Just Say When

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Just shoot...

Submitted: November 11, 2008

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Submitted: November 11, 2008



Just Say When

A cold hearted silence
Fills the atmosphere to its' brim
As you stand before me
Gripping the trigger

So many tears held inside
From the things you said to me
I would flash a smile to mask the hurt
And you would think nothing of your actions

Again and again you cut me
With the remarks you found humorous
But now you're finally here to finish the task
And kill all that's left of me

You really haven't realized it have you?
The pain and suffering you put me through
In your eyes it's all a joke
And it shouldn't matter if my life is waisted

The last thing that you said to me
Should have killed me then
But I was holding onto the vain hope
That you truly didn't mean it

I'm standing inches from the cliff's edge
And you point the gun at me
An amused smile graces your face
As you wait for my decision

I could close my eyes and pray to God
And fall peacefully into the abis
But it's pathetic you know?
Because I'm going to let you shoot

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