Story of Mind and heart: Willful ignorance or wild emotions?

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This is my first submission here. I didn't get anyone to proofread this. Pardon me for the mistakes (if any).

This is just my view on how a person's mind and heart works. If you wish to follow your heart and dreams, please do so because I could be wrong too. I am not trying to discourage you in any way.

Submitted: July 07, 2014

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Submitted: July 07, 2014



Do you even know how interconnected our heart and mind are? No, I am not talking about the whole web of consciousness or the ripple of universal awareness which connects human mind and soul. I am talking about each individual and how their own heart is linked with their mind to have better outcomes while evaluating and responding to each situation. Yet they mostly have different views when it comes to matters. Especially in the matter of relationship. Let's just think for a moment here that our heart and our mind are two living people of opposite gender.

Now mind loves heart unconditionally, loves as much as one can love another or even more. Mind wants heart to be safe and feel happy always. Mind knows what exactly is good for heart in the long run because mind is blessed with something called logical thinking. But heart on the other hand, even though says she/he likes mind, doesn't always stick-up to this relationship. Heart has a gift called intuition. The bad side of this gift is that it doesn't have to be always correct. Heart falls in love with other hearts without even a second thought, without even realizing that other hearts are as mean as himself/herself by ignoring their own mind. But mind on the other hand does not interfere with this as mind cares about the happiness of heart more than anything and allows self to be friend-zoned. Mind, even though hurt by not being loved and being left alone shunned, still manages to smile through all this pain by seeing heart happy and smiling. 

As time goes on, heart will have this confused feeling whether the choice of partner was actually a good one or not. Mind tells heart to not have wavering emotions and tells heart to stick on. But one day either of this heart will breakup with the other, maybe because of numerous reasons of compatibility. At this time heart gets broken, so broken that it forgets to even smile or even feel.

But mind, who loves heart, cannot stand seeing this. Mind and heart are best friends from the beginning and mind knows that a best-friend needs to be there to protect the other when he/she is down. So mind with his logical thinking, try to pick up the broken pieces of heart and starts to mend them together. This is an exhausting procedure for mind as it tires mind to the extent of losing self and turning berserk. But mind does not give up even though mind knows that heart, when got better, may probably still friend-zone or ignore mind and go on in pursuit of other hearts again. 

Now the sad part is heart is not doing this because he/she is completely mean. The behavior of heart is like an immature kid who needs pampering. So heart dislikes the mature character of mind and chooses to go wild again, in search of hearts who have similar behavior only to be broken again. But since mind is always there to fix and care for heart, this process goes on and on. 

Until one day heart gets broken to pieces beyond any recovery. Mind will be so depressed that he/she will blame self for losing a best friend for not being able to stop them when needed. At this point mind goes blank too and changes to a different person who does not care about anything or anyone else in the surrounding. Mind will lose character and will go on a spree to destroy things around. This marks the early ending of a possible happy life or relationship which could have gone till they die together.

Forgive yourself and love yourself unconditionally, before it gets too late. 

You can read this both with your heart and with your mind. Its what you decide to take it in with. With your heart or with your mind. Just do not let this happen.


Zak Refis


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