Making Cookies

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I know I kind of dropped the Taki & Miara stories not long into the second novel, but several years have passed, and they now have a son, Zalan. There are a few pieces I've written with the family, but this is the first I've posted here.

Miara and Zan had an interesting morning, and end up making cookies. Short and sweet. Enjoy, and please leave comments!

Submitted: January 19, 2013

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Submitted: January 19, 2013




Miara & Zan

[between April 10 and 20, 2012]



“Yeah, baby?”

“I love you,” ^_^ he said, hugging her leg.

“Aww, I love you too.” Miara turned from the mirror, where she was running a curl product through her hair.

“Not mad now?”

“Nope. I was just scared for you, you almost hurt yourself.”

“But you catch if fall.”

“I would certainly try. But I'm not always with you. It's very different then, isn't it?”

He nodded, looking up at her.

“Have bond, is good. Why Eiry, Guyver not have bond, but do now?”

“They're mates now, like me and dia.”

“You not have, before?”

“Nope. We made one, just like they did. When you grow up and take a mate, you will, too.”

“They do mommy-daddy things?”


“They have baby?”

“No. Guyver's Human, ne? Lupa only have babies with Lupa.”

“'Cept me!”

“Yep, except for you.”

“Dia no Lupa. I not supposed be here?”

“Oh, no apaa,” she said, picking him up to squeeze him tight. “You're exactly who's supposed to be here. Knowing we were going to have you made me soooo happy!”

“Hehehe,” he giggled, as she shared her feelings with him. “Ana happy-happy.”

“Yes, I am~” ^_^ “Dia will be home soon, should we make some cookies?”


“Hee..clean feet?”

He raised one up, revealing skin dark with dust and dirt, and she grabbed a wet towel to clean them, causing another fit of giggles as it tickled his feet. Next, she plopped him down on the kitchen counter and looked in a drawer for one of Sali's recipes among the collection of papers. When she'd been pregnant, it had been hard to find treats she could eat, and Sali had offered to copy out some recipes she's developed just for that, with simple instructions she could manage.

“What get, what get?”

“Let's see...oats.”

While she got out baking sheets, a bowl and spoon, and measuring things, Zan opened the cabinets and pulled out the things she asked for. He also pulled out many other things to smell while searching for the right ones. It usually took him longest with the spices, as they smelled good and he liked going through all of them—thankfully her collection of herbs and spices wasn't nearly as many as Sali's. But it was fun for him, as well as educational, as he identified each one and put a name to it. Sometimes he spilled some, but not nearly as often now as his finger control was much better.

“Card'mom?” he asked, holding the small jar out to her.

“Mmm. Smells nice, doesn't it? Like Nepal and Tibet. Did you find the cinnamon?”

“Is there!” he pointed to the jar, mixed in with several others. She got it and added a spoonful, and checked the list.

“Last thing, two eggs. Start putting that stuff back, alright?”

“Not done.”

“If you want, we can go through them again tomorrow, okay? Dia's going to be home and we want it to smell nice from the oven, ne?”


She got the eggs from the fridge, carefully opening one to let him suck the contents out, and mixed everything in the bowl until everything was evenly distributed. “Alright, let's wash our hands and we can roll it all up.”

“Then yummy?”

“We have to bake it, then it'll smell all good.”

“Mix, roll, bake. Then eat!”


They washed their hands in the sink, her from the front and him from the side, with a profusion of bubbles that made them both giggle and bat at before trying off and getting back to the cookies. Miara set the oven, and they began rolling balls of dough in their hands, Zan's as much as he could fit in his two hands. After the first time they'd done this a few months ago, she'd learned to give him his own baking sheet, because his cookies took so much longer to cook—it had been either burn hers or double bake his, and neither had turned out that well. But now that problem was fixed, and she quickly pressed out 9 cookies onto her pan and stuck them in the oven. When hers were done, Zan would have finished his own.

“Roll, roll, rooooll,” he said, in his sing-song voice, rolling his third cookie round and round on the pan before squishing it flatter. “Ana cookies smell yum!”

“Hm, they do!”

While he finished up, Miara washed her hands again, and started washing the dirty measuring spoons and cups, so there weren't too many dishes when Kenshiro went to make dinner. It wasn't long, though, before she was drying her hands to take the tray out, and put Zan's in. He was already eating a mouthful, hand covered in dough.

“How much is left, ap??”

“For eat.”

She looked in, and there was a small mound in the bottom, and whatever could be scraped from the sides. “Leave some for the others, okay?” she asked, grabbing a spoonful for herself before going back to the dishes. Zan was still licking his hands when they heard the elevator ding through the slightly open door—apparently it hadn't quite closed when they'd got home earlier, but neither had noticed. Mai and Mariko were away filming, so it didn't matter.

“Dia!” Zan yelled, jumping down from the counter and running over to the door to greet Taki.

“Zalan!” Taki said, swinging him up high. “Did you have a good day?”

“Make cookie!”

“And it smells good,” he said, with the indulgent smile he usually had for his son.

“Tadaima,” Kenshiro said, hanging his hat and light jacket in the genki before taking off his shoes and slinging his backpack over onto the couch. “It smells really good. Can we have some?”

“Yeah, go for it. Zan's are still pretty hot, though.”

“I help!”

“You did, they look delicious.”

Kenshiro got some from the first sheet, giving one to Taki, and munched happily as he went over to his bedroom to change. “It shouldn't take long to get through the homework today,” he said before shutting the door. “No papers.”

“Great. Don't forget Ayumi's new video is on tonight!”

“I won't. Everyone was talking about it today.”

He shut the door, and Taki went over to Miara for a hug and kiss. “They're good, Mia. What did you two do today?”

“Training, drum practice, and we went shopping a little. Then we came home and played around and got yelled at, and then we made cookies.”

“Hm, I see.”

“I scare mommy,” Zan said.

“Aww. Well, it's all over now. You helped with the spices, didn't you? You smell spicy!”

“Card'mom, and cinn'min and ginger.”

“Heh. Maybe we should get you a bath.”

“Diaaa. Noo :<.”

“He's just teasing you, stop that.”

“Stay spicy eeever!”

“Haha, that's an awfully long time, you know. You'd be a pretty smelly boy, huh?”

He just giggled at that, and Taki took him into the bedroom with him to change out of his uniform. Miara finished moving the cookies to a plate so she could wash the sheets, and then there was the counter to clean, powders and dried leaves left here and there from Zan's smell game. She loved him to death, but was always a bit glad when Taki or Kenshiro got home and could watch him a while while she took a nap or got some other things done. As they were all occupied, she flopped down stomach first on a couch to doze off and let them fend for themselves for a while.

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