Christmas Carol That Was Not

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one Christmas in Skopje

Submitted: August 04, 2013

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Submitted: August 04, 2013





How to write modern story about Christmas? Our value systems are now completely different but, somebody will always tell you that basic importance and message of Christmas is to be good to others and to help helpless and other, you know, nice things, Well, that is very kind, except today, during these holidays, mostly people are taking care about themselves, buying bunch of stuff and preparing a huge meals where they eating and drinking a lot and don’t think to much about others; helpless, homeless and whatever.

So, we decided to start this modern Christmas story on the Orthodox Christmas Eve in one of the Skopje’s café full with cigarette smoke and noise made by young people speaking loudly and laughing and where the glasses clanging and noisy modern music is playing. O.K. Maybe this would not be real story about Christmas Eve than story who happened on the Christmas Eve, for example. You can imagine in the café three teenagers, one girl and two boys, standing near to the window trying to get some heat and drinking their drinks. Girl was tall, skinny, dressed in short red jacket and faded blue jeans. If there was little more light inside café it could be seen that she was very pretty with huge, wide open, violet eyes and milky skin. One of the boys, shorter, with dyed blond hair, had short black jacket with white straps on the sleeves and dark jeans pants. Other one, taller, wore black wool cap on the head, blue feather jacket and baggy pants. They both looked like any common kids on their age- skinny, with a wish to grow facial hair and to convince others that they have more years than they really have. Shorter was very carefully listening to the girl with a serious look on his small face and smoking cigarette deeply inhaling the smoke. Taller pretended that he is not interested, watched what is going on inside café. Girl was gesticulated feisty and explaining something to her friends. Perfectly normal scene, but, like we said before, this was evening before Christmas and those kids were nothing that ordinary kids. Difference was that they just decided to become partners in crime, that they just realized that they would need to spend this Christmas Eve differently then the other years.

So, let’s came little closer and hear what they are talking about…




“I told you before, it will be a piece of cake. You guys need to trust me little more. She is alone until the end of the month; her husband is working something for some big company outside Macedonia. He is always on the road somewhere”, she said watching him straight in his eyes.

“How you know all that? Are you spying on her or what? Or maybe you are psychic?”, asked ironically kid with dyed hair.

“No!!”, she screamed,” We are having a neighborhood  watch lady like every street in the town. She knows everything about everybody, and, every morning, she told my mother about new events and neighbors. That is how I know that they don’t have kids nor pets, and that they have a lot of money in cash because she saw the women in the store with pile of euros in her wallet; she does not want to talk with anybody, or to make friendship and other things.”

“Wow! And she told to you mother that husband of that woman is out of the town?”, interrupted her boy.

“Yes. She noticed when man was putting his baggage in the back of the car and that he told his wife’ see you in couple of days “ and ‘I will call you’ and …

“ Slow down Milena! Its that woman missing something sometimes?”, he asked with unbelieving in his voice.

“No. I don’t think so.”, answered girl and continued where she was stopped,” Anyway, I think that is good opportunity to get some cash and buy some stuff  I needed badly and my mother don’t want to give me more money because she didn’t get her pay yet and you guys also needed something because I know that you guys don’t have a money at all...”

“My god. You are talking hundred words per minute. Slowdown little bit!”, he said and turned to kid with black wool cap, “Shpitz ,what are you thinking about what she just said?”
“Gee! I really don’t know.”, he said slowly,” Do you mean tonight or tomorrow night?”, Shpitz asked Milena.

“Tomorrow, because everybody is out for holidays and the neighborhood watch is out in the province visiting her cousins and this apartment is on sixth floor that new yellow building and it is only apartment on that floor…

“O.K., O.K., I got it”, said guy named Shpitz, “Really, Milena, you talk to much. Sometime you will put us in the trouble...”

“O shut up!”, she screamed on him.” Who is asking you anyway, you stupid?” Shpitz was caught in the act and ashamed. Girl turned to the blond guy with most innocent expression on her face.

” Atzo, Atzy, what are you thinking about my proposition. Do you think that we can do it? A, what are you thinking. I think we can do it without any problem like we have done before, you know, that house. It was so easy, remember, just you and me, without any trouble and fear. We got lot of money that time. And who brought you the information? Me, remembered. ”, she said with her sweetest voice.

“I really don’t know. So, Shpitz, on the end, what is your opinion, ?”, he asked again his friend. Shpitz took deep breath.

“ O.K. If she is so sure than let’s do it!”, he said slowly.

“Yes!”, screamed Milena, “ You are sweethearts. Guys, you will see it will be piece of cake; I know that, I have that feeling. And it is lot of money and…”

“ All right, all right, we got it!”, shouted both boys.



So, basically that is how begun this Christmas story. And, what else happened? Did this story had a happy ending like Christmas carol? Not really, because it is about real life and in real life things sometimes go wrong. In this case, lady was at home, kids panicked and one of them hit her with bat in the head but, they found lot of money, about nine thousand euros, so they didn’t care. They split the money and decided to be quiet for some time. They read in newspapers that women is in coma, and neighborhood was shocked by the event but the time is passing by and slowly poor women was out of the sight and memory of the people. Kids realized that they are safe and they didn’t talk to anybody about what had happened. Something else occupied their attention. They started to spending money!  In the meantime, husband sold apartment and decided to move from the neighborhood. He told to somebody in the store that he needs the money for paying his wife hospital bills. Everybody in the store was so kind and compassionate with him. He showed up, once or twice during moving his stuff and than he left for good. Therefore, this story is almost finished. Except, we forgot something important. It is not possible to have Christmas without Santa Clause. Do you think the same? Anyway, he decided to show up, little late, but he showed up, and he brought to our teenagers gifts. Well, there are different kinds of gifts for different kind of ‘kids’ and he, definitely, surprised them! So let’s see what they got…


Grass was so cold and moist. Slow fog was moving following river of Vardar. It was possible to see distant lights of the city and the bridge. Town started humming preparing itself for another day. Three teenagers, one girl and two boys, were sitting on the grass and shaking, not from cold than form fear that was passing trough they bodies and mind. They hands and legs was tied up with a tape. They mouths were taped. Tall man with black soft cape on the head and black jacket was standing in front of them. He was watching them carefully.

“ So, at last, my dear young fellows, we met each others.”, he said coldly,” You see, it was so easy to find you. The old rule is ‘just follow the money and you will always find something’. And, I found you, boys and girl. Now, if somebody wants to tell me whose idea was to do that stupid shit. O, I am sorry, I didn’t introduced myself. I am the husband of that poor woman that you guys put in the coma.” Teenager’s eyes opened widely. Fear struck straight to the brain paralyzing them immediately.

“I see that you recognized me. That is O.K. Who will first start? You blonde?, he turned to boy with dyed hair, “You look like leader of this pack. Well, on the other hand, it doesn’t matter.” He threw the glance on his wristwatch.” We have little more time and I just want to tell you something. You see, boys and girl, I am working for government. I am, let say, a cleaning man. Something like janitor in your school, except I am cleaning dirt from this world, and I am good in that. And you, little dirt and scumbag, decided to ruin my world, my peace and my safety harbor. You almost killed my wife, made her vegetable, and you are thinking that your crime will be forgotten and I will ignore that. Sorry guys. On the other hand, you can think about this like my gift for a Christmas that you never had and celebrating. Think of me like Santa Claus, and my gift to you is purification of your sins. Because is still Christmas time around us, I will be very generous with you. So? What do you think of my proposition?”, he crouched near them and raised up soft cap shield. They saw man’s face.  It was normal, average, human face. Only eyes were telling that he is different than others. The eyes were dead, cold. It was for first time and the last time those kids to see eyes of the real killer.

“I don’t’ give a shit what are you thinking.”, suddenly he stud up.” Common kids, it is time to get some heat in your souls and bones!” he said that, grabbing blond boy for jacket and started dragging him toward river,” In the hell, off course.”, he added smiling.



Now, this is the real end of the Christmas story, or we can say, story about Christmas .It is on you to decide what is moral of this story, and does this story have a moral at all or not. Me, I really don’t know, and, in basic if you asking me, I don’t care! I just tell you like  it was.






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