'Sosriqwe's Ballad' Translated & Annotated by

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: September 30, 2016

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Submitted: September 30, 2016



  1. Sosriqwe iy Pshinalhem iy Qeidzighuniyt'

Sosriqwe's Ballad


Kabardian text



Sosriqwe dei qan

Latinized Circassian text

Sosriqwe dei nexu

Iyami'oxu dischafe

Digher ziy pa'e shigu

Iyeishigoaoriy meshes

Nart xase unoch'o

Nart xase uzdech'oam

Qandziyt' zepeshilhsh

Zipishilher zramikygo

L'ich'o ch'oniy qaxemich'go

l'ich'o pxenezh zashiy'sh

qanddzeit'irriy zeshiysh

eizimiy iy l'i'xubzh shiyqutesh

iy shaobzh qaxiyxriy

iy ha zaqo iy ghucere

nart shiu ghuce iymi'ego qeizchezchsh


English Translation

Sosriqwe our pride

Sosriqwe our light

In his golden facade

Sun shining from his cranium

Riding graciously on his horse

He –Sosriqwe- is attending the Narts council

He –Sosriqwe- went to the council of the Narts

There are two armies ready to clash

Who will be sent to prevent the spar except for Sosriqwe?

He –Sosriqwe- will go find truce

And take a group of Narts with him

He –Sosriqwe- takes out the horse lash

Accompanied by his hound

And rides alone without the Narts.


(Hedeghel’e, I968, Vol.II, p. 113)


© Copyright 2020 Zaina El-Said. All rights reserved.

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