Miara and Daniel

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Just a little piece about Miara and Daniel. This is a Miara from a different multiverse than in the Taki & Miara stories, and this one has been given care of a Lupa orphan named Daniel. He's about 1. It's just a little glimpse, really, not an actual story.

Submitted: April 01, 2009

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Submitted: April 01, 2009



Miara looked down at Daniel in frustration as he woke up and let out a loud wail. Then she felt guilty for being frustrated with a one year old who was grieving for his parents. She knew it would probably be weeks of outbursts until the random realization and crying stopped, and probably months or even years before he truly understood his parents wouldn’t be coming back, ever. Because he wouldn’t talk, and she didn’t want to delve too deep astrally until he trusted her, she didn’t know how much he’d actually witnessed, or understood about his situation.

His howls penetrated deeply as she paced around the room, rocking him, and it wasn’t unusual these days for his overflowing emotions to make her want to have her own fits. The image of the blond woman appeared again. But there was no reaching her, and after an hour he let go of her and collapsed in an exhausted sleep.

“What’s going to happen to you, apaa?” she said, stroking his hair. “This can’t go on forever. And I can’t stay in this room too much longer. What do you say to a nice open field?”

But he was asleep and didn’t respond. His sleep was becoming more restless. Maybe he needed a new place, too.

“Come on, let’s go somewhere warm and sunny,” she said, picking him up and getting her bag. Soon they were in a nice plain in Brazil, and in just a few minutes he quieted down and slept more peacefully. Miara settled him where she could see him from a distance, and went off far enough to get some practice in without disturbing him.

She was laying in the sun some time later when Daniel crawled over and curled up against her.

“You feel better here, don’t you?”

He gave a tiny little nod and went back to sleep, and she stared up at the sky, wondering how all this was going to end.

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