Leader Problems

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This story centers around Kai and Edar's pack, and what happens when a Leader becomes bad. Taki is (c) Ultramatt at http://www.suburbansenshi.com. Everyone else and the Lupa stuff is (c) me. It's listed as fanfic because it takes place in the SubSen universe.

This takes place during the babysitting chapters in Eiry's novel. Vilya's Full Moon takes place directly after this piece, and will be up when I've finished it.

Submitted: September 20, 2011

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Submitted: September 20, 2011




Leader Problems

[Sunday, May 15, 2011]


Kai and Edar had left for Morioka early in the morning, intending to meet their parents in town—the first time they’d all seen each other since the two had left the pack. With the situation as it was, none of them felt comfortable meeting on pack territory, and no one had told the Leader, Kato, about the meeting. They felt it was a family matter. Eiry and Miara were both surprised to be contacted by Kai around lunch time, and she was obviously upset.

Things are bad here. Kato-san was there. He says we’re not allowed to see our parents. Everyone’s fighting. We don’t know what to do.

This is the Leader who forced your astral and forbid you from coming on pack land when you left? Miara stated.


Don’t you two go anywhere!  Miara ordered. This has gone on long enough. I’m coming out there.

But..are you sure you want to get involved?

Your pack is obviously in disagreement over his leadership if they’re fighting over this order. It’s mean and cruel what he’s done to you, and on xcheamo he’d have been out the moment he violated you. Tell your parents to sit tight.

Yes, Miara.

Are you taking Zan? Eiry asked.

That’s not a good idea. Taki and Kenshiro are home right now, but...

Tell them to give me or Nana a call if they need us.

Will do. Someone loaned me a pump last week, so there’s a day or two of feedings in the fridge. I’ll do another now and should be back before you run out.


Don’t worry, Kai. It’ll turn out okay.

I hope so.

Hang in there, Kai. Do you want me to call Nana?

Sure. He’s telling her, but I’m sure she’d like it.

Will do, then.

The contact dropped, and Eiry wrung out the shirt she was washing, hung it on the rack, and got rid of the wash water. She may as well go and see Nana, and see if she could be any help.


Miara had never thought highly of the Sano Ryokan pack’s Leader, and was nearly livid at his treatment of the pack. Leading them into such a fight! It was the very thing he was supposed to prevent! It didn’t take long to put another meal in the fridge for Zan, whom she rocked off to sleep while Kenshiro looked up the Shinkansen schedule and helped her pack a bag. Then she changed into entirely Lupa clothing, buckled all three ranking knives onto her belt, and put Zan to bed.

“If you have any trouble, call Eiry first, then Nana, alright?”

“Okay. Did you tell Taki?”

“Yes. He should be home in about an hour. Hopefully I’ll be home tomorrow. Let me know if anything comes up. If it’s with him, I’ll know with the bond, and I’ll try and keep him happy for you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I hope everything turns out alright.”

“It should. See you later.”

“Goodbye, Miara.”

Who is coming, exactly?” Kato asked, dubious.

“Miara.” Kai said. “She organized the entire Lupa relief effort?”

“Oh,” he snorted derisively. “Her.”


“And she expects to do what?”

“Whatever it is, you’d better listen to her. You don’t want her going off on you,” Edar said matter of factly.

“Oh please. She’s a little girl who dabbles things she can’t comprehend.”

“And why do you think she’s alive and well? You’re not going to be able to stop her.”

“Maybe you should listen to them,” the Speaker, Naya, suggested. “I spoke to her, and did not have that impression of her. Plus, they know her.”

“And what’s she going to do? I’m Leader, and she’s not.”

“I counseled you against doing these things, and you didn’t listen. I can’t see this ending well.”

“Get out!”

Not only did she leave, but Kai and Edar did, as well, leaving him alone in the room.


The rest of the pack was gathered in the reception hall, the inn temporarily closed. Everyone was talking, and there was a hush as the three joined them.

“What do you think, Speaker?”

“Yes, what’s happening?”

“Everybody please be calm and sit. We have a grave situation on our hands. The astralgia from Tokyo is coming, and has ordered that both Edar and Kai stay until she gets here. Naturally, Kato-san is not happy about this. However, he is our Leader, and we must decide if he will remain so. Hopefully before she gets here.”

“He’s our Leader! We must follow his decisions! Otherwise what’s the point?”

“And look where he’s lead us! Would you never see your children again just because they wanted to live somewhere else?”

“It isn’t another pack! It’s a huge city where anyone can find them and get to us!”

“Really? Cause last I heard they were doing well. And were able to help with the disaster, like all the other Lupa in the world.”

“That is a separate issue!”

“SILENCE!” Kato bellowed in from the back of the room, dominance so high that those in front of the room flinched. “Don’t you dare forget who keeps you safe! All of you go to your homes. Now!”

“Or what, you’ll kick us out too?”

“And good riddance, if you don’t care about our safety! He’s Leader! That’s why he acts!”

“Do you want to challenge me?” Kato asked icily. “Do any of you dare?”

That was met with silence, no one meeting his gaze. He sauntered up to the front of the room, with a glance of toleration for Naya.

“There will be no more talk of that. Now, I will explain to you—again—why this is necessary. Anyone who doesn’t agree after that can leave, and you’ll be on your own.” There were a few gasps at this, and the realization that ‘no’ wasn’t an option. Which was exactly where he wanted them.


The trip from Tokyo had been several hours, but it had given Miara time to think through what she was going to do. The first thing was to establish her own dominance—otherwise she needn’t bother. Then she could see about analyzing the problem.

Kai, I need directions from the station.

Here. She gave her the map, and a rundown of what was going on. Please hurry. I don’t think anyone else can calm so many people.

I’m coming, it should only take half an hour from here, right?

By bicycle. We’ll pay you back.

Don’t worry about it. I’ll be there soon.

“Who are you talking to!” Kato was suddenly in Kai’s face, and she cowered, frantically scrambling back from him with an alarmed squeal.

“Get away from my sister!” Edar growled, their father not far behind him.

“You’ve already mentally scared my daughter,” he snarled, “or do you intend to rape her, too, to get what you want?”

This brought hushed whispers from all corners, and Kato stepped back. “How dare you?” he hissed. “Accusing me. If it weren’t for your brats, we wouldn’t be in this mess!”

Several of the nearest elders got up to separate the three of them, and Tian, Kato’s mother, signaled to speak.

“Go ahead, Tian,” Naya said.

“Is this true, Kato? Did you violate her?”

“I gave my testimony when they tried to accuse me.”

“The only reason you weren’t convicted is because she wasn’t here. Why is that? The girl has obviously been hurt. Look at her! Did you do it?”

“No, mother,” he said trying to dominate her. “It’s insulting that you ask.”

“You insult me with your conduct! How can I sit here and let you do this? How is this for anyone’s good?”

“Please,” one of the elders interjected. “We must try to stay calm. Naya, can you confirm what he says?”

Everyone watched the Speaker now, as she looked at Kai from across the room with tears in her eyes. “I believe in protecting the pack. We all do. But if I had known how far it would go, I would never have let it happen. It is my great regret that I wasn’t there to protect her. He did what they say.”

Pandemonium broke loose in the room, including several fights, and it was quite some time before the din began to settle. It was then that new presence entered the room, firm, shining, with a still yet fierce dominance, and they all turned to watch Miara walk to the front of the room. Even Kato stared a moment before advancing, and Miara motioned the others from holding him back.

“What do you think you’re doing here? What gives you the right to interfere with my pack?”

“Isn’t it your job, Leader, preserve the peace among the pack members? Please, tell me why I’ve found it necessary to come do your job?”

“You little—” he growled.

“Don’t make me humiliate you!” she snapped, cold, staring him down. The others could only watch, speechless, as her dominance unleashed bit by bit until he was forced to step back. “Don’t move from that spot,” she ordered, and although he was staring daggers at her and clearly fuming, he held when she turned to the others. “Elders, please tell me what’s happened so far.”

They elected Nokoru, an elderly man in a dark red kimono, to speak, and as he did so Miara dampened her dominance to everyone but Kato, and picked up shared mind both Kai and Naya for a few moments, taking on a better understanding of what had occurred. When Nokoru stopped speaking, it was quiet, and she thought a moment.

“Some of you knew what happened to Kai. Why was Kato not removed then?”

“Please,” Naya said. “It is my fault. I knew he was only trying to protect the pack, and did not push...I would not participate, so I was not there. I thought...”

“That that was it.”

“Yes. But as you can see, I was wrong.”

Miara nodded thoughtfully, still looking at Kato. “You would not be accepted as a Leader on xcheamo.”

“This isn’t xcheamo! The world out there is dangerous!”

“I know you believe it. But I live out there. The only reason Hunters are so powerful is because you fear them. Two of your members went to Tokyo, and what has happened to them? They have not been contacted by Hunters, and they have not been Hunted.”

“What happens here is not for you to decide. Mediators should be neutral.”

“Mediate? I’m astralgia, I’m not interested in neutrality. I’m interested in what’s right.”

“Miss,” Tian said, “what exactly are you here to do?”

Miara smiled. “Whatever it is you require of me. Is he your Leader or not?”

“I…we don’t know.”

“Then we’ll start there. And to make things formal: I am Miara, daughter of Zaira and Jaxmin. I was born on xcheamo and currently live in Tokyo. I am astralgia, have won my age group and placed in the all around at the last Gathering, and I am a member of the Masters’ Seminar.” There were gasps at this, as well as widespread disbelief, even as she displayed the knives on her belt. “I have received Leadership training, and am qualified to assist you in this matter. This is not in question. Now, everyone stand. Kai and Edar, come up here please. Kato and Naya also will not participate.”

Everyone stood up, unsure of what was about to happen.

“Leaders lead. They create stability. They do not own you. They cannot keep you from going places or living where or as you choose. Now. If you want Kato to remain Leader, stand on that side of the room. If not, stand on the other side.”

The group quickly divided, with only a few people on Kato’s side.

“What is this?” Edar whispered.

“It’s how we vote. In the open, with mass. You can’t argue with that.”

He nodded, and Miara watched Kato. He was livid, working himself up into a rage. The only thing holding him back was her dominance.

“Well, that’s pretty clear. I guess you’ll have to pick a new Leader. You’ll have to work it out and agree. Does anyone need a fight first?”

After some looking around, several hands went up, and she excused them to the courtyard for a few minutes.

“When they get back, you all can start on picking a new leader. Naya should be able to handle it.”

“You’re not going to do it?”

“I’m not going to be here for the rest of your lives to make sure you take care of this kind of stuff. You have to do it yourselves. Get started, and I’ll be back later.”

“Um..what do you want us to do?” Kai asked.

“Just stay here with your parents,” she said with a smile. “We’ll figure the rest out later.”

“And Kato?” Naya asked.

“I’ll take care of him.”

“Oh. I..I see.”

“Kato, follow me. Now,” she said, stepping out into the courtyard and walking around to a clear area with every assurance that he was following her. And indeed he was, bound by her dominance, and everyone else just watched them go, some of them agape at the sight.

“Is she…always like that?” someone asked.

“No,” Kai said. “Never. You can tell, but...never like that.”

“No wonder you feel safe in Tokyo.”

“We’d still be there, even if she wasn’t,” Edar said. “But it wouldn’t be the same; she’s helped a lot of people and made a lot of things happen. Like the disaster relief.”

“It was all her and Eiry,” Kai added. “Anyway, I suppose we’d better get on with it.”

“Yes,” Naya said, and called everyone to order.


When they stood facing each other in a clear, empty area, Miara dropped her dominance to its normal level. Kato visibly wavered as he was released. Then his astral tried to pierce hers as he flung himself at her in a powerful charge. She wasn’t back to her full abilities since having Zan, but she knew what she was doing, and as she met his charge and they exchanged the first few passes, she realized that even that was still leagues better than most Leaders, especially someone in a full rage. He needed a get his rage out, so she gave him a good fight, waiting until the blinding rage had reduced to boiling anger to shut down his attacks with expert defenses only. She waited until he realized he was no match for her to go for the advanced combo and flatten him out, pinning him on his stomach while he was winded.

“Your pack will choose a new Leader, and you will come with me to Tokyo. Still under xcha if necessary.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” he hissed.

“I came in here and removed you like that,” she said, snapping her fingers. “Of course I can.” He cursed at her in two languages, and she continued to hold him down until it stopped. She dominated him again, and got up. “Come along, Kato.”

Although she made him obey her, he ground his teeth, shielding off from her as completely as he could. They went back to the reception hall, and Miara asked for her bag.

“Here it is!” Kai said, bringing it right out.

“Have you chosen someone yet?”

“Not yet, but it’s between Ryo-san and Ichiro-san.”

“Neither of them—”

“Shut it!” Miara cut him off. “I don’t care what you have to say about it, and neither do any of them, now.”


“Kai, ask for permission for me to stay until morning when it’s settled.”

She nodded, and went back inside. “You will show me your rooms, Kato.”


“I’ll just force you again.”

“Then you’ll have to.”

“Very well.”

She did, and soon he was stumbling before her, fighting every step as she pushed him along in front of her.

He wasn’t fighting so much by the time they arrived at a small structure of just a few rooms, clearly the size of a family house. She made him sit in the main room, and looked around a bit. There were momentos about the place, some carefully cared for, others moved around. Most of them were the things of a young woman.

“So it’s a broken bond, isn’t it?”

“You don’t know anything!”

“Actually, that was the only missing part of the puzzle, I think.”

She sat in front of him, pulling a long chain out of her bag. “I will bind you overnight if I can’t trust you by then. You can avoid that by letting me in. We can start fixing things now, instead of waiting until you’re in a padded cell.”

“I’d like to see you try getting in here. You may be astralgia, but my own Speaker can’t read me. You’ll never get in!”

“You wanna bet on that? I can keep immortals out.”

He just sneered at her. “You lying bitch. There aren’t any immortals!”

“You can think that all you want, but it won’t make it true. As it is, I see a lot of Urvenis in you.”

“You—you!!” that was all he seemed to be able to say before lapsing back into silence, too angry to speak. He glared at her as she picked up a portrait of the woman in question, young and beautiful in a wedding kimono.

“She was lovely. And kind, I think. How did it happen?”

“What do you care?”

“Because she’s important, isn’t she? Broken bonds can lead people to very dark places. Places they never expected to go. Stay there.”

Putting the picture down, she went through all the rooms, the small kitchen, the bedroom, the bath. Just like the main room, it looked like two people lived there. There were floral dishes, her clothes in the closets and chests, feminine toiletries in the bath. He had never taken care of moving on.

“Oh, Kato...” she said, sighing as she sat again, watching him. “What are we going to do with you?”

He just glowered at her, and she thought for some time.

“I guess I’ll have to take you to Z-KAT for now, since they can keep you under guard. I’ll have to find the right Speaker for you later.”

“Z-KAT?! Have you betrayed us all so easily??” he spat.

“Considering my mate runs the program? I don’t think so. Why don’t you try meditation; that will help you calm down.”

“I’m not about to do anything you say.”

“Fine. Just don’t move from that spot until I say you can,” she said, again using xcha on him.


Their night was tense and rather sleepless, and in the morning, they started their walk into town to the Shinkansen station before dawn. She had to forbid him to speak to anyone, or act in any way other than Human, and not look like he was under duress. “I will take you in as a criminal if I have too, so let’s avoid that,” she said. In all, it was an unpleasant trip, and once they got to Z-KAT, she had to take him to a separate room and order him to stay there and obey whoever was in charge of him.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Taki asked, outside the room.

“What else is there to do with him? I can’t have him out there messing with packs and attracting Hunters with his stupidity. I’ll find someone for him tomorrow. Just make sure no one sees him tonight, okay? That’s your job.”

“Are you going to Vermont with the group, then?”

“Yeah, Zan needs me.”

“Alright. Have a great time,” he said.

“Thanks, we’ll try,” she said, giving him a quick kiss or two before running out again to get Zan from the shop.

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