being lost

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this story is about a girl who is lost in the darkest one's able to find her. after 1 year her family gets a call ...

Submitted: May 20, 2016

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Submitted: May 20, 2016




In the wildest and darkest of forests, Scarlett was nowhere to be found. BEEPBEEP!! Siren of the cops was surrounding the whole place. Scarlett’s mother was crying, thinking that she had lost Scarlett forever. There was no hope of finding Scarlett because the forest was big enough to search for her. The cops had searched the areas of their reach. ”Where would Scarlett be, she is claustrophobic how’ll she survive in that much dark” her mother got worried thinking about it. ”She’ll be fine where ever she is, she knows how to get out of serious problems” Susan said. ”It is not just a problem, it is a seviour problem if your dad gets to know about it, he’ll definitely kill me without waiting for a sec” Scarlett’s mother replied.

“Mam you should get back to your house because it’s getting cold and dark here” the cop advised to Scarlett’s mother Elizabeth. ”So basically you are worried about dad not Scarlett”-Susan. ”You better keep quite you are making me angry with your talks”, said Elizabeth. “TRIN TRIN!!” Susan’s cell started ringing. ” Its dad! Mom”. “What I will say to him now, I’ve not thought of a reason yet” Elizabeth said to Susan in a trembling voice. ”He…he…hello there Ols...Olsen, when are you return…returning?” “Why are you so scared btw I will be reaching home after midnight don’t forget to close the doors and windows, there are a lot of thieves out there” Olsen said.

“After mid... mid night, you are joking right?” Elizabeth said worrying. ”Am I looking like I am in a joking mood?” Olsen addressed Elizabeth cutting the call.” Your father will be home any minute after 12” “after 12 but it’s almost 12 mom!!” Susan said to Elizabeth. “What??!! We should rush to home” Elizabeth said. ”But what about Scarlett mom?”

“We have no choice Susan we have to leave her in there the cops will handle it”

(At 1:30)”Elizabeth I am home anyone there?” Olsen rushed to his bedroom and found Elizabeth sleeping “Oh gosh! I got worried, but where’s Susan and Scarlett?” “SUSAN, SCARLETT”. Olsen went to the girls room and saw Susan snoring but he couldn’t find Scarlett “where’s Scarlett? maybe she is staying at her friend’s house OK I gotta take a nap I am too sleepy and tired” Olsen went to his room to take a sleep

Cock-a-doodle-doo, cock-a-doodle-doo

It was 7o’clock and still there was no call from the cops. Susan while taking a shower thought that will she find Scarlett again. This thought was continuously roaming in her mind, in the school during different periods.  She couldn’t study because this thought was continuously bothering her. She thought of the moments Scarlett and she had spent together whereas Elizabeth was not worried at all, because Scarlett was her step-daughter. After a time period of 1 week Olsen asked Elizabeth” Where’s Scarlett I haven’t seen her for a week, I thought as if she was staying at her friend’s house but when I asked her friends they told me that they also don’t know and that she hasn’t been to school for the whole week, you got to tell me what is going on in here?” This was the time when Elizabeth had to tell the truth. “Why you haden’t told me before?” his father also tried to search for Scarlett in that forest but that forest was too dark for him. He himself was a huntsmen but he had heard the saying that whoever tries to go in that forest, never finds a way out. He is either eaten by the wild animals or could not survive without food and water. Olsen feared that Scarlett might be eaten by the wild animals. He loved Scarlett more than Susan but Susan always loved Scarlett considering her as a bigger sister. She never considered the difference between her father’s love for both daughters.

All searches had been made for Scarlett, and finally after a time period of 1 year they got the fearful call from the cops stating that their daughter was dead. Olsen couldn’t bear the sorrow and had a heart attack at the moment. Doctors informed his family that due to the death of his daughter he got partially paralyzed.

All Elizabeth wanted was money so she left Olsen and married another person who was richer than Olsen. Susan’s life got disturbed and finally she decided to live with his Ex-father. Olsen after the death of Scarlett considered Susan his daughter and before dying he named all of the property to Susan. Susan didn’t wanted the property, she wanted her father’s love that she got after Scarlett’s death.

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