfully, the Door

I un-wrapped the cellophane reveals a jewel like transparent treat. I didn’t want to eat it, I wanted to save it. It had all the colours of the rainbow and more. However, I was the curious stranger, and I had to experience the joys of the golden sweet. I popped it in my mouth and waited for the flavour to sink in. Yes that was the sharp bitterness of a lemon. It wasn’t a sweet like flavour at all. It was like literally sucking on a lemon, even down to the texture. I endured the sourness for about 30 minutes when I suddenly sensed the flavour change. The lemon taste was lingering in my mouth, so it didn’t register at first what the taste was. Then it hit. It was a very rich chocolate, dark chocolate and extremely smooth. I took out the sweet just the e inspect how it had changed. It hadn’t, same size, same colours. The flavours I tasted where blueberry, strawberry, lemon again, orange, candyfloss and the something peculiar happened. My mouth started burning and my ears were on fire. The flavour was a very strong chilli. I immediately spat it out and marched to the door in the tree. I put the sweet outside the door and started actually speaking to this inanimate object, “This burned my mouth, it’s the strongest chilli I have encountered, door, I am not very happy with this sweet”

I wasn’t expecting a reply; however a note had slid out, reading:

Dear Curious Stranger

That was the Bhut Jolokia, the hottest chilli in the world. If you had kept that in your mouth any longer, results would have been disastrous

Yours Faithfully, the Door

I was relieved I had detected the taste before I had actually let it sink in but I did want to see the other flavours that the ‘golden sweet’ had to offer. Never the less, I reached out to retrieve the sweet just to keep. I woke up early the next day, just the see what the door had to offer. The early morning air was fresh and the heat of the Sun was perfect. I pushed the tiny button. The door opened once more this time there was tiny red velvet bag. It was tied up with golden string. I retrieved the bag and examined it. This time the note was attached to the bag. There was a tiny golden lock also attached to the string of the bag. I read the note:

Dear Curious Stranger,

If you can find the key for this bag, its contents are yours.

Yours Faithfully, the Door

I looked blankly at the note, then at the lock. How I was ever going to find that small key was impossible. The lock was minuscule and that meant the key was even tinier. But there was no way I cold ever open that velvet bag without the key, and there was definitely something in there. I had to find out. Now I had to look at my options: Surely the door wouldn’t make things difficult and hide the key in the grass that would be worse than a needle in a haystack. I didn’t consider this. I looked back on the door and examined it further. The keyhole looked like it would fit the same key that would open the lock. I rang the doorbell, perhaps for a clue.

The door opened, but nothing was inside. I sighed doubtfully, being pessimistic about this situation was very easy indeed, being optimistic would prove a challenge. I was almost tempted to cut the bag open, but that would be cheating. I went back inside the house and thought for a while. So the key is the same key for the mini door. Where a tiny key could be misplaced in a garden? I was getting rather frustrated with this, so I decided I should leave this problem for a while. I put my hand in my pocket and I felt something round, oh, it was only the sweet from yesterday. I popped it in my mouth to see if it worked a second time, but there was no taste. The only difference was that I could actually feel it shrinking in my mouth. After about a minute I bit down on what was remaining of the sweet, to find it was completely solid.

I spat it out into my hand. What was left wasn’t a sweet. It was a key, a very detailed distinct key which was the shiniest golden I had ever seen. I grinned with excitement and ran back out to the garden. The velvet bag was left on the branch I had put it on. I carefully lead the tiny key into the tiny lock. It fit. I turned it and took it off, opening the bag immediately. I looked inside the bag to find a small red tissue. I was slightly disappointed as all my work had been wasted on simply obtaining a tissue. I opened the tissue up, and to my surprise there was a tiny red gem like stone. A ruby colour; and the size of a baby tooth.

At first I was astonished at my findings. I had found an actual ruby. How much was I worth? What could it buy me? But then I noticed something else in my bag. It was in fact, another note.

Dear Curious Stranger

That tiny red stone is glorious, you are very lucky to have encountered it. But finding out what it does, means that you’ll have to come back tomorrow

Yours faithfully, the Door

Well that’s just swell. By this point I was fuming but I had to get a hold of myself. To tell the truth I did try cheating by trying to work out the use of the stone by doing this like rubbing it; as if a genie were to pop out. Unlikely I know, but everything that’s been happening has changed my perspective about logic.

The next day took a life time to arrive, but when it did come it woke me up with the most satisfied grin. I ran to that same old spot and tormented the mini doorbell by pushing it again and again. I retrieved the note that was inside the door, it read:

Dear Curious Stranger

Your patience will be rewarded now, that beautiful stone is a parting gift. Unfortunately I have to go early due to an emergency, but I feel bad so I had to give you something special. This stone is unique; I’ve never given this away. It’s the creativity stone, with it in your pocket you can sit down and produce great things.

Yours faithfully and goodbye, the Door

Ever since then I have kept that stone close. I did go back the next day just to see if the door was there but unfortunately it wasn’t. What I realised though is that pretty soon when I sat down to be creative, be it write or draw ect. I soon forgot the stone, and didn’t even realise it. Maybe everyone really has the power of the creativity stone, and they’re just not using it.  So maybe everyone should try being creative once in a while, seeing how it turns out, oh and keep looking out for that little door in your back gardens.















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