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Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012




I want to awake on something o clock today

And maybe from then on time to be slowed,

For seconds to creep, minutes reluctantly crawl,

So a day without purpose can be enjoyed overall,

An achievement of nothing and productivity of nil,

Just one day I wish to be content with zero fulfilled,

Lazily roaming happily grinning and a sunny family day,

And when anyone asks what you’ve done today proudly say,

I’ve have not done a thing, apart from enjoy hours pass by,

Achievement of happiness: that’s a decent reply.


Unfortunately today that cannot come true at all

Alas there is too much to do, too much haul,

Like startled bees we must run around doing tasks,

Organising this, sorting out that and all that is asked,

Because after all they have to be done, it’s absolute,

We’re constantly dragging our burdens like a malamute.





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