Eiry & Miara - The Paris Hunt

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Miara went away because it's her mating season (Lupa only ovulate once a year, and some of them are very affected by it), but finds a Hunter, and offers Eiry the chance to go with her. But it isn't all fun and games, especially when Taki gets involved.

Taki is (c) Ultramatt, Raihosha and Aescapulus are (c) Raihosha's player at http://www.suburbansenshi.com. Everything Lupa is (c) me.

The music tracks are all from the Doctor Who Series 4 OST. Believe it or not, this piece exists because I wanted to use UNIT Rocks for the running scene. Hope you like it, let me know what you think!

Submitted: November 25, 2008

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Submitted: November 25, 2008



[a noble girl about town]

“Eiryyyy!” Miara yelled, skidding to a stop behind her in the shop.

“Miara? What are you doing here??” she exclaimed, alarmed. Women in their mating season were not supposed to come back before it was over. She glanced over to where Taki stood, talking to Edar. Of course, they were both now staring at Miara, and she gave them a very small wave, no doubt trying to pay as little attention to them as possible. Edar stayed long enough to wave back, then walked out and went upstairs, where he couldn’t smell her, pulling Taki with him. Taki, though, broke away and listened from the doorway. Kai and Nana were at the counter, and listened.

“Eiry, I found a Hunter!”

“What? Where?”



“Yeah, I know. I thought you might want to come?”

“I thought you were supposed to be in the desert??”

“Oh, I was. Training, though.”

“And you found one just like that?”

“Who knew?” She said with a shrug.

“And why didn't you just ask me from there?”

“Because closing yourself off works both ways. I'd have to spill some stuff out to talk to you that way—without touching you, of course.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Do you want some help?” Taki asked. [0:50]

That made Miara look over there, and Eiry saw the half panicked look in her eyes. “What? No, you can't!” she said, trying to tear her gaze back to Eiry.

“But I can help,” Taki said, starting to come forward.

“No. Just. Gah. Stay over there, okay? Far, far over there.” She was smelling him waaaay to much for comfort, and Eiry took control of the situation.

“Sorry, no boys this time,” she said, grabbing her sword.

Then she took Miara's arm and pulled her out of the shop, pulling her along until the stare she'd been giving Taki disappeared.

“How on earth are you going to handle a city full of people?” she asked as they ran, making their way across the city to the gate.

“Because the Hunter will keep me focused. It's actually the perfect thing to keep me occupied. Ironic, isn't it? Besides, Taki won't be there.”

“True. So, tell me everything you know.”

“It's a man, in an apartment. A short-term rental one. I don't know what he's in Paris for, probably to get together his next Hunt. But he's definitely a Hunter, and not of the very dumb or smart type.”

“So we can take him.”

“Yeah. But two are always better than one, unless you're a HK. Just...you've been training, right?”

“Yep. Not like you, but...”

“Well, really, it's the fear. I'll do my best to protect you.”

“Don't go out of your way.” She got out her button for Aescapulus and pressed it.

“Yes, Miss Eiry?”

“Miara and I are going to Paris. Can you monitor our vital signs?”

“I shall do my best.”

“If either of us is in serious trouble, transport them right to the med center.”

“Yes, Miss Eiry. Miss Miara is to be in close proximity to you at all times?”

“We'll try. Pull the closest doctor if you have to transport either of us, I don't care who it is. Unless I'm going to die, I'd like to see Rai then.”

“Noted, Miss Eiry.”

She pinned the button on her shirt, and they took the gate to France, which put them close to Reims, about two hours from Paris by bus. They were lucky enough to catch one soon after their arrival, although they had to part with Eiry's earrings and Miara's bracelets for the bus fare, and hide their swords down their backs.

“But it's worth it not to walk, you gotta be quick most of the time with Hunters,” Miara said.

[silence in the library]

When they got into the city, Miara led them right to the building, where she could feel the Hunter was still inside.

“I can't talk to people, but I can still feel anything you can normally do from inside your own head, for the most part,” she said in answer to Eiry's question about what she could and couldn't do. “But other people will have a lot of trouble feeling me, and I'm not as aware as I usually am.”

“I wonder if Taki notices.”

“I don't know, he just doesn't use his telepathic abilities that much. Anyway, let's get around to the alley and make a plan. We can't really fight him here without a loud commotion, and it will be hard to get away.”


They slipped down into the narrow, dirty alleyway, and around to the back of the building.

“How do we get him out into the country?” Eiry asked quietly, speaking in Lupa.

“I don't know. I suppose we can try leaving him a note, and see what happens,” Miara suggested.

“What if we called him?”

“I don't know, we'd have to find out what language he speaks.”

“What? Oh, great. Hm...we can get something translated into French, we could do that online pretty easily...I think.”

“Or ask the Office.”

“They can't know every language.”

“But they deal with people all over the world. They'd know who to contact, at least. And who would be discrete.”


“Let me listen a bit, and see what I can hear,” Miara decided, and they were both silent a while as she closed her eyes and tried to concentrate. She focused on the presence in the apartment, then had another idea. “I love living by the fire escape, don't you?” She gave Eiry a grin, and climbed up as silently as she could. Like when Rima was at Taki's apartment, she crept up to his window and peeked in from the side.

Eiry crouched patiently in the alley below until Miara dropped down beside her. “He's got a pile of reading material, both English and French. More English, though. He had the French news on. I think he's bilingual. Even better, he's getting ready to go out.”

“We could run into him. Always a good way to deliver a note.”

“You've got experience with that?” Miara said, a little surprised.

“Yeah, Sali and I used to do that in high school. They didn't like note passing, in class or the halls. It was a real pain.”

“I'm sure. And it sounds like a fun idea. There's a bench out front, wasn't there?”

They went and sat there, Miara composing a note on a sheet of paper.

“We know what you are. Stop, or we will protect our people. Meet us at the outskirts of Chateau d'Esclimont, near the road. 2AM. I'm sure you'll be able to find us. Miara ? & Eiry @~

“Hearts and flowers? He's never going to take that seriously.”

“He will, trust me.” She leaned over and whispered something, and she nodded.

“You know, we really are probably about to actually kill someone,” she said seriously.

“I know. And we'll be serious when we need to be. But as they say, the thrill is in the hunt.”

“Chase. The thrill is in the chase.”

[the unicorn and the wasp]

“Eh, same thing. Oh, talk about something else,” she said, suddenly turning from the apartment building's door, so that Eiry, in talking to her, had a good view.

They talked quietly and made up work drama and imaginary boyfriends as a dark, stocky man exited the building, and walked down the street toward center city. When he was a few blocks ahead, they got up and began their hunt.

The two girls were quite happy to stalk the Hunter down the busy streets, until there were people everywhere. It was a game they were good at, only instead of trees and brush there were people and buildings. He didn't seem uncomfortable, or aware of their presence, but once or twice looked around, brow furrowed. But once they were in the heart of Paris, the tower quite visible, it was easy, and they came together behind him, talking giddily like slightly drunk working girls. Miara grabbed her hand and pulled forward, then tripped right into the Hunter, making him drop his bag.

[1:10] “Oh, excusee,” she said, several times, in a French accent, and handed him back his bag. Then, still apologizing she pressed the note into his hand.

“What the...”

“You drop,” she said, and the two girls swept around him. He just stared as Eiry smiled, showing her teeth and waving a clawed hand, and Miara, for just an instant, waved her tail at him. Then they put those things away, joined hands again, and disappeared into the crowd. [1:35]

They ducked into an alley, and waited to see if he'd followed, but he didn't go by.

“He's backtracking,” Miara said. “Hopefully that means he's going to get his things. His mind's certainly working fast.”

“Let's hope so. Now, how are we going to get there?”

“We're going to run, I imagine.”

“We need a bag, then.”

“I've still got a barrette.”

“And I have my watch. It's not very expensive, though, will it be enough? We can't trade our weapons if we're about to face a Hunter.”

“Well you've got that right. Well, let's try anyway and see what we get.”

[2:02] Miara pulled her shirt down a bit, took both itemsinto a likely shop, and after quite a few long minutes she came out with a draw string bag with rope straps, just large enough for their clothes and knives.

“How did you get them to agree?”

“He's a man,” she said with a grin, pulling her shirt back up to the normal position.

“Ah. Well, do you know how to get to wherever it is you told him?”

“Yes, but we have to be quick or he might get there first. And we can't let that happen. We don't want him sniping us.”

“Heh, yeah.”

“So, across the busy city we go.”

[UNIT Rocks]

Following Miara's lead, they two of them ran, pausing only when they couldn't cross a street. But it was a race against the clock now, to outsmart and outrun the Hunter. Every so often, Miara would check his location.

“He's getting on the subway,” she said fairly early on. “But it stops a lot. Then he'll probably take a bus out of the city.”

They raced down another crowded street, dodging people and sidewalk cafes as they went, and finally Miara cut down a network of alleyways that dumped them out into the suburbs, and finally a field.

“Wait,” Eiry said, “we need a break.” They both leaned over, panting a few minutes.

“I hear water.”

They followed it, and found a little stream.

“Clean enough,” Eiry confirmed, and they both had a drink. “I'm aching to change, how about you?”

“Completely. We should be alright from here, but we gotta be fast.”


Miara stripped and folded her clothes tightly, and Eiry did the same, and putting them in the bag along with their weapons. Miara changed, and Eiry adjusted the bag on her back before changing herself. They took off again, ever faster as Miara continued to track the Hunter's progress.

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

At last they screed down a loose stone bank, ignored the scratches from a thorn hedge they couldn't quite clear, and Miara stood panting on the edge of the field. But there was no time for that, and they changed and scrambled into their clothes, making sure their swords were ready.

[midnight (not loud ending)]

Miara positioned them a field's length from the road, where theywould be able to see him coming, and waited.

“Have you done this, since last year?” Eiry asked.

“A few times, usually with HK. But not in a while. Are you sure you can do this again?”

“Are you?”

Miara squeezed her hand, and they put aside all the fun they'd had in the play, stalking, and all fear of Hunters and what this might make them. They surely might loose everything meaningful in battle, but they couldn't think of it now.

“What is this place?”

“The Chateau d'Esclimont. There's a castle over that way. Versailles isn't far, either.”


“He's coming.” [0:40]

The Hunter's shape was coming down the road, black on black that a Terran eye wouldn't see. He stopped when he got to the field, his hand holding something that glinted faintly in the last quarter's moonlight. He put it up to his eyes, and looked around, narrowed in on their position.

“Come out where I can see you, pretty ladies,” he cooed, coming into the field. “What makes you think you're any match for me?”

“Because we can smell your sweat from here~” Miara answered him in kind. “Now put your contraptions away and talk to us.”

“You know I don't really want to do that.”

“Stop what you've been doing,” she said, stepping out toward him. “No more killing. Live in peace.”

“You're unnatural!”

“Not where we come from. You would be unnatural there. Besides, we're not the only aliens on your world.”

You are not part of that. And the Homeworld crap! You can't even say where it is, hellspawn!”

“Do you want to see it?”

Eiry stared at her. “No, you can't! That would be a disaster!” she said in Lupa.

“English, bitch!” he yelled, suddenly pulling a gun. But Miara looked calm, so Eiry didn't worry.

“He deserves that chance,” Miara said. “Do you want to see it? To understand?” she offered again, eyes glowing blue.

“None of that astral brainwashing crap! Try it and you die!”

“If you're going to do it anyway, why wait?”

[a pressing need to save the world]

His mouth pressed closed, and he shot. The air flared blue with power, and the bullet dropped to the ground mere centemeter from her chest. He stared at her open mouthed, and she closed the distance, taking the gun. Eiry darted forward for the pack, and a fierce fight ensued.

Eiry managed to grab the pack while Miara engaged him, and she threw it far out into the field. Then she joined the fight. He was good, better than her, though not Miara, she was sure. But he was cruel and brutal, with a fury they couldn't match until they let go of sense and reason. He managed to fight them off each time, and hit them hard enough they'd probably have bruises for at least a week. Miara darted back, threw her knife at him. It stuck out of this chest, but he didn't seem to feel it. Instead, he took it and came at Eiry, and she got a few slashes in with her sword before he buried it in her shoulder. But her own knife flew at him as he turned for Miara, and it landed in his back. He faltered, and Miara thrust him to the ground, sword at his neck.


“Stop Hunting. You're wrong and you don't have to live like this.”

Eiry came and pulled out her knife to a grunt. “A new life without any of this. Wouldn't that be worth it? Stop killing and start living?”

While they talked, Miara had grabbed Eiry's hand again, and although he couldn't see it, he must have known something was up, for he surged up with a shout, going for Miara. Miara's eyes were half lustful, and half disgusted, and Eiry acted fast, her sword running him through from behind. But his yell put fire in her eyes, and she ran her sword through his heart, Eiry stepping aside.

They pulled their swords out together, and moved away, letting him flop on the ground and bleed to death if he wasn't dead already. The two girls held onto each other a moment, but neither Miara's heart rate or breathing slowed. Something was not right.

[no music here]

“Did you hear something?”

“Maybe? He was loud.”

But they definitely heard other steps then, and they saw Taki rushing out to them.

“Are you alright?”

“Taki, what are you doing here??” Miara said, then clamped her mouth shut before anything embarrassing came out. Eiry put Miara behind her, and grabbed her hands where Taki couldn't see them.

“I had an intuition. They're often right...I was worried.”

“Taki, you can't be here!” Eiry said strongly.

“But...” he looked at Miara, whose nails were digging into Eiry's hands behind her back, though he had no idea. “Miara, what's wrong?”

Her pheromone level jumped high, and he came close. Eiry tried to back up, but Miara wouldn't move with her, and he touched her.

“Taki, don't!”

Eiry, don't let me! Whatever it takes!

But it was too late; in an instant Miara had him on the ground with a crushingly deep kiss and there was ripping as she pulled at his clothes. There was a muffled yell and flailing, and Eiry tried desperately to drag Miara off him. But Taki's struggling soon stopped as he took in her pheromones, despite that she was obviously being far from gentle with him.

Taking a deep breath, Eiry dug her claws into Miara, which produced a strangled yowling growl, and she turned to fight her. She heaved Miara off of him, slapped him hard, and got her arms around Miara with all her strength. Taki looked at her, stunned. There were scratches down his chest and torso, and his pants were dangerously low, the button ripped off.

“Go! Now! Quickly!”

Miara was desperately trying to get back to him, dragging herself and kicking at Eiry, and the look in her eyes suddenly scared him, and he finally believed he was really in danger between the attack and now what he saw in her eyes and face. He transformed quickly and flew away fast, and was soon lost in the darkness. Eiry let Miara go, and then dealt with her outraged attack as best she could. In a few minutes, she had gone back to a more normal version of herself, and crawled away and lay there for a while. Eiry breathed a sigh of relief, and went to retrieve the bad she'd thrown out into the field earlier. She gathered all their things and his, and got them in the two bags.

[the rueful fate of donna noble]



“We can't leave him here.”

“The rites, then...” she went over to the body, muttering them in a small voice, untilit converted into power and was absorbed into the land. They hated doing it for a Hunter, but what else was there? Eiry got their things, and stood by Miara to contact Aescapulus.

“I have been monitoring you, Miss Eiry, and have asked Esperanza to attend you. Are you ready for transport?”

Miara nodded.

“Yes, we're ready.”

They were in one of the medical facilities shortly, and both Esperanza and Jennifer helped them to tables and started cleaning them up. Esperanza took one look at Miara’s bioscan and then stared at her. But she didn’t say anything, and neither asked about the obvious claw marks. Their larger stab and slash wounds were cared for first, and each was given a dose of nanites, which would repair the cells and work their magic in the next day or so. But then Jennifer took a look at Eiry’s hands, deep claw scratches around the right wrist, and then in left palm. There was a lot of dried blood on her hands from that, where it had run off and got smudged when she touched things.

“What on earth happened to you two?” Jennifer exclaimed.

“It’s alright,” Eiry said firmly. “It doesn’t hurt much.”

Jennifer stuck her hands in a little sonic shower, and took a better look at the marks when they were clean. Miara asked for salve, which Eiry had learned to make from the kolle in the xcheamo deck, and began rubbing it in anywhere there was broken skin, and then a little on the bruises as well, and Eiry did the same. It may be just a simple salve, but with all the injuries Miara seemed to get on a regular basis, she was more than convinced it was how she had no scars. Luckily, the majority of their injuries would be hidden under their clothes.

“You’re really not going to tell us?” Jennifer asked.

“It’s not something you need to know.”

“It’s fine, Jenn,” Esperanza said.

Once everything was taken care of, the girls were given clean clothes, and Esperanza pulled Miara aside for a minute.

“Is there anything else I can do for you? A hormone shot wouldn’t fix the problem, but it would be better.”

“No, thank you. It’s not much longer, anyway.”

“If you change your mind, just let me know.”

She nodded, and went to go through the Hunter’s things with Eiry. Most of it went in the trash, but they thought some things might be useful on future Hunts, like the night vision device.

“Xcheamo?” Eiry said when they were done.


They took the transmat down to that deck, and left their things at the entrance. They walked quietly and thoughtfully to a field. When they sat down, the grasses were high enough no one could ever see them. Miara looked drained and tired, and miserable, and Eiry put an arm around her.

“I hate killing. So much. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it,” she said, about to cry.

“I know. I do too. And if you cry, I will, too.”

“It doesn’t matter, I always do. I really hate having to do that.”

Eiry nodded.

“Why didn’t I let HK do it? None of this would have happened. She’d have taken care of it on her own time, and Taki would never have been able to see me and…and how could I have done that to him? What if he hates me now?” And then she couldn’t say any more, because she was crying too much, and Eiry held her, crying too.

Eiry finished first, and sat holding Miara, rubbing her back.

“What if Taki hates me?” she sobbed. “How am I ever going to face him again?”

“It is not your fault. He knew what not to do. We both told him, and he didn’t listen.”

“But I never really told him…what was going on. All this never should have happened. He probably only came because he was so worried. He does get feelings about things, you know. Maybe they’re not all right, but he does.”

“Well, it happened already. There’s nothing you can do about it. You have to find some way to go on.”

“But I must have hurt him. I did hurt him, didn’t I?”

“Not too badly.”

“And—and—elie aan, I touched him—there—and I may not have been too nice about it…”

“Hush. Just talk to him about it, I’m sure you’ll work it out.”

“I don’t know if he can understand.”

“Just try.”

She made an unhappy noise, but seemed to settle down then, and Eiry took a deep breath.

[life among the distant stars]

“Miss Eiry?”

“Yes, Aescapulus?”

“Master Raihosha has asked if you’re alright here, and if you need anything.”

“We’re alright. But…I’d like to see him for a while, before he goes to work.”

“I will relay the message.”

“Eiry?” Miara said.


“You don’t need to stay for me. I’m done crying, I think.”

“Are you sure you want to be alone, though?”

“No. But you need to need to be with him. Besides, the people I want can’t be here.”

“I am sorry, Miara. Just tell Aescapulus if you need anything,” Eiry said, squeezing her hand before leaving her. She got her things at the entrance, and took the transmat back to their quarters.

“Aescapulus, please deny entrance to xcheamo to all males and non Lupa until Miara leaves. In exception of an emergency, of course.”

“Understood, Miss Eiry.”

[the song of song (not fast/loud part)]

When she finally got back to the rooms, Eiry found Rai up and waiting with a mug of chamomile tea and a huge fuzzy warm robe—after a warm and very caring hug, of course.

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine. How did you find out, anyway?”

“Jennifer was, let’s say, concerned, with some of what she saw tonight.”

“What did she say?”

“Not so much, actually. Esperanza cut her off,” he said with a chuckle. “Now let’s take a look.”

He helped her undress, and took at look at most of it, even though it seemed the nanites were already hard at work. He helped her into the robe, and then took her hands, and was silent for a long minute.

“What happened between you two?”

“Did you look at Miara’s biodata?”

“Yes, Esperanza sent it over, it was quite interesting. But…surely not a Hunter??

“No, Taki.”

“Oh. Oh, I see. Is he alright?”

“I hope so.”

He put his arm around her, and took her to the kitchen table. “Are you hungry?”

“Not really. Should I be?”

“You should eat something. It’ll help you sleep, if nothing else.”

“Oatmeal? I would love some oatmeal.”

“I don’t think I know how to make it that well myself.”

“I do.”

“Your shields are still up.”

“Oh, I forgot.” She put them down, and he slipped in with a supportive wave and started getting things out to cook.

“Tell me what happened.”

So she told him, and he listened patiently.

“I’m just glad you’re alright. Maybe someday you’ll take me along on one of these ventures?”

“I didn’t think you were that into the fighting and killing.”

“Neither are you.”

“No, but...these kinds of things aren’t really planned. Usually.”

“True. How’s Miara?”

“I don’t know. She wasn’t crying anymore, but she’s not happy. She hates the killing. And I’m no substitute for her family. I think she hates herself right now.”

“For that?”

“No, about Taki.”

“What did she..No, don’t answer that.”

“I think she’s finally done something to really scare him. Seeing what it’s like when there’s only intense, driving instinct.”

“You weren’t like that.”

“I’m also quite practiced in burying that stuff. Besides, she’s not bonded (it really does help), and her personality type is different. Some women are like that. But the way Miara’s acting now…she also hates being alone. And…”


“I don’t know, it’s almost more the type of thing I’d expect from Rachel.”

“What do you mean?”

“...I don’t know.”

“Well, she has a lot going on right now. She and Taki will work it out.”

“I hope so.”

“Why are you dwelling on it so much?”

“Like I said, I’m good at structuring the intense things in my head, and she touched me a lot tonight. If she’s using that, some of her stuff is getting through to me. Besides, she’s my friend.”

“I think, Eiry, that you are a very good friend to the people who need it.”

He put a bowl of finished oatmeal in front of her, with raisins, brown sugar, and milk, and sat with her while she ate what she could.

“Are you going to be alright today?” she asked. “I’m taking up half of your sleeping time.”

“You know me, I’ll be alright. What about you?”

“I think I might call it a half day.”



“Would you expect any of your employees to work a half day after spending their night like you just did?”

“I’m the boss. What time is it, anyway?”

“About five.”

“Ugh...I'm beat. And I can't eat any more,” she said, pushing the bowl away still half full.

“I'll just put it away for later, then.”

He did that, and she put more hot water in the mug to steep the tea bag again. She started back to the bedroom, going slowly so he would catch up easily. He helped her put on PJs, and put her to bed, and sat with her until she fell asleep. He quietly got dressed and ready for work, and kissed her lightly on the forehead before heading out.

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